Are Shopee sales paid? 8 Effective Ways to Sell Shopee Products

Are Shopee sales paid?  8 Effective Ways to Sell Shopee Products

Shopee is the leader in e-commerce development and has the largest “coverage” in Vietnam, at the same time, the website is also known as the first choice for those who want to do business online or want to do business online. line. business. SO Are there any fees for selling on Shopee?How to effectively sell products on Shopee? Follow the Viet Nong article below to better understand this selling platform.

What is Shopee?

Most of us understand that Shopee is an e-commerce website and online shopping site of choice for many people. The site not only provides consumers with the best shopping experience possible, but also creates an “effective” business opportunity for many people who know how to take advantage of it.

Shopee also creates a favorable business environment for individuals, organizations, and businesses to advertise, market, and distribute their products to customers.

Shopee is today the most developed e-commerce site.

Very simple, few registration and posting steps, product description, anyone can open a shop on Shopee. This e-commerce site was officially launched in Vietnam on August 8, 2016 after one year of operation. So it’s not hard to see why this site caught so many people’s attention in the first place.

Are there any fees for selling on Shopee?

So “Is there a fee to sell on Shopee?” Or “How much does it cost to sell on Shopee?” If it’s your first year in Vietnam, you won’t lose a penny and can send hundreds of applications per day. However, Shopee charges very high delivery costs, which is the weak point of this e-commerce platform.

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However, this has officially changed since April 1, 2019, when Shopee officially started charging sellers 3 types of fees: payment fees, flat fees, and service fees.

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Payment fees

Seller’s commission for a successful order on Shopee. These charges apply only to orders shipped directly to the buyer, excluding canceled orders and return requests.

Fixed costs

A charge exclusive of VAT where a commission percentage is deducted from successfully completed orders and does not include canceled, returned or refunded Shopee Mall products.

Currently, Shopee collects 3 types of fees for sellers.

Service charge

Applies to merchants participating in the Freeship Extra plan. Service fee is charged at 5% including consumption tax, sales price in authorized stores is up to 10,000 yen per product. For stores in the mall, the fees are much lower.

Summary of how to sell Shopee effectively

Here is a summary of the most effective ways to sell on Shopee that bjan can refer and apply to increase product sales on this e-commerce platform.

Set catchy product titles

This is the first criterion to pay attention to and also the criterion most neglected by beginners. Most store operators usually don’t set too many requirements on product names and just accept the full name clearly, however, according to Shopee store owners who use sales management software in this way, an attractive title is an advantage for your stand.

Improve store rating

Rating indicators are important criteria for the Shopee system and customers who are considering selecting products. If the store’s statistics are good, it will be presented with incentives and it will be easier to win the trust of customers.

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All you have to do is spend time interacting with customers, increase inbox rates, reduce response times, use express delivery to deliver, and proactively recommend satisfied customers. Especially if you are a buyer and want to sell quickly, you need to choose the right shipping partner. This allows customers to be satisfied with prompt delivery and accurate description.

Join the sale

Shopee regularly organizes flash sale programs. It’s a very effective way to sell on Shopee and increase your chances of reaching more customers. However, you should carefully review Shopee’s sale policies to determine if the discount is reasonable and whether Shopee offers other incentives during the flash sale.

Impress your customers

Customer consultation is an important step in customers’ purchasing decision. Customer satisfaction in every detail increases the chances of a second purchase. Thanks to these good impressions, many customers have voted 5* and are not afraid to write quality reviews for the store.

Use hashtags when selling on Shopee

One of the most effective ways to sell on Shopee is to use hashtags to give shoppers quick access to your products. Be sure to include hashtags in your product description. Especially when using multiple channels to communicate about your product, using hashtags consistently can help you get the best results across all channels.

Observe the market and pick the right trend

For stores that sell seasonal products, it is very important to observe the market to anticipate future trends.

Consider applying the product warranty policy

If your product has a warranty, customers will definitely trust your product more.

Use the right promotions

Promotions should be checked in as much detail as possible. Otherwise, development will be hampered.

Digi Viet updated in today’s article the question “Are there any fees for selling on Shopee?” and other issues related to policies, payment methods or efficient ways to sell on Shopee. Hope the above article can help you to build an efficient store on this promising trading floor.

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