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Mission of Head of the supply department What are they, what are their jobs? Let’s immediately learn about the basic tasks of this human resources position shared below by Hanoi headhunting company HRchannels.

Supply Chain Management

The supply chain represents the implementation by managers of activities, information and resources related to the movement of products and services from suppliers to customers.


Effective supply chain management is essential for communicating with sales departments and staff. Supply chain management must ensure the ability to communicate with customers and partners by telephone, email, media, etc. They must be able to negotiate shipping prices and arrange shipping with contracted suppliers.

At the same time, the procurement manager must maintain contact with suppliers and delivery contacts throughout the work process. They must be proactive and engage investors and suppliers to identify problems and realize potential opportunities.

Through communication, they carry out exchanges between suppliers and companies. From there, provide quality products and services to meet consumer needs.


Procurement manager job Conduct contract and pricing negotiations with shipping units, customs, warehouse managers,… and relevant third party logical service providers. They must ensure that proper import-export procedures are carried out by subordinate staff and contracted service providers.

At the same time, managers implement standard policies for industries related to quality, safety and processes. They will become familiar with import-export activities, customs activities, etc. Supply chain management to ensure designated freight forwarder and customs brokerage according to established procedures.

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Planning and analysis

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Supply chain management involves developing and maintaining various supply chain plans and strategies. This involves coordinating and monitoring production activities and forecasting orders to meet consumer needs. They must optimize operational resources while reducing costs and controlling advertising programs.

Go into business procurement department recruitment manager Need to select candidates who can analyze work capacity and performance on a monthly basis. This ensures that forecasts and schedules are adjusted accordingly. Managers conduct a demand flow audit, engage in short- and long-term planning, and perform inventory analysis for warehouse utilization and production coordination. Supply chain management must adapt to the use of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and warehouse management systems (WMS).

Inventory control

Inventory control is a common and essential job for businesses Manager of the material supply department. This work supports the company’s growth objectives through metrics and reporting functions. They are responsible for performing risk assessments on perishable tools, supply trends, demand factors and minimizing product spoilage.

They minimize defective products through inventory assessment and rebalancing. Perform identification of obsolete processes and communicate solutions to third-party logistics providers.

Additionally, supply management tasks result in the implementation of weekly, daily and monthly reports to the relevant parties. Detailed information on current procurement activities to the procurement manager and the company’s board of directors.

Head of the supply department

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Supply chain management promotes the development and implementation of warehousing, distribution and logistics solutions. They take into account labor costs, labor productivity, data accuracy, etc.

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Measuring and reporting of department activities is also carried out at the same time. They must develop and maintain safe work instructions and standard operating procedures. Supply chain managers establish and adjust work processes to meet warehouse needs, production schedules, etc. At the same time, implement strategies to improve service quality, design efficiency, etc. equipment as well as interdisciplinary communication.

Suppliers are often expected to improve jobsite operations through the use of warehouse data to improve quality. The work of the leader is profoundly demonstrated by supervising staff to meet the above requirements.

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