10 Best Free Chinese-Vietnamese Translation Sites

10 Website dịch tiếng Trung sang tiếng Việt miễn phí tốt nhất

Besides English, Chinese is a very popular language in Vietnam. In fact, many people study Chinese or work in Chinese-related jobs. To make your studies and work easier, you can install additional software on your computer or phone. But if you need to translate words, sentences, text or paragraphs Translate Chinese to Vietnamese If you don’t want to install additional translation apps or software, the free Chinese to Vietnamese translation websites presented in the following article by Ms. Uptalent will be very useful for you.

1- Yandex Translator
2- I love the translation
3- VIKI translator
4- The goose
5- Globated
6- Bing Translator
7- Google Translate
8- Vietnamese translation
9- Vietnamese phrase
10- Translate.com

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1- Yandex Translator translates Chinese to Vietnamese

Yandex is a translation website owned by the Yandex company. The website provides users with useful features such as word, text, website translation, voice translation, image translation, etc. So you can easily translate Chinese to Vietnamese in just a few simple steps.

Access link here.

2- Use I like translation to translate Chinese to Vietnamese

I love translation, also known as ilovetranslation, is one of the most popular free online Chinese translation sites. The biggest advantage of this website is that it will offer you three different translations at the same time. You can choose the most literal translation to use. This website has a simple interface, is easy to use and is ideal for translating sentences or entire paragraphs.

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Access link here.

3- VIKI Translator – good site that translates Chinese to Vietnamese

VIKI is a website that allows you to translate from Chinese to Vietnamese online without downloading. The advantage of translating at VIKI is that you will receive additional example sentences, which is very handy when you need to express your ideas when translating an article.

Although there are many limitations and inaccurate translations, with a friendly and easy-to-use interface, VIKI remains one of the most popular Chinese translation sites loved by many people.

Access link here.

Translate Chinese-Vietnamese for Free

4- Hanzi is used to translate Chinese to Vietnamese

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Hanzi is both an online Chinese dictionary and an extremely useful Chinese translation tool for those learning Chinese or working with Chinese. Besides the translation, the website also offers you a detailed table of the meaning of each word, grammar analysis, and instructions on how to write these Chinese characters.

Access link here.

5- Translate Chinese to Vietnamese using Glosbe

Glosbe provides users with an online dictionary and allows them to translate from Chinese to Vietnamese. The great thing about this site is that it will provide you with a series of accompanying reference phrases and the Vietnamese meaning of those phrases. For sentences that cannot be translated, the website will link to Google Translate.

With a simple, beautiful and easy-to-use interface, Glosbe is truly one of the professional Chinese translation sites that you should not ignore when you need to translate Chinese texts and documents.

Access link here.

6- Bing Translator translates Chinese to Vietnamese very well

Bing Translator or Microsoft Translator is a translation tool developed by Microsoft. This website allows you to quickly translate paragraphs, words and sentences from Chinese to Vietnamese. You can enter text, voice or images to translate. Notably, this website also allows you to use maximum supported languages ​​offline.

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Not only does it support text, voice, and image translation, but Bing also has another feature called Conversation Mode. This feature will directly translate your and others’ speech through the microphone. With this, you can easily chat with strangers.

To be able to fully use Bing’s features, you need a Microsoft account and must pay fees based on your needs.

Access link here.

Free Chinese-Vietnamese Translation
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7- Google Translate – popular website that translates Chinese to Vietnamese

This is a website that almost everyone has used to translate into Chinese. With a simple and easy-to-use interface, you can translate via images, words, conversations and hand drawings. However, the translation has many limitations. Sometimes it’s quite confusing.

Access link here.

8- Vietnamese translation uses Chinese to Vietnamese translation

The website interface is quite simple, few features, just translating what you type. However, it is also one of the free Chinese translation websites, very useful for those who study and work with Chinese.

Access link here.

9- Vietphrase is the leading Chinese to Vietnamese translator

With a minimalist and easy-to-use interface, Vietphrase allows you to translate from Chinese to Vietnamese or Pinyin. You can even translate an entire website.

Access link here.

Translate Chinese to Vietnamese

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10- Translate.com translates Chinese into standard Vietnamese

This website has features similar to Google Translate such as image translation, hand drawing, voice translation, etc. Although the translation is not very literal, it is still a Chinese translation website worth your reference when needed.

Access link here.

Above are 10 best free Chinese to Vietnamese translation websites that you should know about. These pages will certainly facilitate your translation in a practical, fast and precise way. I hope you got more useful information for learning and working with Chinese. Good luck!

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