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Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce

Raeford began as an outgrowth of Raeford Institute, an early high school. Our nation was shrouded in division and dissolution through an immense civil war. Hoke County was created out of Cumberland and Robeson Counties until 1911, and named in honor of General Hoke a Confederate hero from the Civil War. Business Directory Raeford-Hoke Chamber […]

Raeford Hospital

Raeford is nestled within North Carolina’s captivating Sandhills region and offers small-town charm, superior quality of life and convenient proximity to metropolitan amenities. Karen Smith is one of the area’s premier family physicians and a board member for the American Academy of Family Physicians, serving as an advocate for healthcare reform in her local community. […]

Raeford City Hall

Filing for Raeford City Council opened this week. Three seats will be up for election this year. Tapp: Raeford residents prioritize public safety as an issue and Tapp would like to see round-the-clock paid staff in its fire department. He also intends on supporting both its downtown business association and economic development office. History The […]

Improve the quality of human resources

Human resources development is a long-term measure aimed at improving the quality of a company’s work as well as retaining its employees. Join us to discover Measures to increase the quality of human resources What follows. Training of professional human resources Depending on the roles of employees, companies can choose appropriate training methods. This could […]

The success of the U23 Vietnam and his role as senior recruiter

The 2018 Asiad is over, from a Vietnamese U23 team that was only considered a road team, they quickly rose to become the 4 strongest teams in the Asiad. What allowed them to undergo such spectacular transformations? The response came from military leader Park Hang Seo and his colleagues. This is the lesson about Secrets […]

Raeford Hoke Museum

The Raeford Hoke Museum serves to preserve the history, culture, and artifacts of Hoke County on its five-acre property. Attractions include The McLauchlin-McFadyen House; an original 1921 fire truck; emergency and agricultural equipment as well as doll houses, school houses and country stores plus an on-site genealogy center. Wright originally came to Raeford as a […]

From the success of U23 Vietnam, we look at the qualities of business leaders

Referring to the success of the Vietnamese U23 football team, apart from the spirit of solidarity of the members, the impression left by captain Luong Xuan Truong also makes many people admire. The image of a gentle school team, silently caring for their teammates from the slightest actions, brings to mind many people. qualities to […]

The path to becoming head of department

Department head is a position that requires both expertise and management, which requires candidates with many exceptional qualities and abilities. Therefore, Ms. Uptalent firmly believes that to succeed, we cannot achieve success in a day or two, we must have a specific roadmap and unwavering determination. And that’s certainly what the journey to becoming a […]

05 basic mandatory tasks

Mission of Head of the supply department What are they, what are their jobs? Let’s immediately learn about the basic tasks of this human resources position shared below by Hanoi headhunting company HRchannels. Supply Chain Management The supply chain represents the implementation by managers of activities, information and resources related to the movement of products […]

Jack Ma and Alibaba’s corporate culture

The Chinese management style is very different from that of the West. However, Jack Ma’s point of success is knowing how to blend these two cultures perfectly to bring success to Alibaba. In the latest article about the success of Alibaba, China’s largest e-commerce company, we can’t help but mention the role of one person. […]

7 skills of a modern and successful brand manager

A brand director Success in the modern era requires many skills to be successful. What these skills are, find out below with the HRchannels headhunting service. Leadership and strategic planning skills The best corporate brands are led by creative teams with clear strategic business goals. Effective brand management manifests itself as leaders organizing their own […]

Human resources – A key factor in sustainable development

Human resources and human resource management have become a major concern in many companies today. In the context of rapid development of science and technology, agility in recruiting and organizing human resources will help enterprises gain an advantage in the face of increasingly fierce competition. Key factor in development The famous scholar Than Nhan Trung […]

What is HSKK? All information about the HSKK Chinese language certificate

Almost all Chinese learners are familiar with the HSK certificate. However, besides the HSK, there are other certificates, such as the HSKK. When it comes to HSKK, many of you are probably confused and don’t understand this certificate clearly. So, in this article, Ms. Uptalent will help readers understand the certificate? Where to study? How […]

Tips for Successful Production Managers

You strive to become one production director A successful future? Are you working hard but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, immediately refer to the secret to becoming a production manager below shared by senior human resource recruitment service HRchannels, you will have the most comprehensive roadmap to achieve. Fully understand the work of […]

