5 specific business plans with a capital of approximately 300 million VND

5 specific business plans with a capital of approximately 300 million VND

Many people have the desire to start a business, but think that if they have a capital of 300 million, they will not be able to do anything. This is really a misconception and should be dismissed immediately because with 300 million in capital, there are plenty of business ideas to get rich effectively. If you are a person with a passion for business, you should take advantage of existing capital to build your plan. Let’s go Digi Viet to go up Specific business plan with 300 million VND Check out the ideas below.

Operation of a grocery store or convenience store

If you’re struggling with $300 million in capital to start a business, it’s not a bad idea to open a grocery store or convenience store. The work is simple, quite light as well, but helps you earn a stable income every day.

Whether in rural or urban areas, people have particular needs for essential goods. So with this business model, you no longer have to worry about anything, make a precise business plan with 300 million what you will do at the grocery store.

Remember that 300 million with such a business model is also a good amount of capital for you to import from a variety of sources. Moreover, to attract more customers, you need to arrange lots of incentive programs and update convenient payment methods instead of using cash only. In order to retain customers for a long time, what you should always follow is to ensure that the goods are of good reputation, with a clear origin.

In addition, to further develop the store, you also need to pay attention to store publicity so that more people know about it. If you have ingenuity and agility, then surely with a capital of 300 million you will make a very good profit.

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Online store commerce

If you are starting a business with 300 million, opening an online store is an attractive and feasible idea. From this capital, you can build a medium-sized online store with around 20 machines. You can decorate the surroundings combined with some catering services, it will definitely attract guests. If you want to save money, you can look for stores that have been liquidated, buy yourself good machines and tables and chairs.

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Reasonable business locations where you can set up an online store, such as college, high school, and university. This place receives a large number of visitors every day and most of them are young customers. Moreover, to ensure the quality, you must have periodic maintenance and repair of the machines. Additionally, store owners should provide management software to facilitate store management.

fast food business

Currently, young people’s food preferences are fast food such as fried spring rolls, sausages, tokbokki, kimbap, spring rolls, grilled skewers, spicy noodles, etc., affordable prices meet the economic needs of young people . Although these dishes are not too picky, they are popular even among students who come to the office.

Therefore, there are about 300 million of them, so if you are doing business, opening a fast food restaurant must be on the list of suggestions. With this capital, you can open a fairly large store with a location near the school and office. In addition to the dishes above, if you are a person who has the ability to cook and be creative, you can come up with the recipe and sell it yourself.

A specific business plan with 300 million is really not difficult if you intend to implement the restaurant model above. You should note that whatever you do, you should always ensure food hygiene and safety, you are sure that sooner or later success will smile on you. In addition, the store can regularly open promotions to attract young people.

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Franchise coffee trade

Everyone has different relaxation needs, sometimes it’s as simple as making yourself a cup of coffee every morning. Realizing the needs of the market, many young people now have ideas for franchising cafes.

With this form of franchising, you don’t have to worry about the cost of building a brand. Moreover, you can also be supported with ingredients and recipes to attract more customers.

However, you must also meet some necessary brand house criteria such as consistency to ensure stable earnings over a period of time. So if you’re wondering what a business is with 300 million in capital, opening a franchise coffee shop is a very effective opportunity to get rich.

Sale of mobile phone accessories and accessories

Currently, it seems that smartphones have occupied an important place in everyone’s life whether in rural or urban areas. Therefore, commercial services of trading and repairing components as well as selling accessories are a very good idea to start. Whether to do a business with a capital of 300 million, opening a store selling components and accessories is a satisfactory answer to all questions.

If you have 300 million in your hand, don’t be afraid to open a shop like that, it’s not a bad idea. This type of store attracts many customers as the growing demand for phone accessories means replacement repair services. If a store has a variety of designs, quality and reasonable cost, there is no need to worry about no customers.

It is a business idea that opens up opportunities for many people to get rich, especially in rural areas. Above are the top 5 models if you go up. Specific business plan with 300 million VND the chances of success will be great.

I hope the information Digi Viet by sharing, you can gain more business knowledge and grasp the consumer market. In addition, Digi Viet provides services for marketing, branding, multi-channel advertising, etc. You can refer to it for your business model.

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