06 professions with the highest salaries

06 ngành nghề sở hữu mức lương cao nhất

For young people, choosing a career is always a very difficult problem. There are many factors that make you hesitate and think when choosing a career. Among them, salary is the most important thing. So, do you know the high-paying jobs in Vietnam in recent years and in the future? Next, Ms. Uptalent will reveal to you 06 professions with the highest salaries You shouldn’t miss it!

1- Pilot
2- Finances – Investment
3- Information Technology (IT)
4- Marketing industry
5- Medical industry
6- Travel – Hotel

High level recruitment

1- Pilot

The first in the list of the highest paid professions is that of a pilot. Currently, airline pilots are divided into two ranks: captain and co-pilot. Each level will have different salaries and allowances.

Statistical data shows that the average gross salary of a captain in Vietnam is around 198 million/month, with a total income of around 223 million/month. The co-pilot’s gross salary is about 120 million/month, the total income is about 150 million/month.

In addition to salary, this position also receives other allowances. Depending on each airline, the level of excess will be different. Therefore, even if you are the same captain or co-pilot, your actual total income will be different when you work at different airlines. Specifically:

– The average salary of pilots at Vietnam Airlines is around 132.5 million VND/month, the maximum is up to 300 million/month.

– The average salary of pilots at Vietjet is around 180 million/month.

– The average pilot salary at Bamboo Airways is around 200 million/month, maximum up to 300 million/month.

Even though the income is high, it is a job with a lot of pressure and quite high demands. At the same time, while working in this profession, you will also work in a professional environment, often travel to many places and have the opportunity to interact with many cultures around the world.

2- Finances – Investment

Attractive jobs

Recently, the stock and crypto (virtual currency) markets have become extremely dynamic. You can find many news related to financial situation broadcast on television, in newspapers and on the Internet.

According to data from Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD), as of April 30, 2022, the market had 232,328 new investors. This brings the total number of investors in stockbroking firms to 5.2 million. This number represents 1.5 times the total number of new securities accounts opened over the last 4 years, to which is added 1.04 million accounts.

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From here, we can see that job opportunities in the Finance – Investment sector are extremely open. Fresh graduates working in this industry can receive a salary of 5-6 million/month. For management personnel, the salary will be 20-70 million/month, which is a very admirable figure for many people.

Besides the salary, there is one thing that is more valuable than anything when you work in this sector for a long time, and that is knowledge. With the amount of knowledge you have accumulated, you can become a professional investor and your income at that time will not only be 20 million/month.

3- Information Technology (IT)

The strong development of the information technology industry in Vietnam has opened up good job opportunities with high salaries for those who love this profession.

The average salary for the information technology industry is:

– IT staff without experience, starting salary 4-6 million/month.

– Experienced IT staff, salary 10-25 million/month.

– For management positions or above, the salary will be 1,500 to 3,000 USD/month, which is the equivalent of 35 to 70 million/month.

This is simply the real salary in official companies. In fact, IT professionals also have sources of income from outside jobs. Their real income is therefore often much higher than the figure above.

In the years to come, the development potential of the IT sector remains very good. International experts say Vietnam is the new digital power in Southeast Asia. At the same time, companies and public organizations are also promoting digital transformation over the next ten years.

4- Marketing industry

Marketing is considered a necessary activity for all businesses, regardless of their field, regardless of their size. Therefore, marketing is still an attractive profession and has never been among the most studied professions by many people.

Marketing graduates have the opportunity to work in extremely diverse positions, such as content marketers, public relations specialists, brand development specialists, event organizers and internal communications specialists. ,…

Besides good job opportunities, marketing is also an industry with a high average salary. A marketing employee with less than 2 years of experience has a salary ranging from 7 to 15 million/month. More experienced employees can receive salaries of up to 30 million/month.

5- Medical industry

Medicine is a major discipline related to human health. It never goes out of style and is essential for any country. This is also a specialization that requires a longer training period than other normal specializations. The average duration of training for a qualified nurse is 6 years, that of a doctor 8 to 10 years and only 3 to 4 years for other fields.

The current average salary in the medical industry is around 24 million/month. Depending on the position, qualifications and experience, the salary will have some difference. As following:

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– Newly qualified doctors have a salary of around 15 million/month.

– Salary of the specialist doctor from 20 to 40 million/month.

– The salary of a university nurse is around 10 million/month.

– The salary of mid-level nurses is 5-6 million/month.

In addition, the medical industry also has very good development prospects in recent years. The reason is that people pay more and more attention to health problems and new diseases appear. Many established hospitals, clinics, and medical centers also create open employment conditions in this field.

6- Travel – Hotel

Vietnam’s tourism industry has flourished very well in recent years thanks to the government’s promotion of investment and development of infrastructure and transport networks. Many domestic and foreign companies are investing in Vietnam’s tourism industry, leading to an increased need for personnel recruitment in this field.

According to records, the profession of tourist guide is the profession that brings in the most money in this field. Normally, the hard salary of tour guides on domestic tours will be 7-10 million/month, while the hard salary of international tour guides will be 15-30 million/month.

There is such a difference because international tour guides have stricter requirements in terms of foreign language proficiency, knowledge and work experience. However, it’s just a hard salary. In addition to a fixed salary, this position also receives tips from customers, so the average income of this profession can reach over 18 million/month.

Not only does the tour guide position have a good salary, but so do other positions in this industry. Specifically:

– Tour sales personnel can earn an income of 15-20 million/month. If you sell many tours, your revenue will be even higher than this number.

– The receptionist has an income of 6 to 15 million. The income level fluctuates depending on the quality and level of the hotel you work at.

– Service personnel have an income of 7 to 9 million/month.

– Tour operator with an income of 18 to 20 million/month.

In general, salaries for jobs in the tourism and hospitality sector are very good. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that every year this industry always attracts many people to study.

Above are the 6 professions with the highest salaries that you need to know about when choosing a career. The future of your career greatly depends on your current career choice. Choosing the wrong industry can cost you a lot of time and money. Therefore, please carefully consider the information Ms. Uptalent has just shared to make the best career decision. Good luck!

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