4 Ways to Write Content to Sell Very Attractive Chicken Eggs and Chicken Feet

4 Ways to Write Content to Sell Very Attractive Chicken Eggs and Chicken Feet

With the current era of online business, investing in content and writing content to attract customers is something everyone should pay attention to. The sale of eggs and hen’s feet is one of the trades with a high level of competition which should be diversified. So how can I write? published content selling chicken eggs, chicken feet The most attractive? Let’s follow the following Digi Viet article to immediately refer to the ways to sell chicken with new content, attracting the most customers.

Learn more about the contents of the sale of chicken eggs and chicken feet

Food content in general is useful content and information related to cooking that is disseminated widely in the community and society in many different forms, most often videos, images, texts, etc. …Similarly, for content posted to sell eggs or chicken feet, businessmen should also create eye-catching articles, videos or images.

The main purpose of posting content for selling chicken eggs and chicken feet is to get customers’ attention and interest in the products you are marketing. It can be said that good quality content is an important key that can help you gain a large number of customers quickly.

Some forms of general food content writing as well as posts selling chickens, eggs, chicken feet in general:

  • Content on Websites.
  • Public relations articles on websites or online newspapers.
  • The information is published on the sales fanpage.
  • Critics rate the quality and price of the food.
Example of an informational article on the sale of chicken feet dishes posted on social networks

Instructions for creating content, 4 ways to post chicken feet and egg sale for beginners

To get the most attractive content samples and how to post the most attractive chicken eggs and legs, you can refer to some things to note below:

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Identify the right target customers you are targeting

Determining the target audience of customers, thus sketching out the usage and insight of potential customers will help you create truly quality and suitable content for selling chicken eggs and feet to attract customers.

To do this, you must be able to answer questions such as:

  • Who are the customers you are targeting when you sell chicken feet and eggs?
  • What issues are your target customers interested in with the chicken feet and egg dishes you offer?
  • What needs, difficulties, fears or expectations does this group of customers have with regard to the chicken feet and egg products that you sell?

Content ideas, how to post items for sale

After identifying and sketching out the basic portrait and insight of the target customer, the next thing you need to do is come up with content ideas so that food messaging becomes more engaging. Usually, the way that can help you post content that sells professional eggs, chicken feet, and makes a bolder and better impression on customers is, in addition to writing, to focus more on content with images, infographics, etc. videos, podcasts, etc. .]are properly invested.

In addition, you should also write content about chicken eggs and chicken feet briefly, while ensuring conciseness and complete meaning. The way to post chicken eggs and feet that you absolutely must avoid is to write overly long and rambling content that makes readers bored and doesn’t even understand the meaning and message you are trying to convey.

Propose a unique idea, adapted to the target customers

Set a catchy title for the post

There is one fact you need to know when learning how to post chicken articles and that is that the headline usually accounts for around 40% of an article’s success. In fact, putting a headline that is engaging, appealing and relevant to what viewers are looking for will give the post a 95% chance of being clicked on to be read. Therefore, in order to create content templates, food posts in general, or articles selling chicken feet and eggs in particular, you should not pay attention to the title of the title in a very attractive and attractive way.

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Professional investment in the image of the post

Images in content articles selling chicken eggs, chicken feet, or similar dishes should be “appetizing” so you can whet diners’ appetites every time they see them. You have to remember that no matter how delicious the food is, the image is not beautiful and the lack of creativity can become an obstacle, a huge weakness in deciding whether or not you attract customers.

Also, focus on designing professionally designed food photos within your capabilities. This is how you can both show the attention to each product, show off your corporate style and above all avoid the situation where the image falls in the wrong size when posting, which leads to loss of image. information when posting on the fanpage or website.

One of the ways to display an attractive chicken sale is to invest in a professional image.

A few notes to keep in mind when writing content to sell chicken eggs and chicken feet

  • Illustrations are always a must-have and are considered the highlight of content articles on dishes including eggs and chicken feet. This factor accounts for 50% of the success or failure of a promotional post template. Therefore, you should focus on investing in the images, choosing beautiful, clear, and outstanding photos with the detail you want viewers to see.
  • The content of the post selling chicken eggs and chicken feet will be more attractive and realistic if you know how to integrate customer reviews. Especially, if there are more reviews from famous KOLs, your product selling post will surely attract more customers and gain great trust.
  • Should avoid content templates, how to post the sale of chicken feet, chicken eggs too dry and empty. If possible, you should try to use narration to tell a meaningful story to the reader. At the same time, don’t forget to combine with hot trends that are interested in the time of publication to attract more readers.

With 4 ways to post content to sell chicken eggs and chicken feet All right Digi Viet Suggestions as above, I hope you will successfully apply for the most attractive positions and attract the most clients!

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