4 immutable principles for a good CEO

4 nguyên tắc bất biến một giám đốc điều hành giỏi không thể bỏ qua

What is 4, how to implement the above principles. The above questions will be shared by Ms. Uptalent in the article below.

Understand the work an executive must do

Understand what the CEO should do

The CEO of a company is not necessarily the owner or founder of the company. However, the role of these CEOs is considered a key factor in determining the success or failure of companies.

The job of a business manager is to manage the entire business process. They oversee financial decisions, develop business development strategies for each period and oversee the implementation of this plan.

This means, a Good CEO will be a combination of good ideas and practicality. They must have a good understanding of the tasks that an executive director has to perform, that is, planning and supervising the entire business process.

Perform operations based on experience

All CEOs reach this position after many years or decades in business. To become a business manager, they will move from the position of employee-department manager- The deputy CEO. During this work process, employees will accumulate the necessary experience. Use everything you know about your business to run it as efficiently as possible.

general manager

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Good leaders must know how to lead people

To become a great CEO, shape a unique, even different, corporate cultural environment. A leader with a vision will enable his or her employees to perform in a particular way. Only by creating an ideal working environment will your employees fully devote themselves to the development of the company.

Make their own rules and regulations, but allow them to make mistakes. Show your employees that the company trusts you enough to do your job well.

Attractive jobs

Develop policies to improve productivity through reward schemes. Let them see that leaders always follow through and appreciate the benefits they bring to the company. Establishing social protection schemes and appropriate policies to retain company talent is also a human resources strategy to which managers must pay particular attention.

Take advantage of industry trends

Principles for a good CEO The third is to stay ahead of industry trends. This is demonstrated by reading, participating in conferences or professional associations. Through this, the CEO’s work can guide new industry trends and plan strategies for the company in the future. This is especially important in today’s ever-changing market trend. Therefore, work recruit executive directors in Bac Ninh and many parts of the country need people with a long-term vision to create real business values.

Attending events and training programs is an opportunity to improve education. It is also a great opportunity to connect and grow with other strategic partners. At the same time, look for new business opportunities for companies.

A good understanding of industry development trends helps talented leaders easily develop and plan comprehensive business development strategies. At the same time, convey your vision and inspiration to employees, customers and investors.

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Develop plans and take responsibility for decisions

Organize effective strategy development meetings

The CEO must organize certain meetings to plan the company’s development goals. Let subordinates participate in planning long-term strategies and developing action plans right after the meeting.

Managers must identify possible difficulties and limitations, desired results, elements that need to be adjusted, etc. Ensure that specific tasks are assigned to each department and staff based on proposed needs. At the same time, plan to allocate time appropriately to implement this action plan.

CEO Chief Executive Officer

Take responsibility for decisions

Location director of hotel operations or any other executive director position, the manager’s decisions will be made when the following questions have been answered:

  • Person responsible for implementing the proposed plan.
  • How long does it take to implement the plan?
  • Who are the competitors in the market and how to defeat them?
    – Names of people who must be informed of decisions even if these decisions do not directly affect them.

Decision review is also a tool that helps CEO CEO personal development. In reviewing the results of these decisions, good leaders must identify strengths, weaknesses, and additional insights. Therefore, CEOs will be primarily responsible for their decisions in the company’s overall development strategy.

I hope the shares above have partly helped you understand Principles for a good CEO. I wish you to soon become excellent leaders in the future.

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