Reveal the essential roles of the quality director

What role do they play in the company, what positions do they belong to, what are their functions, etc. All the above questions will be fully shared by the headhunting company in this article. Quality manager job description What is a quality director? English quality director Be Quality manager. The main task of this staff […]

Necessary qualities of a professional business manager

Entrepreneur This is a position that plays an important role in the company, generating significant revenue and profits. The HRchannels headhunting firm wishes to share the qualities of a professional sales manager. Constantly evolving to follow market trends Business characteristics with constant changes in market trends. This requires the entrepreneur You have to be quick […]

German business culture

German business culture is considered the most special in the world with unique cultural characteristics. A culture that promotes ethics in business In Germany, corporate culture This is reflected in the fact that companies value ethics. They do not compete on cheap prices, but on product quality. Normally, a company will invest significant capital in […]

Qualities of a successful factory manager

An effective factory manager will generate higher profits for the company and create a better competitive advantage. These Qualities needed for the position of Director The factory will soon be shared by the headhunting service HRchannels. Leadership skills and business development strategy development There are currently many companies in Vietnam factory operations manager have experience […]

What should you do when Headhunter contacts you?

For candidates who have no corporate experience, receiving calls from headhunters is quite surprising. Join us to learn what to do when a headhunter calls you right here. Why did the headhunter call you? Usually, headhunters choose to contact potential candidates because they are interested in the positions they are seeking. You don’t need to […]

Advantages when implementing Trade Marketing

While conventional marketing campaigns only aim to attract potential customers through the media, Trade Marketing focuses on the benefits for the consumer and the points of sale. Find out with a headhunter What is business marketing? Business Marketing or a form of marketing at a certain point of sale. This form is an intermediate combination […]

Human resources in the field of information technology are scarce in 2020

Along with the global trend of information technology development, Vietnamese and global companies are facing a shortage of human resources, especially in the field of artificial intelligence. In Vietnam in particular, the need for IT human resources will reach more than a million people by 2020. “The shortage of human resources in the field of […]

How to become a professional factory manager?

The management effectiveness of the plant manager will have a major impact on the operations of the entire company. HRchannels headhunting service would like to share with its readers how to become a professional factory manager directly in this article. Establish a relationship of trust between superiors and subordinates The plant manager is the position […]

Which human resource management strategy at Viettel is worth learning?

Statistics from 2017 show that Viettel is a company that represents 60% of the total profits of public economic groups. The latest statistics show that Viettel has a relatively high number of employees, reaching almost 50,000 people. Therefore, by choosing HRM high level Working in this business is not easy and provides businesses with many […]

Why should you work in the FMCG industry?

Produce products in large quantities and consume very quickly. The need to recruit personnel for this industry is therefore very high. Below are the reasons why you can “join” FMCG companies shared by HRchannels headhunters. Opportunity to work in major brands Employment Benefits of Industries Consumer products in Vietnam It is an industry that has […]

The secret to becoming a professional CEO

Becoming a professional CEO requires an extremely rigorous process of training and effort. Join the HRchannels headhunting service to discover the secrets to becoming a professional CEO below. Ensure an appropriate educational regime Have at least a university degree To become a professional CEO, you need to have a good academic knowledge base. Make sure […]

How to access the position of assistant sales director?

To access a position in a company, candidates must have a clear and precise training path. Eager to help you have the most precise roadmap for this position, the headhunting service in Vietnam would like to share the most complete way to access the position of assistant sales manager. Guarantee adequate diplomas Most corporate vice […]

Path to becoming a Senior Human Resources Officer after 4 years of graduation

Headhunting company HRchannels shares lessons on how to become a senior employee to help young people gain valuable lessons in the career development and guidance process. First, be a valuable HR employee Not only in the Human Resources profession, in all professions, if you show your abilities to your leaders and managers, the path you […]

Who is responsible for the supply chain? What is the job of the Supply Manager?

