8 criteria to recognize a reputable recruitment agency

8 tiêu chí nhận biết công ty tuyển dụng uy tín

The level of competition in the war for talent has never ceased to be fierce. Therefore, to recruit talented employees, many companies have turned to recruitment companies. But among the hundreds of active recruiting companies, how do companies choose one? business reputable recruitment?

What is a recruitment company?

The recruitment company is a third-party unit specialized in providing human resource recruitment services to companies in need. We simply understand that a recruitment company is an intermediary that connects companies with recruitment needs with job seekers.

Why should companies work with a reputable recruitment company?

Faced with fierce competition in the job market, many companies have chosen to work with recruitment companies to recruit suitable talent. However, the ability of companies to recruit the right staff depends on whether or not they choose a reputable recruitment company. The reason is that:

– Firstly, a reputable recruitment company can help companies save recruitment time and costs.

– Secondly, reputable recruitment companies often have a source of quality candidates, so the quality of human resources will be guaranteed.

What is a recruitment company?

– Thirdly, reputed recruitment companies have very good recruitment expertise, which enables them to carry out the recruitment process professionally and efficiently.

– Fourth, a reputable recruiting company will help secure the company’s recruiting information.

Criteria for Identifying Reputable Recruitment Companies

Before deciding to work with a recruitment company, companies should carefully consider the following points:

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1- Popularity on the internet platform

Attractive jobs

Nowadays, when looking for a job, candidates search the Internet by entering information about the position they want to apply for. On the returned results page, they will pay attention to the top results. Therefore, you should also try searching this way to see which companies will appear first.

2- Social Media Capability

3- Recruitment area

Not all recruitment companies operate in all sectors. Therefore, you need to research the recruitment company thoroughly before deciding to work with them. It is best to choose recruitment companies that have strengths in the field you wish to recruit. For example, if you need to recruit IT staff, you need to find a leading IT recruitment company. Or if you need to recruit high-level personnel, you should choose a reputable recruitment company in the field of high-level personnel.

4- Location

In cases where a company is headquartered in many locations, the location factor must be considered. For example, if you need to recruit staff for an office in Ho Chi Minh City, it will be better to choose a recruitment company in Ho Chi Minh City. Because they have more knowledge about the job market you need to recruit from than recruitment companies elsewhere.

5- Reputation of the recruiting company

Before working with a recruitment company, you should research their information online. Specifically, you can search for reviews of the recruitment agency or find information about the companies they have worked with on their website.

recruitment company

6- How to interact by phone

Pay attention to how the recruitment company speaks to you on the phone. You need to carefully consider whether this is a company you can trust to work with candidates on behalf of your company? Do they pay attention to details, are they able to fully understand the problem? These are very important because only staffing companies that clearly understand the business can recruit the staff the business needs.

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7- Work process

You should check if the recruitment company has a specific workflow for working with candidates. The most important thing is whether or not they follow the process. You can test this by scheduling them for a specific time and checking if they stick to the schedule or not.

8- How the recruitment company interacts

This is a very important factor. Because this shows the ability of the recruiting company to maintain close relationships with candidates. When looking for a recruiting company, companies’ goal is to have a smooth recruiting process. However, the recruitment agency’s inability to interact transparently and continuously with candidates may result in companies having more work to do and candidates having a poor experience.

recruitment company
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Therefore, you need to know how the recruitment agency will attract candidates as well as how they will then interact with candidates. You should also pay attention to whether the recruitment company regularly informs you about the progress of your work? Do they notify you when there are changes? Do they confirm the agreed content by email? Can they meet your requirements? Are they always available when you need them or do they only contact you when they need something from you?

In short, working with a bad recruitment agency will get you into trouble and can affect your company’s reputation. Therefore, you need to do thorough research and cross-check recruitment companies to know which one is a reputed recruitment company. If you need recruitment and want to know more about HR recruiting services, you can visit HRchannels.com or contact the hotline directly. HR Channels for more detailed advice.

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