All Popular Jobs in the F&B Industry

Các vị trí công việc trong ngành F and B

1- F&B Industry Department

An F&B business system will work based on the coordination of many departments:

1.1. Receptionist

Is the ideal place to receive all inquiries and provide information to customers. If guests have any questions, they will contact reception staff for advice, direct assistance or transfer to the appropriate specialist department. It can be said that the front desk department is the nerve center of large and small scale F&B operational system.

1.2. Lobby bar

The bar is responsible for providing drinks to diners, it is also a place that provides relaxation and entertainment, helping to relieve customer fatigue. The luxury level of a catering company can be judged based on the bar, which shows that the aesthetic role and service quality of the Lobby bar department are important factors in creating an impression.

1.3. Catering department

Food and beverage is the core of the F&B industry, and it is in the catering department that this core is realized. This space will bring diners nutritious, delicious and safe meals, with service hours spanning 24 hours based on the F&B business’ operating rules.

1.4. Room service

A relaxing and safe resting space is what room service will bring to guests staying in hotels, resorts… in F&B industry. Can also serve in-room catering service if required .

1.5. Banquet Department (Banquet)

Parties, seminars, events… which include culinary pleasure are an indispensable part of the F&B system, especially companies with large spaces such as restaurants, hotels, resorts…

Dining location

1.6. Executive Lounge

Attractive jobs

This is the department in charge of the most upscale sector of the trading system, specializing in serving high-end, meticulously prepared food and beverages at prices that are not cheap. The target audience is usually guests who book premium rooms such as executive rooms or suites in 4-5 star hotels and resorts.

1.7. Kitchen parts (Kitchen)

Responsible for preparing delicious and quality dishes that best satisfy the tastes of guests. This place will also be responsible for researching and diversifying the dishes to innovate the menu.

2- Workstations in the F&B industry

Each department in the F&B industry will be the convergence of many human resources and many job levels. Depending on their experience, abilities and expertise, candidates, after choosing the appropriate department, may consider applying for any of the following positions:

2.1. Director / Head of F&B Department

The person occupying this position is the person holding the highest decision-making authority on all matters related to F&B activities of large organizations such as restaurants, hotels, resorts… 4 to 5 stars, as for large corporations . be the position of F&B Manager. Great responsibility, high authority and very attractive salary, ranging from 25 to 50 million VND/month, with allowances and other benefits.

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The main task:

  • Establish procedures and regulations for the operation of the F&B system of the organization and each affiliated department

  • Determine the objectives and plan the implementation of the F&B department by week, month, quarter and year.

  • Monitor, adjust and resolve issues that arise during the plan implementation process

  • Coordinate with sales and marketing departments to create F&B promotional campaigns

  • Directly negotiate and negotiate contracts with large clients

  • Manage and make decisions regarding administration, human resources, finances, assets and property of the F&B department

  • Reports directly to the General Manager, Executive Director or Board of Directors.

Some typical locations:

  • Catering Director

  • Head of the catering department

  • Head of purchasing department

  • Customer service manager

  • Chef in small restaurants

  • Chef of medium and large restaurants, hotels, resorts…

  • Restaurant Manager/Supervisor…

School catering room

2.2. Department Manager / Department Manager / Team Leader / F&B Manager

This position is more specialized because the functions and powers will be limited to the department in charge and not on a macro scale like the position of director or head of the F&B department. Division of management titles into departments often appears in large catering companies, requiring in-depth focus on management, salaries ranging from 15 to 30 million VND/month, with allowances and other benefits.

The main task:

  • Receive work plans and strategic work objectives from the director/head of department

  • Ensure adequate quantity and quality of facilities and materials to serve professional work

  • Establish operational specifications and task performance standards for each position

  • Manage and control the process of implementing the department’s work

  • In charge of training and career guidance for department staff

  • Decide and approve financial matters and coordinate personnel

  • Directly direct the treatment of problems raised within the framework of the expertise

  • Reports directly to the Director/Head of Department

Some typical locations:

  • European/Asian/Thai chef…

  • Pastry chef

  • Banquet hall management

  • Head of the bar

  • Responsible for purchasing raw materials for European/Asian/Thai dishes…

  • Responsible for room service…

2.3. Assistant positions

Any position with the title of Director or Head of Department will have a deputy position to support it. Their powers and responsibilities are only one level below the level of Chief. They are highly valued for their abilities. In the future, they will be promoted to important positions in their area of ​​responsibility, and will even be promoted beyond the level if they have great achievements. The salary of assistant level position is about 5-10 million VND/month lower than that of chef level.

The main task

  • Coordinate and support the management level to accomplish management and training tasks in the department

  • Directly supervise the progress of staff’s work task accomplishment

  • Monitor the use, cleaning and maintenance of facilities after each shift

  • Support detailed work implementation when the amount of work suddenly increases

  • Reports directly to the Director/Head of Department.
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Some typical locations:

F&B Team Leader

2.4. Department staff

Staff are the people who directly perform detailed tasks throughout the organization’s F&B system. Every week or at the start of each day, the department manager/deputy manager will meet with all department employees to disseminate tasks, unify the work and observe the quality of the work carried out, particularly in high season or during events requiring catering. on demand.

The number of jobs detailed in each F&B operational department is very large, so the number of positions and job titles are very diverse, generally:



Salary (million VND/month)


Kitchen workers

7 – 10


4 – 7

Pastry kitchen staff

5 – 8

Dishwashing staff

4 – 6

Kitchen / table / bar


5 – 8

Staff welcomes guests

4 – 6

The staff marks the dishes

4 – 6

Food Delivery Staff

4 – 6

Party staff

4 – 6

Wine and cocktail bartender

7 – 10

Coffee barista

5 – 8

Room service, customer service

Maintenance staff

4 – 7

Public sanitation worker

4 – 7

Laundry staff

4 – 7

Childcare staff

4 – 7

Reservation staff

6 – 10


5 – 8

Operator staff

5 – 8

3- Job Opportunities in F&B Industry

3.1. The number of F&B businesses is growing rapidly

The growing speed of the food industry ranks first among manufacturing enterprises in Vietnam. With the support of online technology, reaching target customers becomes more convenient. Therefore, F&B businesses are constantly growing on a corporate and individual scale.

Opportunities for the food industry

3.2. Various forms of business

The implementation of F&B services does not just stop at shops and restaurants selling pure cuisine, but has expanded the scope of participation to include hotels, resorts, homestays, food courts, rest and shopping centers. Luxury cuisine or popular cuisine may be different, but the need for food is always present in every space and in every time.

3.3. Rich recruitment requirements

The strong development of the F&B sector has created a series of attractive job opportunities in the F&B sector, including candidates with no experience or who have experienced work of the same nature but in a different field. care staff, service staff… Note one thing however, for entry-level positions or ones that do not require a lot of experience, the youth or appearance of the candidate will be the factor to focus on.

3.4. International work opportunities

The labor export industry with high recruitment demand always belongs to the F&B sector, usually positions such as baking, cooking, sushi making, agriculture, factory workers food production… In addition to finding high wages, F&B labor exporters can also learn many technological advances from developed countries, can start a business abroad, or return to their country d originally to start a business or become experts in other fields. Large-scale F&B businesses are very convenient.

Positions in the F&B industry are very diverse, the work environment is expansive both in terms of geographic scope and scale of operations. As long as you are a dynamic person, suited to a young work environment, enjoy communicating with people and accept challenges to improve customer satisfaction in all aspects of the culinary service industry, then Ms. Uptalent firmly believes that a career path in the F&B industry is a perfect choice for you.

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