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6 best-selling items in the campaign today should be traded

Currently, there are many business opportunities to get rich in rural areas that are not inferior to urban areas. Business people do not need to spend too much money, but if they understand the needs and tastes of consumer products and products in this field, they will definitely succeed. This paragraph Digi Viet will share campaign best-selling items for those who intend to do business here can refer!

Sell ​​fertilizers and pesticides

In rural areas, agriculture remains the main activity. Therefore, the demand for agricultural products such as fertilizers and pesticides will be very high. Due to the company selling this type of item, you don’t have to worry about having no customers.

To do this, you will choose a commercial premises, be careful to choose a location on the road, where there are many passing people and easy to observe, especially it must still be close to agricultural crops. Find out which fertilizers and pesticides are of good quality, suitable for the terrain and the crops people grow here. If developed well, this item will surely sell very well, especially in the main stages of production.

Sale of children’s clothing

If we talk about the best-selling items in the countryside, it is definitely impossible to ignore children’s clothing. If you don’t have enough capital to open stores, you can choose to start an online business by posting on social media, opening stalls on online sales platforms, or broadcasting live sales. These sales methods not only reduce the initial cost of space for you, but also help you expand the form of sales and reach customers in many places.

Currently, in rural areas, parents, in addition to paying attention to eating and studying, also want their children to have the best life. Therefore, when buying clothes for young children, parents will be ready to spend money if quality and reasonableness. Therefore, you should choose a stable source of good quality goods, but the price should also match the general living standards here.

Sale of artisanal cosmetic products from nature

Whether it is a city or a rural area, the demand for cosmetics is very large, especially natural cosmetics are very well received. These products are considered by women to be skin friendly, do not use chemical ingredients and are suitable for all skin types. These cosmetics are also not hard to find, so if you work hard, your products will sell very well.

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You should choose products such as handmade coconut oil, handmade lipstick, etc. with natural ingredients. If you want to attract and impress customers, you can choose to add boxes or packaging for cosmetics. You may not have enough capital to open a store, you can sell online on platforms and work hard to ship. It will be one of the best-selling items in the campaign, not only now but also in the future.

Furniture trade, wooden furniture

In rural areas, the demand for furniture, especially wooden furniture, is very large. On the occasion of Tet, these objects are very popular when people need to do their shopping and redecorate their interiors. These furnishing products can be from tables and chairs, altar cabinets, sofas, beds, study tables, cabinets, etc.

When exchanging this item, you should pay attention to the source quality, beautiful design. This item also requires large capital for traders, but with strong market demand, you can always rest assured that this is a product worth investing in.

Necessary items

Until now, grocery store essentials are still items of interest for many people. Because people, the need to buy daily necessities will never run out, especially at the end of the year. If you intend to do business in the countryside, choosing to open a grocery store is also a good choice, ensuring a stable income.

Currently, there are many grocery stores in rural areas, so to be competitive, you must choose to open a mini supermarket. Thus, it is possible to provide a variety of products, beautifully arranged, and to divide specialized areas of products for buyers to choose easily. In addition, it is also possible to integrate the use of order management software to create convenience while shopping for customers.

E-bike trade

In recent years, the demand for electric vehicles has increased rapidly in rural areas of Vietnam. In these regions, students often travel to school alone by car, so their parents often choose electric bicycles as their means of transport. So, if you have capital, you can open a business model of electric bicycles, which will definitely be a hot selling item.

In addition to selling electric bicycles, the store can add repair services, auto parts trading, etc. to fully meet customer needs. Note that to create this model, you must also have a decent capital and pay attention to such factors as: the choice of a business premises, car models, spare parts, … must ensure quality as well as quality. Reasonable prices in the countryside.

above is campaign best-selling items that those who are passionate about business should be careful. In Digi Viet There are also many other articles sharing many other interesting business ideas and experiences for you to learn more. Or if your business model needs marketing, branding services, etc., contact Digi for assistance.

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