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8 New, Untouchable and Easy Money-Making Business Ideas

Currently, entrepreneurship is a youth trend. When young people no longer like to be tied to an environment, hard work is possible instead New business ideas, self-managed. Then the next article Digi Viet will introduce you to 8 creative business ideas that have a competitive edge.

Start a business from Bonsai that can fly

Flying Bonsai, also known as Air Bonsai, is a product sought after by many people due to its novelty and strangeness. This new product is created by the Japanese, especially a mini bonsai tree which will be suspended and rotated in the air. An electric field device will be fixed under the plant and the magnet will be fixed above the potted plant.

The company receives a signature design

This business idea is very new, unique and has the ability to ensure an extremely attractive source of income. The subjects targeted by the owner of this business model are entrepreneurs and merchants – this is a group of people who often need to use signatures. These people often want to own a nice signature to show off their class.

Ideas for selling designer clothes

Nowadays, fashion demand and standards are increasing, so self-designed clothes and accessories often attract customers’ tastes. These products will be appreciated by customers more than normal products. Those who possess the ability to be creative with skilled hands will surely develop great business ideas like these.

Marimo pet trade – Japanese sea urchin

The Japanese sea urchin, also known as Marimo, is a spherical seaweed with pretty plumage. Above all, this type of pet is extremely easy to raise because it does not need to be fed but can still grow.

Marimo’s longevity is very long, he is considered an “immortal” pet and is considered by the Japanese to be a lucky object, bringing longevity. The sea urchin is often used to decorate rooms, shops or become a gift idea for relatives and friends. In Vietnam, this item is quite new, there are not many business models, so if you look closely, Marimo is an effective business item.

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Pocket bonsai business

If these are unique business ideas, ignoring the pocket bonsai business is a huge oversight. This plant is quite small and is often grown inside an “organic greenhouse”. Currently, on the market, it is rare to have a business model for this unique object, while abroad, it is very attractive, priced from 5 to 9 USD.

The pocket bonsai if there is an idea to develop, in our country it is a commodity with a lot of potential. This product is very interesting and can help the owner to relieve fatigue and stress.

Pet Sitter Model

Currently, pet spas also appear a lot in big cities, but they are not diverse and popular. Meanwhile, the demand for pet care services is increasing day by day, so developing a business idea under this service model is really potential.

In addition to pet care such as trimming, medical examination and treatment, … you can also combine the business of trading pet accessories such as clothing, toys, pet products. grooming, shampoo, … This is a creative, innovative business model. that those who intend to start should be careful.

Eat Clean Food Business Ideas

Currently, the Eat Clean eating method is becoming more and more popular and accepted by everyone. It’s a clean way to eat, minimizing fat, eating lots of green vegetables, so it’s extremely good for your health. Eating Eat Clean also helps the body lose weight and become leaner. It must be said that this is a new business idea with great potential.

Sellers can choose to sell Eat Clean foods directly or sell them online. Both of these forms have high growth potential, bringing good revenue to sellers. Also, nowadays, food delivery apps like Grab Food, Gojek, Shopee Food, etc. are highly developed, so if you know how to combine trading on these platforms, you can diversify sales channels and increase revenue.

Model of a fruit bowl of your choice

In fact, a new business idea doesn’t have to be an idea, sometimes it’s just a simple but effective business idea that’s easy to implement. Like the business of fruit cups that customers choose themselves, it is also a good idea.

With this model, the seller does not need to spend too much money, just a cart designed to hold fruits, cups, syrups and garnishes. Customers are free to choose according to their taste with suitable prices ranging from 15,000 VND to 20,000 VND / cup.

Since this is a cart business, you can bring many convenient locations for sales. Places that attract crowds such as school gates, office buildings, etc., but note that these must be places that allow street vendors, otherwise you can easily be fined. New business ideas that those considering starting a business should refer.

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