5 key skills needed by a human resources director

5 kỹ năng cốt lõi cần có của Giám đốc nhân sự

In recent years, the human resources sector has seen many trends moving towards more diversity and multidimensionality. To become a candidate for the position of Human Resources Director, you must have certain skills. The necessary skills of a Human Resources Director will be shared by the HRchannels headhunting service in this article.

Human resources managers must have skills in human resources organization

It is Necessary skills of a human resources manager extremely necessary for human resource managers. The more scientific the human resource management, the more it proves that the human resource manager is competent and experienced in human resource management.

The work of HR Executive Director including planning human resource recruitment strategies, employee retention strategies and organizing the training of necessary business resources. To accomplish this task, human resources managers must be managers who comply with company procedures and policies.

Human resource organization skills by directing human resource managers to carry out human resource related tasks in the business. Although they do not directly organize the organization, human resources managers are the ones who oversee the company’s entire human resources system. At the same time, guide the development of human resources through adapted training programs.

Human Resources Director

Change management skills

The human resources department is the department responsible for controlling the continuous change of personnel in the company. Human resources directors must therefore have management skills, synthesize these personnel changes and report to business leaders.

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In addition, Necessary skills of a human resources manager changes in social protection needs and social schemes must be managed. Human resources directors, through human resources specialists, grasp these needs and realize them in the most appropriate way.

The current human resources 4.0 system requires significant high-level human resources for companies. Therefore, the HR Executive Director It is necessary to have vision and skills to manage these changes, directing experts to focus on finding these human resources for companies.

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The application of human resources management software should also be given special attention. THE deputy director of human resources It is necessary to replace the manager to disseminate and apply new technologies in the process of resource management for employees through modern technology.

Human resources managers must have strong legal knowledge

Understanding basic labor law regulations in accordance with state regulations is extremely necessary for business success. Human resource managers in Vietnam often face human resource legal issues.

Social protection and reward schemes are knowledge that must be firmly mastered. In Vietnam, social insurance, unemployment insurance, etc. always concern company employees. Therefore, ask Necessary skills of a human resources manager In the legal field, it is necessary not only for the HR manager but also for the entire HR system of the company.

When you take on a human resources management role, you will play an extremely important role in the company’s long-term plans. In this case, you will need to have some knowledge about employee health care as well as other employee benefits.

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People management skills of HR managers

A human resources manager must know how to operate as well as human resources. This human resource system is not only for subordinate staff and heads of human resource departments, but also for the entire employee system of the company. The work of HR Executive Director is the management of people in the company. In the HR role, you will provide hands-on management of a large number of people, meet necessary employee requirements, and effectively manage employee and office relations.

Skills sought by the Human Resources Director This is also manifested in the development of strategies and plans for the development of enterprise resources. To accurately meet the required workforce and retain company talent, leaders need the most precise people management skills.


communication skills

Human resources are the face of the company and the head of the human resources department is the person who represents this face. Therefore, managers must have good communication skills to understand human resource needs and respond to them effectively.

He is also the person responsible for coordination between employees and management. Therefore, communication skills help HR Executive Director can propose employees’ wishes to managers in the clearest possible way. At the same time, explain leadership strategies to employees as completely as possible.

Whether implementing personnel changes, training interns, or responding to employee requests, HR managers must communicate professionally and clearly and establish good working relationships.

THE Necessary skills of a human resources manager Helps human resource management to be carried out effectively. Companies will have the best quality human resource systems to respond to the necessary changes in market trends.

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