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Administrative manager career path

Even if it is not a very “trendy” sector, office administrative jobs nevertheless occupy a certain place in the job market. Administrative work offers you stability, longevity and the opportunity to practice your abilities. If you have good organization and a wealth of experience, you can easily access management positions such as administrative director. Below […]

What is brief? Instructions for writing a professional brief

The brief is known to be a very important document in marketing campaigns or a specific business activity. So what is brief? Do you know how to write a professional brief? Let’s learn the most interesting information about briefs through the following article by Ms. Uptalent! CONTENTS: 1- What is the Brief? 2- Classification of […]

Recruitment request for Human Resources Manager

The HR manager or HR manager always stands alongside and shares responsibility with the CEO in carrying out all the HR work of the organization. The head of the human resources department is an irreplaceable figure, a solid support for finding, maintaining and developing a team of gray matter for the company. To successfully apply […]

Recruitment conditions for the executive director

The CEO or general manager is a character who shouts fire and commands troops to develop the company’s business strategies and branding. So how to successfully apply for CEO position, please refer to the below article from HRchannels for all related information. Executive Director Recruitment Needs in Hanoi and HCM Whether it is a Startup, […]

What is ACCA certification? Certificate required for chief accountant

For those pursuing a career in the accounting and auditing industry, having professional certificates is essential. In this article, Ms. Uptalent will introduce readers to the ACCA certificate, one of the certificates trusted by employers around the world. Next, let’s find out the certificate, shall we? 1- What is ACCA? ACCA stands for The Association […]

Recruitment request for head of communications department

Are you wondering about hiring a communications manager for your company? This is a very important position in the company. Hiring the wrong person can have serious consequences. So how do you recruit quality staff, the right people the company needs? You can refer to the HRchannels article “Recruitment of communications manager and what you […]

What is the senior management recruitment process?

o plays an important role in ensuring the development of the company. Because senior management is the group in charge of key management positions, responsible for managing all company operations. On the job market, senior human resources are rare, both in quantity and quality. Therefore, companies must have effective recruitment strategies and processes in place […]

What is viral? Steps to Help You Make It Viral Successfully

Surely you still remember the melody “You want to buy a TV, you want to buy a refrigerator – Come to Dien May Xanh”, as well as the green and yellow images typical of the TVC advertising of this brand, don’t you ? The above is just one of the very small examples of the […]

What to study, salary and job opportunities

In recent years, it has attracted the attention of many young people due to its excellent job opportunities and good income. So, is the interior design industry really living up to what people expect? Readers, please join Ms. Uptalent to explore the interior design industry: what to study, salary and job opportunities through the following […]

How do multinational companies recruit their staff?

Large businesses and corporations represent a very small proportion of the total number of registered businesses, but these businesses play a key role in the economic development of countries. They create a large number of jobs and constitute a formidable engine of economic development. These companies particularly pay great attention to developing a strong human […]

What is business marketing? Who is the target audience for trade marketing?

When asked “What is business marketing?” ”, many people immediately think of promotions, discounts, product giveaways, etc. However, business marketing is not just that. Readers, please join Ms. Uptalent to find out what trade marketing is and what trade marketing is for through the following article to fully understand this concept. CONTENTS 1- What is […]

The importance of the production manager in a company

or CPO or production manager, holds an important position in the C-suit team, planning, implementing, evaluating progress and budgeting the entire production chain of the company. To successfully apply for the position of Production Manager, readers should refer to the below HRchannels article on points to keep in mind while applying for the position of […]

7 Reputable Recruitment Companies in Hanoi

To improve the efficiency and quality of human resources recruitment, many companies have chosen to use our recruitment services. professional recruitment company. However, there are many recruitment companies in the market, so it is not easy for companies to find a reputable and suitable recruitment company. Here is a list of reputable recruitment companies in […]

8 criteria to recognize a reputable recruitment agency

The level of competition in the war for talent has never ceased to be fierce. Therefore, to recruit talented employees, many companies have turned to recruitment companies. But among the hundreds of active recruiting companies, how do companies choose one? business reputable recruitment? What is a recruitment company? The recruitment company is a third-party unit […]

Identify and recruit talent for businesses

suitable for the company is always a difficult problem for the human resources department. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t solutions. So what’s the secret to helping companies hunt for talent? What is the right way to recruit talent for your company? Let’s explore together through the following HRchannels article. The content of the article […]

When do companies need a recruitment consulting company?

There are certain positions where companies need expert recruitment advice. Then they will find them recruitment consultancy company. So, what is a recruitment consultancy company? When should businesses turn to a recruitment consultancy? Let’s find out through the following HRchannels article. What is a recruitment consultancy company? A recruitment consultancy company is an intermediary organization […]

What is public relations? How to Use Public Relations to Achieve Business Effectiveness

If a company’s reputation is damaged, it will seriously affect its operations. This can even jeopardize the existence of the company. This is why the role of public relations is increasingly important. Companies are also paying more attention when investing in public relations campaigns to maintain their relationships with the public. So you know What […]

How is the reorganization of a company regulated?