Supply Chain Manager is one of the important management positions that many people choose as their career goal. SO ? What is the job description of a Supply Chain Manager? Please follow the following HRchannels article! CONTENTS: Supply Chain Manager, there? Supply Chain Manager Job Description Supply Chain Manager Salary Supply Chain Manager Job in […]

Raeford Hoke Museum

The five-acre museum grounds showcase the McLauchlin-McFadyen house, which opened to the public in 2002. Also on site are an antique fire truck from 1921 as well as emergency equipment; an antique doll building; one room schoolhouses; and country stores. Raeford Historic District offers an eclectic blend of architectural styles and vernacular forms that embody […]

Unilever’s corporate culture

Unilever Group is considered one of the best places to work in Vietnam. What is special about the company culture here? Join Ms. Uptalent to learn more about the article below. By surpassing 100 companies, Unilever won first place and received the “Best Employer Brand in Vietnam 2013” ​​award. On February 14, employer branding solutions […]

Transportation Manager and Promotion Path to Supply Chain Manager

Transportation Manager is a position that coordinates transportation activities in logistics companies. This position is always valued by companies and is the subject of great attention during recruitment. If you want to pursue this profession, let’s find out with Ms. Uptalent what it is about and the promotion path from Transport Manager to Supply Chain […]

Graduates are “working in the wrong field”

“Learn one thing – do another” is a common practice for every graduating class. Expertise is learned but not applied, so when you return to work you have to relearn everything. Join the headhunters’ HR channels to find out why. Regarding students who pursue UK universities because they feel their ‘degrees are worthless’, we spoke […]

What is Material Manager? Material Manager advancement path

Materials management is one of the important steps in the supply chain. Therefore, the role of Material Manager – Head of Materials Department is also very focused. If you are interested in this position, inquire with Ms. Uptalent What is Material Manager as well as the promotion path from Material Manager to Supply Chain Manager […]

The 4.0 revolution will have an impact on the future of professional training

The 4.0 revolution will impact many aspects of the Vietnamese economy. This requires not only adaptive changes from businesses, but also active evolution of the vocational training system to meet needs. These are the contents that experts and companies discussed together at the conference “How Industry 4.0 is shaping the future of professional training” which […]

All the information on the Shopee e-commerce platform

In Vietnam, Shopee remains the leading e-commerce platform. Maybe each of us has sold or bought on Shopee, but we really don’t really understand what Shopee is, how it works and how secure it is. The article TalentBold sent to you today will provide all the information on these internal factors, helping us to have […]

What is import and export? Positions in the import-export industry

Multinational economic trade has provided opportunities for manufacturing, trading and service companies to access many markets. Next comes the development of the industrial group import and exportone of the key industries, offers many potential job opportunities that Ms. Uptalent always focuses on mentioning. 1- What is the import-export industry? The import-export industry is an industry […]

6 Effective Management Skills for Business Leaders

Entrepreneur What management skills are needed to get the job done? Ms. Uptalent would like to share these necessary skills in the article below. Analysis and planning capabilities An indispensable daily job of business owners is to analyze the market and plan campaigns to promote new services. In addition, commercial director cco is also the […]

How successful is Unilever’s staff training?

Unilever is the most popular brand in Vietnam and around the world. According to Jobstreet’s 2016 statistics, Unilever is among the top 10 companies offering the best working environment in Vietnam. The work and management are ranked among the best professionals among many companies in the world. Discover the working environment and training of senior […]

Recruitment demand in the IT sector remains “hot”

Currently, changing jobs in this industry is very exciting. Along with the shortage of human resources in the IT sector increasing every year, the demand for recruitment is also increasing despite unemployment. Human resources “crisis” in the IT industry IT recruitment sites say there will be a shortage by 2020 500,000 IT human resources, red […]

Production Manager – key personnel throughout the production process

is a key position of senior personnel in the entire production process of the company. If you are applying for this position, please immediately refer to the following article to understand the specific job of this position shared by the headhunting company HRchannels. Production manager job description table Role of production manager in the factory […]

The role of HRD through technological revolutions

A successful company, in addition to a strategic and broad-minded management team, cannot lack the role of talented CHRO human resources directors. SO Role of human resources directors How this is expressed over time, let’s find out with the HRchannels headhunting service in the article below. Era 1.0: CHRO – Train the Basics During this […]

The first comprehensive senior staff recruitment service in Vietnam

The history of recruiting mid-level and senior-level personnel (management level and above) is still a problem that causes headaches for companies, companies and corporations (called recruiters) who are looking for resources by any means possible talented humans. for companies. Understanding these difficulties, many recruitment service providers have emerged to solve this problem for businesses. HRchannels […]

