3 Things to Consider When Developing Top-Level Human Resources for Business

3 điều cần chú ý khi Phát triển nguồn nhân sự cấp cao cho doanh nghiệp

Senior personnel is a term used to refer to key human resources occupying senior positions in a company. It is these people who make up only 9-10% of the company’s human resources, but their work results bring 80-90% of the company’s profits. From here, we can see the importance of high-level human resources in companies and thus propose methods to develop high-level human resources for companies.

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Training of senior staff

Than Nhan Trung – author of the famous saying that has stood the test of time: “Talent is national vitality”. Businesses are also a miniature country: if they want to grow, they must encourage and train talented people. Every company must clearly define a talent promotion strategy: regularly organize training, employee training sessions and high-level staff training programs with the aim of having quality, well-equipped staff with the capabilities exceptional, adapted to the requirements of modern production. and business. Each talented person is a valuable seed, companies must accept the investment costs to “nurture” them and take care of them in order to benefit from them later.

Recruit talented people

Recruiting talented people is a big problem for any company. The human resources department must continually recruit talented people to quickly resolve and respond to unexpected situations that may arise.

There are many methods for recruiting talented people for businesses. These include internal recruitment, recruitment via Facebook, LinkIn, but recruitment via the headhunter service will be an optimal choice. Because the headhunter service will solve high-level human resource problems for you. When you hire headhunter services, you just need to provide the recruitment criteria and job requirements and the headhunter service will find you the most suitable candidates.

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Currently in the headhunter recruitment market, many companies offer headhunting services. When you intend to choose a headhunting company, carefully research the company’s pricing, quality, and reputation to make the right decision.

Retain talented people

A company that already has high-quality human resources must retain that workforce so that they can contribute to the business. The work regime is decisive for the departure or stay of employees, greatly affecting the morale and motivation of employees. The company must have policies that take care and promote the employees. A good leader must know how to bring out all the potential and enthusiasm in the work of senior employees. In addition to their professional skills, leaders must be known for winning the hearts and minds of people, while empathizing with employees and understanding their psychology.

In addition, it is necessary to regularly consult with employees to resolve problems that arise at work and to share business information with the group so that employees can see the relationship between the work they perform and the results achieved by the company. business. In addition, it is necessary to clearly and clearly regulate the levels of salaries and bonuses based on the professional achievements and contributions of employees.

Attractive jobs

The race to retain talent is increasingly heated in order to maintain a competitive advantage and develop businesses. Companies must therefore “make themselves up” to become an attractive choice in the eyes of senior executives.

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