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While conventional marketing campaigns only aim to attract potential customers through the media, Trade Marketing focuses on the benefits for the consumer and the points of sale. Find out with a headhunter

What is business marketing?

Business Marketing or a form of marketing at a certain point of sale. This form is an intermediate combination between sales work and marketing work. The personnel of this form of business carry out organizational, strategizing and branding activities at the point of sale. Optimization between buyers and retailers is carried out synchronously to gain profits and sales. Here is the answer to the question What is business marketing??

Business Marketing Industry formed at the intersection of 3 fundamental objects: customers – brands – distribution agents. It is a form of trade marketing that aims to increase the demand as well as the consumption capacity of the merchandise distribution system, instead of focusing only on buyers. Once distribution units pay more attention to services and products, they will also attract consumers to purchase and use more services and products.

Business Marketing Industry It is also considered a form of B2B marketing (Business to business marketing). This is a mutually beneficial relationship. Marketing forms between Tan Hiep Phat, Vinamilk and Vinmart, … to display and sell Tan Hiep Phat products are also a form Business Marketing.

Trade Marketing conducts research into solutions to increase access and perception of the company’s products at distribution sites. The task of the people who do this work is to help retailers and distributors import your products. While consumers will choose your company’s products when purchasing through these distribution channels.

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While brand promotion is aimed at customers through media Business Marketing Focus on distribution channels. They run campaigns to attract users to product sales points.

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What are the advantages of Trade Marketing?

In addition to learning What is business marketing? Understanding the benefits they provide is also extremely important. The role of Trade Marketing for businesses, especially in the FMCG consumer goods sector, is extremely important today. They determine the development of companies and product brands. These advantages business marketing industry gives it is:

Helps businesses compete with other brands

Attractive jobs

Currently, competition between companies offering the same products on the market is extremely fierce. With the same type of product, distributors must be very careful in choosing the company’s products. They need to have some brand confidence to help businesses compete with other brands in the market. Main Business Marketing will carry out this work for companies.

This work encourages small distribution agents to choose to sell the company’s products. From there, distribution agents implement strategies to encourage customers to consume the products.

Optimize limited resources

Resources such as sales staff, warehouses, product display space, etc. among distribution agents are relatively limited. This requires distributors to choose which products to display in central locations, which products sellers should present to customers, and how to apply discounts. ..

The above resource considerations bring great success to customer needs and purchasing timing. Business Marketing will stimulate the introduction and sale of products to distributors. Thus, FMCG companies can make the most of these capabilities of distribution agents to increase their revenue.

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Improve communication and interaction with the market and consumers

Strengthening communication and interaction with consumers is the answer to the question What is business marketing? In today’s increasingly diverse information technology era, customers are often overloaded with consumer products. The number of brands is growing rapidly in the media. How companies will now have to meet the challenge of increasing interaction with the market and consumers.

If in the past companies could reach consumers through communication channels such as magazines, television, newspapers, radio, etc., today consumers have too many different media at their disposal. This leads to increased costs to reach users. Users are also more likely to constantly change products rather than products advertised in the past in limited media.

Business Marketing Industry clearly demonstrate its role in interacting with consumers through golden shopping moments. Through agent distribution, customers have easier access to the company’s products. As a result, companies’ purchasing power and sales profits increased rapidly.

Business Marketing Industry is considered “late born” but has favored exceptional advantages. FMCG companies should focus on implementing this campaign to get the highest profit for the company.

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