4 immutable principles for a good CEO

What is 4, how to implement the above principles. The above questions will be shared by Ms. Uptalent in the article below. Understand the work an executive must do Understand what the CEO should do The CEO of a company is not necessarily the owner or founder of the company. However, the role of these […]

Role of commercial director

Role of the business director is increasingly encouraged in businesses, especially in today’s volatile market conditions. Join HRchannels Senior Recruitment to learn more about the role of a Sales Manager below. The sales director has a marketing role In business, persuasion plays an extremely important role. This is the key to convincing and attracting customers. […]

Revealing the 4 Roles of a Modern Corporate CFO

There have been constant changes over the past 20 years. With the rapid development of modern technology, the role of financial managers has also evolved into an increased role. Below, HRchannels Senior HR Sourcing would like to share 4 basic roles of modern CFOs. 1- CFO is a manager and consultant in strategic planning The […]

Elements to create a culture for companies

What makes up a company culture? Each culture has its own unique characteristics and intertwined surrounding elements. According to journalist John Coleman, he observed and commented that there are at least 6 factors that create a good company culture. 1.Vision Peter Senge once said, “A vision is the picture of the future you want to […]

5 key skills needed by a human resources director

In recent years, the human resources sector has seen many trends moving towards more diversity and multidimensionality. To become a candidate for the position of Human Resources Director, you must have certain skills. The necessary skills of a Human Resources Director will be shared by the HRchannels headhunting service in this article. Human resources managers […]

LIXIL Vietnam works for sustainable development

LIXIL Vietnam works for sustainable development LIXIL Vietnam is a member of LIXIL Global Group headquartered in Japan, a leading company, pioneer in the production of construction and housing materials with prestigious brands familiar in Vietnam such as Inax aluminum doors, American Standard, Grohe, Tostem. LIXIL Vietnam’s mission is to bring a better life and […]

What is the difference between Vietnamese and international CFOs?

Currently, it’s not really at the right level compared to companies around the world. Let’s find out this difference in the article below shared by a headhunting company in Hanoi. Titles are not clearly defined in the legal system The CFO did not receive due attention The role of the financial director in Vietnam increasingly […]

20 common mistakes companies make with their employees

Even the best organizations regularly make mistakes in their relationships with their employees. They deprive themselves of opportunities to build good and positive relationships with employees. They treat employees like they’re “children” and then wonder why employees still don’t meet their expectations. Managers apply different rules to each employee. Then they wonder why the negative […]

The importance of rewards in developing company culture

Progress build an organizational culture Being strong requires a proper regime of reward and reprimand. Join HRchannels, a headhunting company, to discover the most comprehensive HR reward principles. The role of rewards in company culture In corporate culture In addition to human resource management, leaders must have appropriate mechanisms and policies in place. Timely encouragement […]

Lessons on human resources management through the functioning of a Chinese chessboard

expresses himself deeply by playing on two chessboards: Chinese chess and chess. Join the HR channels of headhunting companies to find out what these lessons are below. Human Resource Management Lessons from Leaders On a Chinese chessboard, the king has quite limited power because he can only move in a limited space. They always need […]

How to get promoted to general manager?

You have to compete with many other candidates to be promoted from manager to director. Senior candidates often don’t differentiate between themselves and other managers. Below, the company wants to share some key points to help you advance your career path. Background of knowledge and skills Today, managers can access training programs more easily than […]

Samsung Chairman Lee Kun Hee and Lessons in Human Resource Management

After 70 years of development, Samsung has gradually become one of the world’s leading technology companies. This success has an important role to play human resources management strategy from the group chairman Lee Kun Hee, who made the whole world admire and brought Samsung to the first place today. Establish clear working and human resources […]

4 Secrets to Getting Promoted to Vice Chairman of the Board from Director Position

The biggest difference between and Director starting with the scope of responsibilities and the complexity of the work. At the VP level of the board, you have to manage many groups and sometimes you don’t know which group to prioritize first. This sometimes makes things quite complicated and difficult. There is nothing clear that could […]

