Candidate Filing Closes For Raeford City Hall

raeford city hall

In this year’s municipal election, three council seats are up for election in town. Candidate filing closed Friday and nine candidates have submitted applications – Johnny Boyles, Charles Tapp, Shirley Hart, Cathy Brown Ricky Sandy and Shelley Wilburn are currently running.

Raeford lies within easy driving distance of Pinehurst’s world-famous golf courses, bordered by Fort Bragg. Additionally, its cost of living is 13% less than the national average.

City Hall

City hall is a type of public building that serves as the headquarters for local governments. A city hall typically provides information on various topics, such as government agencies and departments’ locations and contact details, meetings, public events or community gatherings held within its walls; typically this building can be found near either its central area of a city or rural town.

House of Raeford utilizes a municipal wastewater treatment plant (“POTW”) that discharges treated wastewater into Rockfish Creek, a tributary of Cape Fear River. House of Raeford must obtain industrial user pretreatment permits issued by the City for this facility and adhere to all its limits and pretreatment regulations; in addition to complying with their National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Permit (“NPDES permit”) requirements and local ordinances related to sewer use ordinance (“SUO”).

The City’s wastewater pretreatment system is designed to remove FOG (fats, oils and grease) and animal parts from wastewater streams before leaving its plant. Wastewater flows from House of Raeford industrial facilities enter this pretreatment system via two bypass pipes – one locked off with a locking mechanism (“Bypass #1”) and another located within its flow equalization basin (“FEB”) (“Bypass #2”).

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During these periods of operation, untreated industrial wastewater; FOG; and animal parts often bypass the WWTP through various bypasses, spills, and overflows. Therefore, the City must continuously monitor for these conditions, report violations to both EPA and/or State authorities as needed, implement required pretreatment measures at its facility, and maintain its NPDES permit in order to keep operating without interruption.

Hoke County will hold three seats for Raeford City Council at this year’s municipal election in 2023, and filing is now closed. Applicants may submit applications during regular business hours at the Hoke County Board of Elections office with filing fees set at $5; voting period runs October 19 – November 4.

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