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Tất tần tật thông tin về Chuyên gia trí tuệ nhân tạo (AI Specialist)

Specialist is one of the most popular positions in the information technology sector. In addition, it is also a profession with very good development potential.

So what do you know about these AI experts? Let’s join Ms. Uptalent to find out more about the profession, the salary, the opportunities and the requirements of this profession through the following article!

1- Who is an expert in artificial intelligence?
2- The work that artificial intelligence experts often have to do
3- Income level of the artificial intelligence industry
4- Requirements for artificial intelligence experts
5- Job opportunities in artificial intelligence

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1- Who is an expert in artificial intelligence?

An AI specialist is someone who programs to create intelligent machines and systems capable of performing tasks requiring human intelligence.

The main task of AI experts is to work on a system that collects information and then makes decisions and takes appropriate actions based on that information.

Simply put, AI Specialist will perform computer programming to simulate thinking, simulate cognition, and test hypotheses about how the human mind works.

AI experts understand very well the types of technologies and tools in the field of artificial intelligence. At the same time, they are constantly looking for new ways to implement these technologies in work and life.

Nowadays, artificial intelligence experts play a very important role for companies that want to become leaders in the implementation of marketing campaigns as well as in the development of commercial activities.

Expert in artificial intelligence

2- The work that artificial intelligence experts often have to do

Attractive jobs

Artificial intelligence specialists are often responsible for performing the following tasks:

– Build and develop AI models and control costs used to develop the company’s artificial intelligence system.

– Implement AI systems and devices according to established standards.

– Build an infrastructure to import and transform data.

– Guide employees and stakeholders to understand the benefits of using AI in their work.

– Writing educational documents to help the company’s employees use artificial intelligence systems in a simple and effective way.

– Evaluate and regularly update AI training materials.

– Select and make decisions to purchase additional hardware from other vendors to improve the effectiveness of AI training in businesses.

– Automate data reconciliation processes. AI experts must ensure that all information is available before someone makes a query.

– Collect information, investigate, interview employees and management levels to determine needs as well as evaluate and identify areas for improvement.

– Research trends, propose solutions, applications and models for the use of artificial intelligence and new technologies in the company’s production and commercial activities.

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– Research, evaluate and advise on solutions with modern technology, adapted to the company’s AI system.

– Analyze the effectiveness of the AI ​​system, prepare reports so that managers can make better decisions.

Artificial Intelligence AI

3- Income level of the artificial intelligence industry

According to the survey, salaries in the artificial intelligence sector are quite attractive, often reaching up to 6 figures. Actual salary will depend on many factors such as job requirements, education level, abilities, experience, location and industry.

More precisely, the average salary of an artificial intelligence expert will be between 10.1 and 34.2 million/month. Meanwhile, positions ranging from specialists to senior executives can receive salaries ranging from 38 to 130 million/month.

4- Requirements for artificial intelligence experts

4.1- Professional knowledge and qualifications

The job of an AI expert requires you to have a solid foundation of knowledge in programming, systems analysis, and fluency in a number of popular computer languages.

Typically, employers will require applicants for artificial intelligence expert positions to have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, mathematics, data science, or statistics.

Additionally, almost all AI experts have a master’s or doctorate in computer science or cognitive science.

Therefore, you must make an effort to study to possess the necessary knowledge and qualifications. This will make it easier for you to find a job and access many attractive jobs.

4.2- Technical skills

An expert in artificial intelligence must master the following technical skills:

Programming skills

AI specialists are responsible for using computers to design and develop artificial intelligence systems suitable for businesses. So programming becomes one of the most important skills for them.

Mastering programming languages ​​will help them understand artificial intelligence better. You can choose to learn one or all of the following languages ​​if you want to become a good AI expert: Python, R, Java, and C++.

Linear algebra and statistical probability skills

Artificial intelligence experts must have a solid understanding of linear algebra and statistical probability to better understand AI models and deploy them effectively.

Popular AI models include: Hidden Markov, Naive Bayes, Gaussian Mixture, and Linear Discriminant Analysis.

Knowledge of Big Data

AI experts often have to work with huge amounts of data. To be able to use data processing processes effectively, you need to understand popular Big Data technologies such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, Cassandra or MongoDB.

Knowledge of algorithms and frameworks

Understanding machine learning algorithms such as KNN, Naive Bayes, Linear Regression, and Support Vector Machines will help AI experts perform machine learning-related tasks with ease.

Additionally, they also need an understanding of frameworks such as PyTorch, Theano, TensorFlow, and Caffe to be able to create AI models and put them into practice.

Knowledge of the equipment

Artificial intelligence experts need to understand different aspects of the hardware, how it works and its limitations, to be able to find AI solutions tailored to each need and problem to be solved.

Artificial intelligence industry

4.3- General skills

Besides knowledge and education, soft skills are the next requirement that AI experts must meet. Specifically:

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communication skills

Being good at communication will help AI specialists interact easily and effectively with colleagues and stakeholders during the work process.

At the same time, it also helps them present their ideas in the most understandable and convincing way. This way, you will easily gain the trust of the parties involved.

Talent for problem solving

During the work process, unexpected incidents or certain obstacles may appear. Therefore, problem-solving skills are the next requirement for an artificial intelligence expert.

Having the ability to solve problems effectively, they will help businesses overcome many difficulties and challenges and always make wise decisions in every situation.

Foreign language skills

Documents on artificial intelligence are almost all written in English. Therefore, proficiency in English, especially reading comprehension, is extremely necessary for AI experts.

Requirements for the artificial intelligence industry

4.4- Qualities

To succeed in the artificial intelligence sector, AI experts must possess certain qualities. Specifically:

Curious about new things, loves creativity

Curiosity about new things in life and constantly asking questions will help AI specialists easily identify and understand abstract problems.

Additionally, they must also be able to interpret problems and find new solutions to develop AI systems for businesses.

Deep understanding of data

AI experts must fully understand the meaning of the collected data and provide the most useful answers for future research and development of AI models.


The field of artificial intelligence is still very new and has many complex challenges. AI experts will need to continually run repetitive processes over long periods of time to determine the most accurate results.

Therefore, they must be truly persistent and constantly strive to achieve the end results and be ready to show a sense of responsibility for the work they undertake.

Ability to learn

The field of artificial intelligence is growing very quickly. Therefore, AI experts must be able to learn quickly to grasp new knowledge and trends in the industry.

Learning is not only necessary for newcomers, but even experts who have been working in the industry for many years must actively learn to keep up with the development of new technologies.

4.5- Other requirements

In addition to the above requirements, you must also demonstrate passion, enthusiasm, initiative and ambition for advancement to be able to progress further in your career.

5- Job opportunities in artificial intelligence

It is predicted that over the next few decades, job prospects in artificial intelligence will increase exponentially. The reason is that companies increasingly need AI experts to integrate artificial intelligence into their business and operational processes.

Additionally, there are many different opportunities to start your career in artificial intelligence. Therefore, choosing to become an AI expert and starting to study and practice now will help you gain access to the best job opportunities.

In short, artificial intelligence is a field with a very good growth rate in the years to come. In addition, it is also an area with very good income. Therefore, you can rest assured when you choose to pursue the path of becoming an AI specialist.

I hope what Ms. Uptalent shared in the article helped you understand the artificial intelligence expert better. From here you also have your own direction and plan to become a good AI specialist. Good luck!

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