A Soldier Was Charged With Breaking Into a U-Haul Hoke Mini Storage Facility

Fort Bragg soldier Michael Williams is facing felony charges after being suspected of breaking into units at a self-storage facility in Raeford, NC and Fayetteville,NC. Additionally he may also have committed similar thefts at both locations.

Non-climate controlled units are located outdoors and typically offer drive up access. They’re ideal for items not subject to extreme weather conditions and tend to cost significantly less than climate-controlled storage solutions.


Renting a storage unit is an ideal way to organize your belongings and create more room in your house for family and friends. Many units provide 24-hour access, making retrieving items from storage easier when necessary. Furthermore, some facilities even provide packing supplies and moving supplies to make your move smoother. U-Haul contributes positively to society through truck sharing programs, which reduce vehicle congestion on roadways by offering individual access to large fleets that would otherwise remain unavailable to them directly.

Storage units near Raeford come in various sizes and price ranges. Some are climate-controlled while others do not; these can be located outdoors or inside facility buildings and often feature drive-up access. On average, non-climate controlled units in Raeford cost about $115 monthly.

Self storage units in Raeford provide a secure and convenient means to store personal items, furniture or any other items you no longer wish to keep at home. Rental rates generally start from around $30/month with 24-hour surveillance and security monitoring available 24/7 as well as convenient amenities such as drive-up access, surveillance cameras and elevators available at many facilities.

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Raeford offers plenty of storage units if you require extra room for your belongings, with sizes and styles to meet every need. Some facilities even provide climate control, drive up access, 24-hour security as well as amenities like move-in truck rental or packing supplies – you can rent the unit as long or even for as long as a year! Many facilities also offer self-storage units on a monthly basis.

Rather than clutter up your home with too many possessions, renting a storage unit may help protect them. Most units are located inside buildings, typically enclosed by concrete walls with metal gates for security. Most also feature digital keypad access systems to gain entry. You can choose indoor and outdoor units at various sizes and prices ranges.

Raeford is an inviting city that boasts strong community spirit and affordable living, boasting shopping options, restaurants, cultural activities and low crime rates – perfect for raising a family while providing newcomers with plenty of job opportunities.

Payment options

If you’re in Raeford, NC and searching for storage units, there are various facilities to consider. Many rent units on a monthly basis so that you can move in or out whenever is convenient for you, extend your rental period or switch unit sizes if needed – you are sure to find something suitable! With such many choices at hand you will surely discover the ideal space solution for all of your belongings!

No matter if you’re moving, downsizing, or remodeling your home, finding safe storage for all of your possessions can be challenging. A storage unit provides you with a safe place for them while keeping your home neat and organized; on average in Raeford this typically costs $115 monthly.

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Raeford offers many storage solutions, including companies that provide mobile self-storage. This service allows you to rent a storage unit close to home or business that will protect belongings from the elements while offering easy access. Most self-storage providers also offer competitive pricing with easy payment plans; many also feature features like drive-up access, electric gates and security cameras for added peace of mind. RentCafe listings in Raeford provide you with all of your options!


Security at this facility includes high perimeter fencing, security cameras and outer parameter alarms; some facilities also provide drive-up access, climate control and other amenities – perfect for those remodeling or relocating items to store.

Raeford-Hoke Mini Storage’s focus isn’t solely on satisfying individuals’ moving needs; they also aim to reduce environmental impacts through truck sharing. Through this core U-Haul sustainability practice, individuals can access larger fleets than what would otherwise be available on their own – helping keep 19 large capacity vehicles off of the roads while decreasing traffic congestion, pollution levels and fuel consumption.

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