5 Experiences of Trading Fresh Seafood Online with Huge Profits

5 kinh nghiệm kinh doanh hải sản tươi sống online lãi khủng

The online fresh seafood business model is known as a profitable business. Especially now, the need to use seafood to provide nutritional value to the body has become popular. So, if you are looking for a new business direction, you can think of selling fresh seafood online. Digi Viet will give you some experience in selling fresh seafood for you to know more, expand your model.

Zoning of the point of sale

Seafood is known as a very difficult to store fresh food, vendors often struggle to ensure the freshness of seafood when it reaches customers. You can choose to swap Dried Seafood, Frozen Seafood, Fresh Seafood, or Pickled Fresh Seafood from the ships for better guaranteed freshness.

Zoning a business location is a must when doing seafood business online

With fresh seafood, frozen seafood, preservation will face many difficulties if you move far. Therefore, online fresh seafood companies need to zone the location of the business, ensure that the transportation process is not too far away, and does not affect the preservation process.

How to choose seafood for business?

Whether it’s a seafood business or any other commodity, you need to get it right. If you are in seafood business, you must know the secret to picking and storing fresh seafood until it reaches the customers.

Based on how to market fresh seafood, it is shown that choosing fresh seafood should choose quality seafood such as:

  • Crab: Please use your hand to hold the crabs and boats, if they are still alive you will need to press their lip so you don’t see any concave. Many people want big babies, but the plumpest ones are in crabs in moderate form.
  • Shrimp: Choose raw shrimp that should swim, jump, red or white, but not opaque. Touching the shell of the shrimp, the shell is firm, hard, the head and body are not separated, the claws and legs are intact, and most importantly there is no fishy smell.
  • Fish: The eyes of the fish are always bright, always swim or use your hands to press the body and see the fish jump, it means the fish is always fresh and healthy.
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Seafood company search

If you want to find a source of fresh seafood for your business, you need to source from the sea markets. Based on the experience of selling fresh seafood, doing business near the market and fishing areas will be more convenient for importing goods, as well as moving around.

It is recommended to import seafood from coastal seafood markets

If you have relatives or friends living near these areas, you can request to buy them and ship them to you. If not, you need to go to the spot to investigate, compare prices and quality to find a reliable source for long-term cooperation. Then you can hire more staff or find a seafood transport company.

Cost of opening an online fresh seafood store

Online fresh seafood business, although it does not need to cost space, but other costs are not small. First, seafood is quite expensive food, there are many kinds of seafood with high prices, so the import cost of goods will also cost a lot, ranging from 150 million to 300 million.

Although this is an online fresh seafood business, that doesn’t mean you don’t need an aquarium system. When you import seafood from the source, you also need to invest in raising them while they are alive, seafood preservation equipment that you can refer to such as aerators, oxygen tanks, refrigerators,… In addition, you also need to pay extra for shipping.

Because it is a special type of food, you need to transport it quickly, get the best preservation process. With such storage and transportation, you also lose quite a high cost. Therefore, you need to determine that you can afford the costs when starting a fresh seafood business and then move on.

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Store fresh seafood

In the case where the customer requires that the product only needs to be fresh but not necessarily alive, you can preserve it by adding a cooler, or a freezer. Thus, seafood is stored at cold temperatures, which can ensure better freshness.

Seafood must apply a preservation process to ensure freshness

But in case the customer requires it to be fresh, you need to invest in equipment so that the seafood can be fresh. Then quickly ship the seafood to customers when it’s still healthy.

Here is information about the experience online sale of fresh seafood for those just starting out. Online seafood business generates high profits, but transporting and storing fresh seafood will be more difficult than other business items. Therefore, you need to know how to keep seafood fresh and at the same time achieve the most optimal transportation process. Necessary Digi Viet If you want to get more related information or consult marketing services, run advertisements, build brands, etc., please contact us for detailed guidance.

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