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100 million capital should invest, what business in the countryside to get rich easily?

Vietnam’s rural areas are now booming, which opens up a lot of business opportunities. The business model in the countryside will also not cost as much as in the city, with a capital of 100 million, it is possible to do business and get rich. So what company should you invest in when you have 100 million? Those looking for ideas can refer to the article below in Digi Viet know What job should I do in the countryside with a capital of 100 million? Please!

What challenges might rural businesses face?

Nowadays, the countryside is also a place that holds many opportunities to get rich if you have capital and good business ideas. However, doing business in the countryside will surely face difficulties such as:

  • The infrastructure is not comfortable enough, the coverage of banks in these areas is still weak. This leads to the buying, selling and exchanging of goods which do not guarantee convenience.
  • The proportion of people in rural areas will not be as large as in cities, so the needs of people in this area will also be lower. In addition, the average income of locals is not high, which will also affect consumer behavior and shopping habits here.
  • There are many products that will not be able to develop in rural areas because they do not correspond to the needs and capacities of the populations.

So with a capital of 100 million, which business should be in the countryside is also a question that many of you dream of starting a business. Although there are challenges, but rural areas are currently in the development stage, if you grasp the market and opportunities, you can definitely get rich very well.

3 business models to get rich in the countryside with a capital of 100 million VND

What to invest with 100 million in rural areas? Digi Viet will answer this question through the following efficient and profitable business models:

Business Mushroom Growing Ideas

Mushrooms are a favorite food of many people, used to prepare many dishes whether in the countryside or in the city. According to nutritionists, mushrooms are a food rich in healthy nutrients. Therefore, the demand for mushrooms is always high.

So, if you have 100 million capital on hand but you don’t know what business to do, you can refer to growing business mushrooms. With such a small capital business model, it brings you unexpected results.

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If you have 100 million, you can open a model to grow mushrooms and then supply the markets near you. Later, when you are stable, you can find a sell point and provide mushrooms to sell in the city. True, income from the cultivation and trade of mushrooms will not be low.

You can make the most of the space at home by using different methods of growing and caring for mushrooms. After only 3-5 months, you can harvest a variety of mushrooms from the market. In addition, you also need to pay attention to mushroom quality, food hygiene and safety, etc. to be able to develop a sustainable mushroom brand.

Fertilizer and Pesticide Business Model

In the list of business ideas that answer the question of what to do with 100 million, it is certainly impossible to ignore the trade in fertilizers and phytosanitary products. According to the characteristics, rural areas mainly produce agriculture, so the demand for fertilizers and pesticides will be very high. If you own 100 million, you should research and develop this model.

For detailed guidance on pharmaceutical fertilizer sales model, please visit: https://vietnong.vn/

In order to complete this business model, the seller must know the fertilizer and pesticide products. In addition, you should also do research to see how your local development is suited to the goods and needs of farmers. You can start with a small model and later, once you have familiar customers and a secure source of supply, you can expand the model.

This business idea, if implemented, will open up the possibility of getting rich for many people. Above all, this model does not meet competitors with too big brands, so you can express it freely.

Raise shrimp, raise fish to get rich

The perfect answer to the question with a capital of 100 million, which company should be in the countryside is the shrimp and fish farming model. This model does not have too much capital, but the profit it brings is very attractive. If you develop a good business model, you definitely don’t have to worry about the consumer market.

You need to choose the type of fish that suits the market needs, where to raise fish, fish food and get more knowledge, skills to cure and prevent fish disease, then you can develop this idea.

At the same time, you can contact distribution channels such as markets, restaurants, etc. or you can sell yourself by opening a store or doing an online business to supply fish to the market. Shrimp farming model is similar to fish farming, when the model comes into stable operation, you will surely have the opportunity to get rich sustainably.

Note prosperous company with a capital of 100 million in rural areas

Before deciding which business to do in the campaign with a capital of 100 million, you need to be sure of the following points:

  • Grasp rural people’s consumption habits and needs: Shopping needs here may be influenced by the crowd, affecting living habits and income, etc.
  • The living standard of people in rural areas is now also higher than before, so they not only care about the price but also have some interest in the brand, the quality of the products in the market, and so on.
  • The traditional market remains a potential consumer market, so it is possible to choose it as one of the places where the products are consumed.

The article above gave some ideas to answer the question What job to do with a capital of 100 million in the countryside? and at the same time the notes when deciding to start a business in the countryside. You can also contact Digi Viet for help with marketing, advertising, branding services, etc. in detail.

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