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6 experiences of opening a restaurant and a buffet with great success

6 experiences of opening a restaurant and a buffet with great success

Currently, buffet is a form of food and beverage business that is popular with many people due to its abundant clientele and high income. However, not everyone who embarks on a buffet catering business goes smoothly and achieves the desired success. Therefore, Digi Viet would like to share 6 experiences of opening a buffet restaurant Here are some helpful tips to help you run your business successfully.

Prepare a large capital

According to the experience of opening a buffet restaurant, you need to prepare quite a large capital if you choose this model. The expenses that you need to spend the most when running a buffet catering business are renting the premises, hiring staff, buying raw materials every month, etc.

The first thing to mention is the cost of renting space when running a buffet business, because the characteristic of this model is to take a large amount to cover losses, so you need to attract a lot of guests to obtain stable income. Therefore, you should rent a large buffet restaurant to meet the catering needs of customers, especially during peak hours.

Usually, with the experience of opening a barbecue buffet restaurant, you need to rent a space with an area of ​​about 300m2 or more to ensure enough dining space for customers. With this area in major cities, the amount you have to spend on rental fees can reach several hundred million/month.

In addition, when you operate a buffet restaurant, you need to invest a large amount of necessary kitchen equipment and utensils such as selling chopsticks, food containers, tables and chairs, fans, drainage, ventilation, etc.

Buffet Restaurant Business Model Requires Huge Capital

Experience in opening a buffet restaurant: choose the right location

When choosing a place to build a sideboard, you should pay attention to two things:

  • The area where the target customers are concentrated: Since the experience of the buffet restaurant trade is shared by many people, you must determine in advance which customers you will serve in order to choose a suitable place of business. For example, if you are a student, you should choose near universities, and if you are an office worker, you should prefer to choose near areas with many offices and businesses.
  • Traffic, parking: Due to the need for a large number of customers to make a profit, if you want to open a buffet restaurant, you should pay attention to the parking area for customers. In addition, the traffic axis at the location of the buffet restaurant is also very important, it is better not to choose places that are too difficult to move, with many alleys.

Finding Quality Bulk Food Suppliers

One of the main buffet restaurant experiences you need to be aware of is ensuring food quality. Not only with buffet but for many other models, the issue of food safety and hygiene must always be put in the foreground. In particular, the buffet business model needs more attention when the number and types of foods to be provided each day are numerous.

To ensure food quality, you need to find a truly reputable and quality food supplier with high freshness, guaranteed volume, quantity and delivery time to bring customers the best and safest dining experiences.

Restaurant owners must find a source of quality and safe food in large quantities when doing business under the buffet model

Quick recruitment of staff for the buffet restaurant, good service attitude

The buffet restaurant will receive a very large number of guests every day, often having to add new foods, do the dishes, constantly transport calves, etc. Therefore, the buffet restaurant staff must ensure an agile and Thai attitude. , know how to organize a work adapted to respond quickly to the needs of the customers. Especially for chefs, these people require high skills and work under high pressure.

Make the difference for a buffet restaurant

By learning about the experience of opening a seafood buffet restaurant, a grill buffet restaurant, etc., you will understand the importance of making a difference for your restaurant. Although this is a potential direction, at present the buffet business model has too much competition and is no longer as hot as the initial phase. Therefore, you have to think of a new and bigger direction in order to survive and grow.

A successful business experience in a buffet restaurant is what makes the difference

Focus on promotion and marketing strategy

A good brand promotion and marketing strategy will help you achieve amazing results. Especially in today’s era of powerful social media platforms, proper promotion will help your buffet restaurant become more famous quickly. Therefore, based on past buffet restaurant experience, you focus on both investing in food quality, service, and marketing strategies to attract more potential customers.

With 6 buffet restaurant experience As above, I hope you find the right and most suitable directions to make the buffet more convenient and efficient. For more information on brand promotion services, cross-platform advertising, effective marketing strategies, etc., you can contact Digi Viet for dedicated support and attract more potential customers if you wish.

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