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All about Communication Manager

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In a widely developed company, in addition to focusing on human resources, production and marketing, communication activities have been and are an important factor. To better understand the role of the head of this department, HRchannels will introduce readers to all related aspects and what to know.

The content of the publication includes:
1. What is a communications manager?
>>> Job Description Communications Manager
2. Functions of the communication officer

2.1. Creation and development of multimedia content
2.2. Manage corporate communication
2.3. Effective communication troubleshooting
2.4. Analyze and set up media reports

3. Recruitment conditions for the post of head of the communication department
4. Core Competencies for a Communications Manager


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1. What is a communications manager?

All activities related to internal and external communication of the company, human resources, partners, government agencies, local media, etc., are directed and controlled by the head of the communications department. .

Some larger companies will separate the internal communications manager and the external communications manager to build expertise, but most companies will combine the two into one department managed by a physical communications manager.

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2. Key tasks in the management role of the communications manager

As the senior leader of the communications department, the head of the communications department will have many important responsibilities

2.1. Creation and development of multimedia content

Build and create effective communication strategies for the whole company

Directly present to receive approval of communication plans from management.

Collaborate with other departments, especially the marketing department, to create a targeted and effective communication strategy across all departments.

Write or approve press releases domestically and internationally

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Regularly update and train new communication technologies for the successor class.

2.2. Manage corporate communication

Plan to implement detailed ideas for each team and individual under the communication department.

Directly inspect and oversee the implementation of the plan, ensuring effective corporate brand awareness.

Edit and approve the communication materials sent by the teams, including newsletters, press releases, promotional materials for new products, promotional content on social networks, etc.

Responsible for monitoring and allocating the media budget according to the company’s disbursement plan.

2.3. Effective communication troubleshooting

Maintain and develop relationships with departments and organizations that directly or indirectly influence the implementation of current and future communication plans.

Organize staff to quickly track and report press information that negatively affects the company brand.

Promptly contact the press and information technology parties to deal with any negative information and prevent its reappearance.

Apply a variety of methods to manage communication crises both internally and externally.

2.4. Analyze and set up media reports

Use communication tools and specialized software to analyze data in the most accurate way.

Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of communication efforts in each phase.

Receive team reports

Set up the overall report to management, lead explanations if necessary.

3. Recruitment conditions for the post of head of the communication department

The specific missions of the communication manager related to the construction, dissemination and protection of the company’s image among all employees, partners and consumers must require specific recruitment.

  • A bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations is considered the most suitable, other majors such as economics or related fields with experience in communications positions can still apply.

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in the position of team leader, deputy communication manager or communication manager.

  • Media literacy is closely tied to the industry in which the employer operates.

  • Speak fluently and quickly update all the improvements in technology, modern and traditional online communication techniques.

  • Fluency in at least 1 foreign language, preference will be given to candidates knowing other languages.

  • Sharp, responsive and flexible communication skills.

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4. Core Competencies for a Communications Manager

The profession of communication officer requires a high degree of dynamism, sensitivity and creativity. Thus, to apply for this position, candidates must have the following skills:

4.1. Good communication skills

Activities of exchange, exchange and transmission of messages often appear, as well as communication skills related to making contact with various groups of customers, press conferences with the press to propagate and deploy development orientations to of each employee through the annual conference… must be trained every day, every hour.

4.2. Flexible management skills

In addition to performing professional work, the head of the communications department must also ensure efficiency in the management of specialized services. Candidates must therefore have management skills:

  • Efficiently allocate work to each team, each member, improve work efficiency.

  • Work closely with other departments when implementing new communication plans.

  • All assessments must ensure fairness, transparency and may use specialized assessment software to improve accuracy.

4.3. Rapid crisis management skills

Once negative information related to the company’s image and brand is on the verge or has emerged, the communication department manager must quickly apply all the experience of relationships, from negotiations with partners to coordination with the other departments to restore the company’s image.

4.4. Ability to assess and analyze media indicators

No matter how perfect a plan, there will be unexpected situations. The responsibility of the communications manager is to minimize errors in the analysis process in order to have an achievable and realistic plan. To do this, mastery of software and analysis and evaluation tools is essential.

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