Lessons from Apple’s ‘unbeatable’ executive recruiting strategy

Apple’s work has brought benefits to businesses around the world in general and Vietnam in particular. These are valuable lessons learned over many years of training and development, which help companies develop the most suitable recruitment strategy. Appreciate talented people from the interview phase Key personnel determine the exact success of the business. Therefore, the […]

What qualifications help you become a supply chain manager?

occupies a fairly strong position in human resources in the world. However, this is a relatively new human resources industry in Vietnam and has not yet been properly developed. To help you better understand this HR position, please refer to the article below shared by HR company HRchannels. Supply Chain Manager Job Description What is […]

What is the pay slip? Information required in the payslip form

Payslip is probably a term that is all too familiar to people working in large and small businesses and organizations. It is an important document that can provide you with information regarding your monthly salary. Let’s join Ms. Uptalent to find out more about what Payslip is and its importance through the article below to […]

What is special about Japanese senior human resources management?

Superior human resources management is a relatively difficult job for Vietnamese companies. Join headhunting company HRchannels to learn more about Japanese human resource management and learn the necessary lessons. Offer employees a job for life Japan always strives to create lifelong employment for its employees, both as a means of creating jobs for them and […]

Skills Needed to Become a Marketing Manager

, you will need to possess certain qualities to help you develop a successful career. If you are having difficulty finding the skills needed for this role, you cannot ignore the article below shared by headhunting service HRchannels. 1- Leadership and communication skills Company marketing and branding must ensure specific training and leadership. Managers must […]

What is TOEFL? All about the TOEFL certificate

What is TOEFL?? When do you need a TOEFL certificate? How long is the TOEFL certificate? How much are the TOEFL test fees? Or where to study TOEFL are all things English learners want to learn. In this article, Ms. Uptalent will help readers answer all of the above so that you can better understand […] and its mission to provide high quality human resources

To be successful, all of the above factors require a good human resource system to operate effectively. However, recruiting and retaining senior staff in the current shortage of senior human resources is a difficult problem for any company. The high-end human resources market still recorded good movements during the first 9 months of the year […]

What is the job of good production managers?

Have you ever wondered what it is? What tasks do they usually accomplish during the day? Let’s find out with the Headhunter Vietnam service below. Exercise leadership/supervisory roles Supervise departments to implement general production strategies The most basic job of CPOs is to oversee the production and product management departments. The CPO oversees the human […]

Raeford, NC – AA Meetings at Raeford City Hall

Raeford-Hoke Museum strives to heighten public awareness and preserve the history, culture, artifacts and architecture of Hoke County and its environs while simultaneously promoting tourism in this region. Bain takes great pleasure in supporting local businesses and urges everyone else to do the same, believing this to be an efficient way of supporting the community. […]

What is an Assistant Sales Manager? Jobs, Requirements and Salary

Many candidates applying for this position ask us for basic information for this position. If you have the same question above, immediately refer to the article below shared by HRchannels headhunting service. Assistant Sales Manager Job Description What is an English assistant sales manager? In English, assistant business manager is Assistant business manager. Currently, in […]

The success of the TH TrueMilk brand

Although it has only been around for seven years, the clean milk brand TH True Milk is mentioned with pride by Vietnamese. It is a dairy brand with the most modern cow breeding in Southeast Asia, with a turnover of more than $1 billion, and a “clean milk” brand. unrivaled” on the Vietnamese market. “Daring” […]

The Challenges and Triumphs of the Modern CMO

The marketing profession is constantly faced with new and changing trends that require new Marketing Manager face constant challenges. To adapt to these changes, what should Marketing Directors do to assert themselves? Find out below with the Headhunter service in Hanoi HRchannels. The Challenges and Glory of a Marketing Director Challenges Marketing Directors Face The […]

Sales Director of the 4.0 era

In the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0, all types of businesses are evolving. To become an excellent person, immediately refer to the roadmap to success shared by headhunting company HRchannels below. Orient the importance of customers to the business With the development of the 4.0 revolution and changing market trends, customers are becoming the center […]

Company Culture at Lazada

E-commerce is a field that is not only unfamiliar at first to Mr. Alexandre Dardy, who has many years of experience in financial consulting, but is also quite new and difficult for the young Vietnamese market. But it is precisely because of this novelty and challenge that this French-Vietnamese general manager always feels motivated and […]

