3 Ways to Post Effective, Hugely Popular Kimchi Online

3 Ways to Post Effective, Hugely Popular Kimchi Online

Currently, more and more people choose to sell food online, including Korean kimchi. It is a delicious side dish and is gradually becoming more popular in every family. However, due to the strong competition, selling kimchi online for many people will definitely not be easy, especially for those starting a business. So, how to advertise and display the sale of kimchi effectively and attractively? Let’s explore with Digi Viet now 03 ways to post kimchi sale online extremely popular through the following article.

Why should you sell kimchi online?

In recent years, Korean dishes have become extremely familiar to Vietnamese. One of them is kimchi which is quite appetizing and can be bought a lot. This delicious dish was later restated with a taste more suited to the taste of Vietnamese people and gradually became an extremely attractive online shopping item. With the growing demand for kimchi and the popular trend of online ordering, selling kimchi online can help you get the expected source of income.

In particular, with the cold weather in winter, kimchi becomes even warmer, helping to increase the flavor of dishes such as hot rice, seaweed soup or fragrant grilled meat. With the mild sweet and sour taste of cabbage and the moderate spicy and salty taste, kimchi has become a favorite side dish for many families.

So, in summary, if you are planning to sell kimchi online, you should plan to roll it out immediately. When selling kimchi online, you won’t need to spend too much initial capital, but in fact, the profit is extremely good.

Selling kimchi online requires low capital but can generate high profits

4 experiences of selling expensive kimchi online

Not just with kimchi, to successfully swap any dish, you need to pay attention to its taste. In addition, to be successful in selling kimchi online, you should pay attention to some selling experiences as follows:

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Identify target customers when selling kimchi

First, you need to identify the customer group that most needs to buy and use kimchi? Usually the customers who want to buy and like to eat kimchi are young people, whether they are students, college students or office workers, etc. These people often have the ability to tackle several new trends at once. dish, how to advertise the sale of kimchi, etc. depending on the target audience as above. .

Choose a channel to sell kimchi online

Most people who sell kimchi online cook it and sell it on social media platforms like Zalo or Facebook. These are all potential online kimchi sales channels you can choose to expand your business model. Besides, you can also choose to post kimchi for sale on other platforms like lamchame, webtretho or other free classified sites to reach more target customers.

Apart from the above channels, if you want to focus and grow your online kimchi business, you can completely invest in a website. This way, you can develop more products and online business categories besides Korean kimchi.

Updated information and photos of kimchi dishes

In the food sector, the issue of food hygiene and safety is always a top priority, especially for homemade kimchi. Therefore, you must clearly update the information, the origin of the product with the image of the kimchi dish and above all insist on the issue of hygiene with the customer. The commitment given along with the quality will help customers to trust and choose the kimchi you do business with.

Update pictures, commit to quality kimchi to ensure hygiene to make customers trust you

Collect and publish customer feedback

One of the factors that greatly influences buyer psychology is feedback from previous buyers. Therefore, you should regularly collect and publish reviews and comments from customers who have purchased and enjoyed the kimchi you are selling. It is an extremely effective way to advertise the sale of kimchi, helping to increase the credibility and credibility of your sales channel.

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Revealing 3 Effective Ways to Sell Kimchi Online and Attract Customers

To make selling kimchi online more effective and attractive to customers, helping them order more, you can refer to the X Ways to Post Kimchi Sales Online below:

Create new content for the kimchi selling post

The content you convey that is attractive enough will help attract a large number of customers who want to buy kimchi. To do this, you have to offer content ideas adapted to your target audience, regularly renew the phrases, be able to pick up trends to draw strong attention to customers, etc.

Download quality photos and videos

When doing food business, you absolutely should not skip the step of posting attractive images and videos about this dish. The kimchi dish inherently has an eye-catching shape with diverse and beautiful colors, so what you need to do now is take professional quality photos to post with each meal.

With this way of selling kimchi online, customers will surely be attracted to your item by the attractive color of the dish. So be sure to invest in quality and crisp kimchi photos and videos to attract more potential customers.

Choosing eye-catching images and videos is an extremely effective way to post kimchi online

Publish online kimchi sale at the right time

The timing of posting kimchi sale online is extremely important, you need to choose the times when potential customers are most active in the sales channel. For example, for Facebook, you can post ads to sell kimchi online at times like 7am – 8am, 12pm – 3pm, or 7pm – 9pm, etc. These are times when many people are usually free to surf. Facebook needs to update new information and messages. Therefore, if you pick the right time within those time frames with lots of people online, your chances of selling will be improved.

I hope with the experience of how to post a kimchi sale online and how to advertise to sell kimchi shared by Digi Viet as above can help you get more unique, impressive and attractive messages in the eyes of customers. To update more new and effective sales promotion tips, you absolutely must not miss Digi Viet’s upcoming articles!

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