21 ways to become a better leader

21 cách để trở thành một nhà lãnh đạo xuất sắc hơn

It doesn’t matter if you run the business, manage the team or a teacher, leadership skills are always important. Some people have a natural talent for leadership and inspiration, but most of us don’t.

Fortunately, leadership is not a magic miracle but a combination of skills we can all acquire through practice. Some people will acquire this skill more easily than others, but we can all acquire it. You just need to be hungry, willing to work and take risks to learn this skill.

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Whatever your position, these 21 ways will help you become more one:

1. Manage your emotions.

Emotions will energize you. If you are unhappy your energy will be low and vice versa, when you are happy you will feel more optimistic and positive. Become a good leader, manage your own emotions. Only by doing this will you be able to manage your energy.

2. Develop your skills.

If you don’t have leadership skills, no position will make you the leader you want to be. There’s a way to be a home great leadership It’s about improving your leadership skills, developing your expertise, and discovering the secret to becoming a better leader.

How to be a good leader?

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3. Become an excellent communicator.

Discipline yourself to understand what is happening around you by observing and listening. A holistic leader always a skilled communicator – not only a speaker but also a listener, someone who stays focused and attuned to the nuances of a conversation.

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4. Admit when you are wrong.

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It takes a strong and confident person to say they are wrong. Sometimes people think that admitting you’re wrong is a sign of weakness, but in fact it’s the opposite: the more honest and open you are, the more people will respect you as a person. ideal leader.

5. Learn to spot talent.

A very important skill of a good leader it’s knowing how to connect with the right people who help you broaden your horizons and develop your strategy. However, recruiting exceptional individuals is only half the battle. It is important to know how people with different abilities and backgrounds can work together effectively.

“Team” is an acronym for “Together, everyone achieves more”. These are the people who are ready to “roll up their sleeves” to support and guide employees.

7. Reward.

Managers “stealing” their employees are not a rare case, but a holistic leader won’t because they know that achieving great accomplishments requires the contribution of many talented employees.

8. Not a preacher.

Everyone is interested in growth and wants to know how to improve on their career path, without needing a pastor boss.

9. Invest in people.

Become talented chef, you need to understand the heart of your business – and that’s the human element. If you want to see them happy, loyal, and devoted, take the time to nurture and develop their vision.

10. Freedom and flexibility.

As long as employees know how to do their job well, don’t get involved in their work. A great boss will give employees the freedom and flexibility to work in the way they see fit.

11. Be quick to praise.

Praise people often and openly. Let others know that a job is done well, a job is done with excellence, and the results are amazing. But in the case of feedback for employee development talented chef Please do it in private. Because it’s like a negative review that no one wants to publicize.

12. Connect with your team.

Everyone wants their team to be a great team, but it won’t happen on its own. This requires a great boss must be ready to start working and dedicate time to developing and creating bonds between members.

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13. Get out of your office.

Come early to do your work while everything is quiet. Then, when everyone arrives, get out of your office and connect with everyone. This allows members to feel safe in their team if something goes wrong. talented chef not only work hard, but also keep in touch with the employees. “An arrow shoots two birds”!

14. The benefit of the doubt.

A lot of bad things can happen in a day or a week. It is the result of ineffective communication, lack of attention, etc., when someone hastily judged and gave their opinion. These holistic leader will always allow the employee to be suspicious. They work fairly and always give people a second chance or point out the benefit of the doubt.

15. Stop dealing with all the little things.

Ideal leader always wanting to control everything will limit the development of talents in the group. If you want to be a good leader, take a step back and make room for other employees to reach their full potential.

How do you determine if your people have leadership potential?

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16. Have fun.

Business is very serious business, but ideal leader will always know how to create an atmosphere of fun and enthusiasm to create an enthusiastic work environment and an optimistic culture. It will help people overcome work pressure.

17. Identify employee talents.

talented leader It is necessary to know and identify the capacities of the employees. Then you’ll help them develop and develop their strengths in the most efficient way possible.

18. Strengthen member accountability.

One of the most serious errors is that the members do not have a sense of responsibility. Responsibility is extremely important, therefore, good leader absolutely do not allow its members to work irresponsibly. You earn respect when you follow established guidelines and maintain each member’s function.

19. Trust to be believed.

When you send the message that you trust people, they will also reciprocate by trusting you more.

20. Be compassionate and caring.

Compassion brings people together. It shows what members want and what you can do for them. An exemplary leader is the most admired.

21. Lead by heart.

Amor vincit omnia: Even the ancient Romans said that love triumphs over everything. Love your people, love your business and love your customers, and you will discover the secret to being great boss.

To learn more about the art of human resource management, please refer here to the art of management.

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