What is PM? What is DM? Difference between PM and DM

Besides PM, there is another title that interests many young people: DM. SO, ? What is PM? West Difference between PM and DM? Readers, please educate yourself through the following article by Ms. Uptalent. CONTENTS 1- What is the concept of DM and PM? 1.1- What is DM? 1.2- What is PM? 2- Role of […]

The importance of the factory manager

Being the top executive of manufacturing factories or companies. Their management activities are closely linked to the quantity and quality of the products produced. Let’s learn more role of factory manager This was shared by headhunting service HRchannels. 1. General Directorate of Factory Work Managers are responsible for the general management of the work of […]

Roles of specialists, department heads and human resources directors

Are you interested in the overview, expectations and contributions of a specialist, a department head or an HR director? Their role is extremely important in any business. In fact, they build the company culture and develop talented employees for the company. A specialist, a department head and a human resources director have very diverse roles […]

Raeford-Hoke Museum

Very nice place to visit and learn about Raeford and Hoke County throughout its history. There are a few excellent examples of Neoclassical Revival architecture on display and it is in excellent condition. The oldest buildings in the district date to the turn of the twentieth century. Examples include Johnson-Thomas Building, Hoke Drug Company and […]

How many years does it take to become a senior employee?

You want to strive to become a senior employee, but how long does that process take? Let’s explore this issue with headhunting company HR channels below. 1. David Slattery, Google Recruiting (2018-present): Degrees Become More Important Than Years of Experience “Seniority” is increasingly based on work capacity rather than years of experience. Particularly, in today’s […]

What is QS? Everything about the quote engineer position

QS is a term often used in the construction field to designate a profession offering attractive salaries and very good development opportunities. But not everyone clearly understands this profession. So, through this article, HRchannels wants to help you understand What is QS?? As well as providing you with all the information about the QS post […]

Distinguish between commercial services and commercial services

The trade is Activity consisting of exchanging wealth, goods, services, knowledge, currencies, etc. between two or more partners, and possibly to receive a certain value in return (in money through the price) or in goods or services. Trade barter. … Walk Be mechanism for Trade works. The service is activities offered by others, including doctors, […]

Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce

Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce will host its Expo again next month, providing local employers with an opportunity to engage with job seekers and attract talent. Attendance is free for members; non-members may pay a $25 booth fee. Brad Calloway is a third-generation owner of Raeford Hardware, established by his grandfather and father in 1973. Additionally, […]

What is CHRO? The role of the CHRO in the company

CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer) or director of human resources or director of recruitment is the person who understands better than anyone the tricks of “gathering talent in one place” and manipulating the company’s recruitment image. So, what is a CHRO and what are the great contributions of this position to the company? Readers, please […]

Duties of the company director

increasingly important in business. They play an important role in managing and coordinating work according to the company’s commercial strategy. Below are the tasks that CCO should perform in business development shared by the HR channels of headhunting companies. Plan long-term business strategies and build company image CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) – The Chief Commercial […]

What is VJ? Pursue the Hot VJ Career

When we look at media jobs, we will see a position very briefly abbreviated VJ. The popularity of this position in society is not great, which is why many young people do not have enough up-to-date information when choosing a career. So, in today’s article, Uptalent strategist will share with the readers all the information […]

Starbucks company culture

Starbucks sees itself as an experience provider and not just a coffee chain. Starbucks’ goal is to create a “third” environment, intertwined between home and work, so that when entering a Starbucks store anywhere in the world, customers always feel a different atmosphere. The atmosphere is incredibly comfortable and friendly. All this is due to […]

A Soldier Was Charged With Breaking Into a U-Haul Hoke Mini Storage Facility

Fort Bragg soldier Michael Williams is facing felony charges after being suspected of breaking into units at a self-storage facility in Raeford, NC and Fayetteville,NC. Additionally he may also have committed similar thefts at both locations. Non-climate controlled units are located outdoors and typically offer drive up access. They’re ideal for items not subject to […]

Pepsico’s CEO and the Problem of Attracting and Retaining Talent

Ms. Indra Nooyi – CEO of Pepsico with secrets attract and retain talent in the business The uniqueness has brought remarkable success to this brand. The tactics applied are: Get to know your employees and their families well When shared in the press, Ms. Indra Nooyi said talent recruitment, her desire to pay special attention […]