Legal basis: Consultation content 1.Objects of corporate reorganization: According to the provisions of the Companies Act, limited liability companies (SARL) and joint stock companies can be reorganized in one of the following forms: division, separation, consolidation or merger. In addition, the form of transformation of an enterprise from one type to another is applicable to […]

3 Things to Consider When Developing Top-Level Human Resources for Business

Senior personnel is a term used to refer to key human resources occupying senior positions in a company. It is these people who make up only 9-10% of the company’s human resources, but their work results bring 80-90% of the company’s profits. From here, we can see the importance of high-level human resources in companies […]

Public relations industry

With strong socio-economic development, the media industry has more opportunities to develop. Today, every business needs to constantly interact and connect with its audience. This is why public relations is considered even more important. So, what exactly is public relations? Let’s explore with Ms. Uptalent Interesting things only happen in the PR industry through the […]

Instructions on the steps to have a perfect public relations plan

Public relations is currently a very important activity when implementing marketing campaigns. SO ? Steps to have a perfect public relations plan? Readers, please follow the following article by Ms. Uptalent for useful information. CONTENTS 1- What is public relations? 2- What are the public relations professions? 3- Forms of public relations 4- Steps to […]

How to work with Headhunter?

is no longer unknown to companies and candidates as the recruitment market becomes more and more competitive. However, choosing the right headhunter still remains a major obstacle, both for job seekers and employers. To help readers solve the above problem, Ms. Uptalent will share with you how to contact headhunting companies effectively. Please follow! CONTENTS: […]

Which companies are recruiting production workshop managers?

The production workshop manager is the person most responsible for the quality of finished products and the progress of production in the company system. This is the dream position for many candidates who want to develop their career in production management roles. To be able to navigate the right and fastest way, the first important […]

Strategic objectives of the plant manager

Factory manager are senior managers in factories or small industrial parks. The job of these personnel is often to propose and implement proposed strategies, applying company policies to overall plant operations. Find out more with the HRchannels headhunting service Plant manager’s goal to achieve What follows: 1. Improve the productivity of factory operation and product […]

How to become a high-level employee sought after by large companies?

Senior managers are a group of personnel who represent only a small percentage but play an important role in the development of companies. Reality shows that the demand for high-level personnel in companies is very high, but the supply of high-level personnel is not sufficient to meet it. So, if you can be recognized as […]

Roles, functions, examples and guidelines for becoming a successful manager

Managers are an important factor in the success of every organization and business. They have important and complex responsibilities and are responsible for the overall performance of the entire organization. To better understand the role, functions and factors that make a good manager, please read the article below by Ms. Uptalent! CONTENTS: 1- Why are […]

All Popular Jobs in the F&B Industry

1- F&B Industry Department An F&B business system will work based on the coordination of many departments: 1.1. Receptionist Is the ideal place to receive all inquiries and provide information to customers. If guests have any questions, they will contact reception staff for advice, direct assistance or transfer to the appropriate specialist department. It can […]

Unilever Vietnam success story

What path led Unilever Vietnam – a company after only 15 years of activity in this market – to achieve a turnover close to 1% of the country’s GDP? Mr. Ly Truong Chien, Senior Expert in Restructuring and Strategic Management Consulting, Former Professional Marketing Director of Unilever Vietnam (1996 – 2006), Former PC Sales Director […]

What is C-Level, C-Suite? Important Executive Skills

Level CSuite C known as the highest-level management positions in a company. They are responsible for developing strategies and making important decisions in the management of the company. There are actually many different C-Suite titles. Each title takes on its own role. Therefore, to understand exactly who the senior executives of C-Level and C-Suite are, […]

What qualities do you need to work in the marketing sector?

In a day, each person can access thousands of different advertising messages. This is why companies come to us marketing as an effective tool to help them gain an advantage in this fierce competition. At the same time, marketers must also possess special skills and qualities to be able to perform their assigned tasks well, […]

Raeford-Hoke Chamber of Commerce

Chambers of commerce can be an invaluable asset to local businesses. Networking opportunities aside, members may also take advantage of member discounts on various items and get listed in directories along with industry literature. State Farm offers comprehensive health insurance options in Raeford, NC – get a free online quote now! Raeford-Hoke Museum Raeford-Hoke Museum […]

What skills are needed to become a department manager or head of department?

In a block of economic activities, from employees to top managers, all require certain skills and qualifications, especially high positions in key roles require leadership skills, truly professional and methodical. A professional management team is essential to the success of this business organization. So let become head of department or what skills should a department […]

What do you need to study to become a fashion designer?

Are you passionate about fashion design? Don’t know what to learn to become a fashion designer? The following article by Ms. Uptalent will therefore help readers answer these questions. Please follow! 2.1- Fashion design training school in the North 2.2- Fashion design training school in the Central region 2.3- Fashion design training school in the […]

What is a manager? Roles and duties of an excellent manager

The role of manager is inseparable from the functioning and strong development of an organization or company. So, what is a manager? What are their roles and missions? What conditions must be met to become a manager? Readers, let’s learn all this through the following article by Ms. Uptalent! CONTENTS: 1- What is a manager? […]

What do employees expect from managers?

A successful business cannot lack good leaders. A good leader cannot “single-handedly” bring great achievements to the organization but always needs the support, coordination and cooperation of all the collective staff under the authority. Understanding this reality, we deeply feel the value of the article sharing what employees expect from leaders that Ms. Uptalent sent […]

Main professions that require interpreting services

In the era of integration, the need for exchange and cooperation between individuals and organizations from different countries is still great. However, a single person cannot speak all the languages ​​of the world fluently. Interpreting services were therefore born to meet the communication needs between people from different countries. In this context, almost all professions […]

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