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For companies, the sales department is very important. It is the department that directly generates income and determines the development of the company. So, what do you know about the sales department? Let’s explore with Ms. Uptalent all positions in the sales department Learn more about this very important part.

4- Where can I find job offers in the sales department?

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1- What is the sales department?

The business department is known as the business department in English. This is the department that has a direct impact on a company’s revenue and business performance.

The main task of the sales department is to focus on the research, development and distribution of products in order to generate optimum revenue and profits for the company. Besides, the commercial department is also an intermediary linking the other departments of the company such as marketing, sales, etc.

2- The role of the sales department for the company

The sales department is an indispensable part of companies. Whatever the size of your business. This department is the bridge between companies and customers, and is also a key element in the development of the company.

Here are some of the key roles of the company’s sales department:

+ Firstly, to promote and distribute the products and services of companies in many different forms in order to further develop the companies.

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+ Second, bring revenue and profit to the business. This is also considered to be the main objective of the sales department. They must therefore do so in the most cost-effective way possible.

+ Third, maintain a stable customer base for the business. This is one of the important responsibilities of the sales department. They must ensure that they provide their customers with quality products and the best care. This will make customers feel satisfied and they will keep coming back to buy from the company.

Fourth, promote business growth. The company’s products can attract customers and make them decide whether to buy or not largely depends on the efforts of the sales department. Therefore, one of the other important roles of the business department is to promote the ability to grow the business and generate greater revenue for the business.

+ Fifth, advise the board of directors and coordinate with other departments such as marketing, accounting, product development, … to develop an overall business strategy for the company. Thus, it can help businesses to increase revenue, profit and grow.

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The role of the sales department

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3- Locations of the sales department

Each company will have a different operational scale and organizational structure, so the sales department will also have different staff positions. Here are some common positions in the sales department:

3.1- Telesales staff

The telesales staff is the person who will contact customers by telephone. They will then rely on the scenarios available to present, advise and sell the products and services offered by the companies.

Telesales is a sales method chosen by many companies because of its effectiveness. Specifically, through this method, companies can send detailed product information to customers without having to spend a lot of time traveling and paying other related costs.

3.2- Sales staff

Salespeople are people who will work directly with customers. They will introduce and advise customers on the company’s products and services.

A salesperson’s job description typically includes:

– Maintain and establish relationships with customers, partners, suppliers,…

– Develop a work plan by day, week, month.

– Fully update the product information of companies and competitors to have optimal advice measures and increase the ability to close orders.

– Store customer information and report to the sales team leader.

– Write the contract and submit it to the team leader for the other necessary steps.

– Manage sales procedures and processes in accordance with the signed contract, including invoicing, delivery process, quality of goods and delivery times.

Sales staff is an important position for the commercial activities of every company. Therefore, the person performing this job must be able to communicate, understand the company’s products, and flexibly handle situations that arise when working with customers.

3.3- Customer management staff

Account executives are also known as account executives. The main responsibility of this position is to contact, persuade and perform demonstrations of products and services for potential customers of the company.

This position resembles that of a salesman. But compared to sales staff, this position will need to directly support customers through the process of using and experiencing the product.

3.4- Business support staff

A saleswoman is also called a saleswoman. Their main task is to present products, meet and advise customers, make quotes, draft contracts,… In addition, they also support customer service staff in other related tasks.

business support staff

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3.5- Customer service staff

Customer service personnel are the people responsible for responding to and providing customers with information about the company’s products. At the same time, they also receive feedback and reviews from customers to coordinate with the sales department to find appropriate solutions to increase customer satisfaction rate.

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By responding to customer concerns and questions about products, customer service staff can provide customers with the best experience and help optimize product quality.

3.6- Lead Generation Staff

This position is responsible for contacting customers by phone, email to create a new list of potential customers. In addition, they are also responsible for storing customer information in a scientific and reasonable manner.

In order to operate effectively, lead generation employees need to have a specific plan and strategy for grabbing customer attention. For example: blogging, organizing consulting events, incentive programs, discounts, etc.

3.7- Sales team leader

The sales team leader is the person who will manage a team made up of many members. They are responsible for overseeing and assigning work to team members to complete the assigned plan with the best results.

The person responsible for this position requires highly specialized experience and the mastery of many skills such as teamwork, time management and division of labor.

3.8- Head of the commercial department

The sales manager is the person who manages, supervises and motivates the sales staff of the company to ensure the achievement of the sales objectives set.

In addition, they are also responsible for reporting on the status of work, income and expenditure to the Board of Directors as well as participating in the recruitment and training of sales department staff.

4- Where can I find job offers in the sales department?

The business sector has experienced very good growth and many positive changes in recent years. The demand for recruitment of commercial agency positions is therefore very open.

Many job opportunities with attractive incomes are advertised by companies. You can choose a suitable job based on your experience and abilities.

For recent graduates, career seminars are an excellent opportunity to approach employers. Meanwhile, final-year students can find job opportunities through work placements. If you do well during the internship, you may have the opportunity to become a full-time employee.

In addition, you can also join associations and groups on social networks to get more information about jobs in companies all over the country. Or you can refer to the information of your predecessors, friends, relatives to know that more companies are recruiting positions for the commercial department.

Moreover, there is another quick and effective way to find a job that you should not ignore: find a job through reputable recruitment sites. One of the reputable websites that many people trust is Here you can quickly search for information on sales department jobs and be informed of the latest vacancies across the country.

Above is some information about the sales department and all the sales department positions that Ms. Uptalent would like to share with the readers. I hope this information helps you understand sales jobs, where to find jobs, and find a job that’s right for you. Good luck!

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