Development trends of the F&B industry in the coming years

Restoration is currently experiencing strong growth and is a popular business trend in recent years in our country. So, do you clearly understand what F&B is? What are the future development trends? Let’s explore this potential business area with Ms. Uptalent through the following article. CONTENTS 1- What are F and B? 2- Current situation […]

What is an operations manager? Everything about the COO position

Director of Operations (COO – Chief Operation Officer) is a personnel who plays an important role in the coordination and operation of the entire company. To learn more about this HR management position, please refer to the article below from the HRchannels headhunting service. By reading the article, you will understand the following information about […]

Human Resource Management Strategies of Famous Vietnamese CEOs

Job superior human resources management plays a very important role and becomes an increasingly urgent issue in the Vietnamese labor market. Join HRchannels headhunting company to learn more about the human resource management strategies of Vietnam’s top CEOs. CEO FPT: senior human resources management combining studies and practice Ms. Trinh Thu Hong – CEO of […]

Raeford Hoke Chamber of Commerce

Robert Gatlin, one of two remaining original members of Raeford Fire Department that first formed on December 30, 1925, told of the fire that caused six stores in downtown Raeford to burn December 30. At a dinner of firemen and their guests he addressed this event. Joshua Bain moved to Raeford three years ago and […]

Raeford Hospital Offers High-Quality Healthcare

Raeford in North Carolina’s extraordinary Sandhills provides healthcare that goes beyond proximity; it is high-quality and easily accessible. Once government and federal agencies advised medical facilities to delay non-urgent procedures in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, hospitals began feeling financial strain. About Us Raeford Historic District’s buildings offer a glimpse into its development from […]

What is wholesale? All about wholesalers (Wholesaler)

Wholesale trade is one of the important intermediaries in the raw material supply chain. Thanks to them, goods are widely distributed and bring great economic benefits to both businesses and consumers. In this article, Ms. Uptalent would like to share with you some information on the topic “What is wholesale?” “. Please follow to understand […]

Raeford City Hall

Raeford is a small town with a big heart, offering a cosmopolitan urban mix and ideal proximity to world-famous Pinehurst golf courses and Fort Bragg. Furthermore, Raleigh-Durham can be reached in about two hours drive time from Raeford. Nine candidates have filed to run for election to three open seats on city council this year, […]

Trends and how to implement effective B2B marketing

B2B is a term commonly used in business. In the current context of strong development of e-commerce, B2B is receiving even greater attention. Let’s explore with Ms. Uptalent what B2B is and popular B2B marketing trends through the article below. 1- What is B2B in marketing? 2- Popular B2B Trends in Marketing 2.1- Marketing automation […]

Raeford-Hoke Museum

The McLauchlin-McFadyen House sits on five acres and includes an emergency services building, dollhouse, one-room school house and country store – as well as a museum that holds historical artifacts, photographs and genealogies of Raeford-Hoke County. Hoke County offers an idyllic small-town experience just south of Fort Bragg. Experience rural living surrounded by fragrant Carolina […]

Difference between executive and manager

Leaders and managers are both high-level experts who take on leadership and guidance roles within businesses and organizations. In fact, there are many differences in the tasks, jobs and subjects they will work with. If you’re considering becoming an executive or manager in the future, learn more about these two positions and their differences. In […]

Compare the differences between managerial and specialist positions

The development of the economy opens up many job opportunities with new titles such as Executive or Specialist. SO What is the Executive?? What is the specialist? Let’s join Ms. Uptalent to compare management and specialist positions to see what is different between them through the following article to understand better! CONTENTS: 1- What is […]

Raeford Hoke Mini Storage

If you’re in Raeford, North Carolina and searching for storage units, there are various options to consider. They vary in terms of size and cost; picking out one that best meets your needs is essential. Raeford non-climate controlled storage units rent for approximately $115 monthly and can store various items like furniture and clothing. Located […]

Successful B2B Businesses in Vietnam

1- Characteristics of B2B companies B2B businesses are businesses that operate in the form of selling goods directly to other businesses. In particular, B2B stands for “Business-to-Business”, understood as the process of buying, selling and conducting business between companies. Businesses following the B2B model often have the following exceptional characteristics: – The customers of these […]

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