10 Websites That Translate English to Japanese Most Accurately

10 website dịch tiếng Anh sang tiếng Nhật chuẩn nhất

Japan’s social foundations, employment opportunities and work culture have always attracted admiration from all over the world, even Western countries. The need to improve Japanese and acquire cultural, economic and social knowledge of Japan is becoming more and more pressing. This is also the reason why more and more individuals are looking for tools to translate into Japanese. To ensure translation quality, the trend of choosing English as an intermediate language is also becoming more and more popular. And here are 10 addresses Translate English to Japanese The most standard one that HRchannels wants to share with those who love Japanese.

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1. Glosbe.com/fr/ko

Glosbe is one of the most popular translation tools among Vietnamese people today. The website focuses on translation features, so the access speed is extremely fast, the interface is straightforward, Vietnamese is used, navigation is simple… creating great speed advantages for users.

Regarding the quality of English to Japanese translation, users only need to enter English text, the length is not limited, however, according to experience, HRchannels sees short texts (1 to 2 lines). , the quality of the translation will be better. .

The system will display many Japanese translation results, from expressions, alternative sentences to many common situations in which this expression is used. Extremely useful for those who want to develop their Japanese skills.

2. I love translation – vi.ilovetranslation.com

I love translation – I love translation – is also a site specializing in good quality translation, produced by Vietnamese programmers. The interface is easy to use and user-friendly, especially for Vietnamese people.

English text can contain up to 5,000 characters and the system automatically returns up to 03 translation results, matching many different Japanese writing styles. The website does not yet support Japanese pronunciation or transliteration, but the translation content and good grammar make up for it.

3. Translate.google.com.vn

Google Translate or Google Translate will be the next place HRchannels will introduce to those looking for an English to Japanese translation tool. Having data sources in over 100 languages, round-trip translation is convenient.

Google Translate’s English-Japanese translation speed is quite fast, allowing input of original English text up to 5,000 characters. However, Google is not a translation company, it is just a companion application so the quality of the completed Japanese text is only average.

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4. Mazii.net

This is a site specializing in Japanese, offering tools to translate many languages ​​into Japanese and vice versa. Today’s article content focuses on English to Japanese translation, so here is a direct link, helping you jump directly to Mazii’s English to Japanese translation section.

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Thanks to the emphasis on Japanese, the quality of the Japanese translation on Mazii.net is excellent. You can enter English text up to 5,000 characters, ensuring that whether translating words, sentences or paragraphs, all your needs will be fully met.

The Japanese text after translation has integrated a pronunciation function. In addition to the translation function, the website also supports many utilities to improve Japanese skills in many languages, which is also the reason why this place is used by many Japanese lovers.

5. Systran.net/fr/translate

This is a translation website that serves all continents. With an English interface, Systransoft customers come from all over the world. Even though it’s not our native language, the interface design is still very familiar, and the problem of translating from English to Japanese is absolutely not an obstacle.

Just go to the link above, select English and Japanese, enter the English text. Without needing to click on anything, the system immediately displays the corresponding Japanese content, sometimes even faster than Google Translate.

The translation results for sentences, content and grammar are all of good quality and the system also supports Japanese pronunciation. There are free and paid plans. According to HRchannels, using the free plan is a good thing.

6. Onlinetranslationpro.com/english-to-japanese-translation

Neither complicated nor complicated, the homepage content immediately displays a series of category lists translated from English into many different languages. And the link above allows us to translate from English to Japanese.

The English input box only allows up to 1,000 characters, a bit less than other websites. But if you experience it, you will see that pages with high number of characters, when the text is long, the quality of English to Japanese translation is also reduced. Therefore, low but good quality always brings exceptional value to users. The translation results on this page guarantee close meaning, correct grammar and fast display speed. But there will be no transcription, no pronunciation, in exchange there is a feature allowing you to quickly copy Japanese text.

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7. Lingvanex.com/english-japanese

Can translate English text up to 10,000 characters, translation speed is only 1 minute, short paragraphs only need 1 note to complete. Moreover, the advantage of Lingvanex is to focus on translation, even though it is free, it brings quite high translation efficiency from English to Japanese.

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To ensure fast user service, Lingvanex focuses on building vocabulary databases, sentence structures and grammar structures, rather than features such as pronunciation support and language transcription. For those of you who only need written materials, this is truly a great English to Japanese translation site.

8. Gikken.co/mate-translate/translator/english-japanese/

Similar to Online Translation Pro, the Gikken website focuses on translating from English to many other languages. Dedicated wholeheartedly to the mission of translation, the deeper the focus, the more the quality of the targeted content will be improved, this is the reality that Gikken.com’s ability to translate from English to Japanese proves.

In addition to being used on the website, the company also designs an application that can be used effectively on Android and iOS phone platforms, supporting multi-space and multi-time translation needs. The tool supports translation between other languages, but the translation quality from English to other languages ​​remains the best.

9. Etranslator.ro/translate-english-to-japanese.php

Multilingual translation professional, strong in translating from English to many other languages, including Japanese. Etranslator’s translation efficiency mainly focuses on the text and does not support other supporting features such as transcription, pronunciation, similar structure suggestions…

The quality of the English to Japanese translation in terms of text is quite good, from semantics to structure to grammar. However, one negative point of this website is that it only supports the Mozilla Firefox platform, while Chrome does not.

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10. Fr.eprevodilac.com/prevodilac-engleski-japanski

In addition to translating from English to Japanese, the Eprevodilac.com website also supports translation in over 100 other languages. The original text entry area is quite large, allowing you to comfortably copy and paste long English passages.

To receive Japanese translation results, scroll down the website, click “Translate”, below is a frame showing the content after translation. The features of this website focus only on translation into written text, there are no transcription or pronunciation features, but in terms of Japanese grammar and style, it is an exceptional advantage.

Compared to using the native language to translate directly into Japanese, the quality of the above 10 English to Japanese translations provides much higher linguistic accuracy. As English is a widely covered international foreign language, there is more investment in research into translation from English to other languages ​​and there are more quality translation tools. As a result, Japanese semantic accuracy and grammatical structure are significantly improved. Sharing the best of the best is the mission that HRchannels always aims for.

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