Administrative manager career path

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Even if it is not a very “trendy” sector, office administrative jobs nevertheless occupy a certain place in the job market. Administrative work offers you stability, longevity and the opportunity to practice your abilities. If you have good organization and a wealth of experience, you can easily access management positions such as administrative director. Below is some information HRchannels would like to send to readers.

What is an administrative head?

The administrative manager is the head of the administrative department of the company. They are responsible for managing and supervising all the daily administrative work of a company, building and developing a simple and efficient administrative procedure, assigning work and managing its execution. Additionally, they also support the human resources department in recruitment, training and the development of human resources development strategies.

Head of Administration

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Job description Head of administrative service

Below are some of the main tasks that the administrative manager often performs:

  • Advise the board of directors on matters relating to administrative work.

  • Organize and monitor the implementation of administrative work according to the functions and tasks of each department.

  • Develop regulations related to the management and use of company assets and other equipment.

  • Plan maintenance and upkeep of company facilities.

  • Purchase and distribution of equipment and work tools for employees throughout the company.

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    Manage the working time of company employees, ensure everyone complies with workplace regulations.

  • Identify gaps in the work process and take appropriate corrective action.

  • Plan, schedule and assign work to department employees.

  • Monitor and supervise job performance and evaluate the work effectiveness of administrative department staff.

  • Support recruitment, training and development of human resources.

  • Guide administrative staff in the execution of their work in order to achieve the greatest efficiency.

  • Research, draft and submit to the Board of Directors for approval company regulations and policies and supervise the implementation of these regulations.

  • Plan and organize the implementation of work related to safety, security and hygiene at work and the prevention of fires and explosions.

  • Ensure working environment conditions for employees.

  • Monitor the spending plans of the administrative department and other departments. Determine budget sources for management activities.

  • Communicate directives and announcements from the board of directors to other departments within the company. Ensure that the information contained in the disclosures is communicated promptly and completely.

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Requirements for the head of the administrative department

To occupy the position of administrative manager, you must have certain diplomas and certificates. Added to this are knowledge, professional skills and many years of professional experience. You will be expected to demonstrate the soft skills and personal qualities necessary to meet the professional nature of this position.

Here are the requirements for an administrative manager:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, human resources administration, accounting, commerce, law or any other related field.

  • Have work experience in the field of administration, recruitment, training and administrative management. Minimum experience required of 3 years or more.

  • Understand labor law, know how to develop salary policies, bonuses and social protection schemes.

  • Understanding of administrative processes and procedures required in the business.

  • Able to build an employee evaluation system (KPI, OKP…).

  • Have good leadership, organizational and supervisory skills.

  • Have skills to develop employees and create a positive influence on those around you.

  • Good communication skills, dynamic, enthusiastic, creative and responsible at work.

  • Have logical thinking, decisiveness and the ability to solve problems quickly and reasonably.

  • Resist work pressure.

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Administrative manager career path

When starting out in the field of office administration, many people think that this profession does not offer many opportunities for advancement. But reality shows that office administration remains a profession that offers many opportunities for development and a clear career path.

Working in the office administration sector is neither too difficult nor complicated, but to meet the job requirements it requires broad knowledge in many aspects, the ability to improvise and handle situations flexibly . In the role of an administrative manager, you must possess all the necessary skills and qualities of a leader, have strong professional qualifications and extensive administrative experience.

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According to HRchannels statistics, the administrative manager’s income currently ranges between 25 and 55 million VND/month. Additionally, you also receive other bonuses and incentives.

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