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7 online mini bonsai trading experiments to limit risk

7 online mini bonsai trading experiments to limit risk

mini bonsai company is not a new business idea, but there is still a lot of potential for those who want to get rich. However, succeeding with this form of business is not an easy thing. Many people still do not know the source of ornamental plants, the amount of capital required, the sales channel, etc. Below, Digi Viet will share some Mini bonsai experience which you should review before you begin.

The amount of capital required when trading mini bonsai trees

Currently, the mini bonsai business has many forms, and each form will have a corresponding amount of capital. Your job is to choose the right form of business for the amount of capital you have:

Purchase order

It is a form of business that does not require capital, which is popular with many young people. With this business form, you need to find a source of unique, reputable and quality mini bonsai trees. This commercial form avoids the seller having to hold the quantity of goods, thus limiting more risks.

However, with this form of mini bonsai business, you still have limitations when you make customers wait for a long time, orders are easily canceled, customers lack confidence when they have to pay first to receive the goods later.

In business, the first thing that comes to mind is the amount of capital required

online bonsai business

With this form of business, the amount of capital you need is around 5-10 million, mainly to import goods for sale at first. The experience of the bonsai business in this form shows that you do not need to spend space costs, and capital expenditure is not high.

However, to have a successful online business, you need a lot of factors. It is necessary to identify the right customers, create attractive content, run advertisements to reach more people.

Open store

With this form, you have to spend more capital, maybe 15-30 million, this capital is used to cover many costs such as premises, import of goods, staff, … Experience in the trade of mini bonsai In this form, you need to determine the target, determine the appropriate place of sale.

By doing business in this form, you do not necessarily need to find too large a space. Only a range of 20-30m2 is enough, creating spacious space by scientific arrangement.

Mini Bonsai Import Sources

A successful mini bonsai business plan cannot ignore the supply of goods. There are many different input sources, your job is to choose the right source. You can choose to source imported products from nurseries, this is the most optimal option, quality bonsai trees at a reasonable price.

Going directly to the nursery, you can exchange prizes, learn how to care for plants. Additionally, sellers may choose to source ornamental plants from bonsai dealers, online bonsai sources, or may also be self-sufficient sources,…

There are many sources of mini bonsai for sellers to choose from.

Another important business experience in mini bonsai

Pay attention to the content of the bonsai sale

Currently, bonsai businesses often sell online, so to attract customers, you need to invest in sales content. It is necessary to create content that attracts, has click points and creates excitement for customers to buy products. A good content article both grabs customers’ attention and provides all the necessary information. This is an important step in reaching and retaining customers so that they stay and learn about the product.

Notice the product picture

In bonsai business, especially online bonsai business, image affects a lot. You need to create a beautiful image that meets all the criteria such as clarity, beauty, … as well as create more shimmer, attract customers.

Every product has a story

A successful mini bonsai business has many components, and creating a story for each plant is essential. The seller cleverly embeds the stories inside which will surely attract buyers and increase the value of the product.

The creation of each mini bonsai product will have its own meaningful story

Master the techniques of tree maintenance

Whether you are running a mini bonsai business online or opening a store, you also need to have some knowledge about tree care. You need to learn the characteristics and care of each plant so that you can share them with customers.

Products and services included

Besides the mini bonsai business, you can sell accompanying products such as garden tools, fertilizers, plant seeds, etc. Make your store a place where customers can buy everything you need to grow and care for mini bonsai.

Risk mini bonsai business It’s unavoidable, but it’s still a great potential business idea that you can implement. Before deploying, please pay attention to the experience so as not to make mistakes, and I hope the experiences shared above can help you in your business and achieve success. Also, if you need more support in marketing, branding, advertising, etc., you can contact Digi Viet Ask the staff for more advice.

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