7 experiences of opening a cheap and quickly interesting pastry shop

7 experiences of opening a cheap and quickly interesting pastry shop

A bakery business is one of the most interesting and potential ideas if you know the right direction from the start. However, not everyone knows what it takes to open a pastry shop to be successful. Therefore, through the article below, Digi Viet would like to share some experience of opening a pastry shop at low cost and quickly profitable to which enthusiasts of this potential field can refer.

Learn to cook before starting a bakery business

Before opening a bakery, the first thing to do is to learn how to cook. Typically, a pastry course can last from 1 to 2 months on average. After that, the development of baking ability depends on each person, such as creativity, ingenuity, hard practice, etc. Once you have the above factors, you can completely become a more professional baker to have your own pastry model.

Prepare capital for bakery business

The cost of opening a bakery is one of the most important factors that any new business must consider. The experience of opening a bakery shows that running a diversified bakery business requires spending capital of VND 30-80 million, depending on the size of the store.

With this amount, you should calculate it reasonably to pay for necessary things while running a bakery business, such as baking tools, premises, store decoration, hiring staff, etc.

Choose a commercial bakery

The bakery business premises should be a convenient location for travel and with a large population, especially if you choose the front area, the easier it will be to expand. To note, the places where the bakery trade is considered to be avoided is just around the corner from the 3rd, 4th intersection on the road, areas that often have traffic jams, traffic jams, etc.

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Prepare the tools and furniture for the pastry

A store that both ensures the quality of the cakes and is decorated neatly and nicely will certainly attract more customers. According to the experience of opening a pastry shop of many people, you should prepare the following tools and furniture when you want to do business under this model:

Insulation cabinet for cake storage

Insulated cabinets (freezers) are indispensable elements for bakeries, used to store cakes and other ingredients. Normally, professional insulation cabinets for bakeries usually cost 20-22 million with the size of 1.2m.

If you do not have the conditions, and the bakery has a small scale, you can consider choosing a cooler for about 6-8 million.

cake whipping and whipping machine

An ice cream maker for making cakes costs between 2 and 5 million VND and a beater will cost around 8 million VND. However, with a small pastry, the number of cakes to be made is not very large, you can consider replacing it with a cheaper egg beater and mixer.


For large-scale bakeries, people often use high-end toaster ovens with prices ranging from VND 8 to 20 million, depending on the size. For a normal toaster oven, the price will only be around 1.5-3 million VND and it is easy to find and buy.

Some other types of cooking tools

In addition to the above items and tools, when running a bakery business, you need to prepare additional knives for cake spreading, cake cutting, turntables, decorating tools, ice cream catchers,… with a cost of about 1.5 million.

Types of ingredients

The answer is indispensable to answer the question of opening a pastry shop, what are the main ingredients for making cakes. Baking ingredients must guarantee quality with criteria such as being fresh, not containing harmful chemicals, being tested with a clear origin and needing to be stored properly.

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In particular, you should create a cake recipe with the same ingredients from the beginning, to avoid constant changes that can affect the quality of the cake and make customers feel uncomfortable.

Hire employees for a bakery

When you run a bakery business, you need to hire more employees to stand at the counter, sell cakes, and help bake cakes. For bakers, the requirements will not be too high in terms of qualifications, you can consider hiring students to work in teams at a reasonable price.

Make a business strategy for banh chung

Guiding business strategy early on is an important step for most industries and business models, not just opening a cake shop. Therefore, you need to research, identify your competitors and target bakery customers and then chart a reasonable path for yourself.

Identify the type and style of bakery

To serve the right customers, you must determine the type and type of pastry you will be dealing with, such as:

  • Homemade Baking: Make and sell simple baked goods in small batches that don’t take up too much space. This bakery model is generally suitable for suburban areas.
  • Coffee shop combining cakes: This type of business is quite popular, catering to both food and drink needs of customers. For this bakery template, you need to invest more in space and decoration style to attract more customers to check-in.
  • Shop specializing in cakes, birthday cakes: Specializing in the sale of birthday cakes, cakes, cakes made to measure and designed on request.
  • Online cake business: for this model, you will save the cost of finding space and staff, so the price of cakes will be cheaper than other types. However, this method is often quite difficult to scale and only meets the needs of a small number of customers.
  • Franchise Bakery Business: For the famous bakery franchise business, you need to study the requirements and business terms more carefully to make a reasonable plan.

hope with 7 experiences in managing a pastry shop As summarized by Digi Viet as above, you can successfully apply this in planning your own bakery business model. To keep up to date with the most useful news, business experiences or ways of marketing, brand promotion, etc., don’t forget to follow Digi Viet’s upcoming articles!

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