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Ngành dịch vụ logistics: đặc điểm, loại hình và các doanh nghiệp lớn

The logistics industry is considered to have great development prospects in Vietnam. So, in today’s article, Ms. Uptalent wants to share with readers Logistics Services In Vietnam. Through this article, Uptalent hopes that you will fully understand what logistics services are. In addition to gaining more knowledge about logistics services and major logistics companies in our country.

1. What is a logistics service?
2. Types of logistics services?
3. What does the logistics network look like?
4. Large companies in the logistics sector

4.1- Vinafreight Joint Stock Company
4.2- DHL Global Forwarding Joint Stock Company (Vietnam)
4.3- South Logistics Joint Stock Company – SOTRANS
4.4- Con Ong Logistics Joint Stock Company (Bee Logistics)
4.5- DB Schenker Vietnam Company

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1. What is a logistics service?

The commercial law defines logistics services as follows: “Logistics services are commercial activities by which a trader organizes himself to carry out one or more works, including the receipt of goods, transport, storage, storage and handling. Customs clearance, other paperwork, customer consultation, packaging, marking, delivery or other services relating to the goods as agreed with the customer against payment.” (Excerpt from Section 233 of the Commercial Act 2005).

We see that logistics is a global activity. Accordingly, if a business operates any of the above acts, it is considered to be trading in logistics services.

2. Types of logistics services?

Next, let’s look at the most popular types of logistics services today to better understand what logistics is.

According to the regulations, in Vietnam, there are 17 popular types of logistics service companies as follows:

1- Container handling services, with the exception of services provided at airports.

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2- The container storage service is part of the maritime transport support services.

3- The storage service is a service that supports all modes of transport.

4- Delivery service.

5- Freight agency service.

6- Customs clearance agency services (including customs clearance services).

7- Other services, including the following activities: verification of bills of lading, freight brokerage services, cargo inspection, sampling and weighing services; receive and accept services; Transport document preparation service.

8- Wholesale and retail support services including inventory management, pickup, collection, sorting and delivery.

9- Freight transport services within the framework of maritime transport services.

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10- The freight transport service belongs to the inland waterway transport service.

11- The freight transport service belongs to the rail transport service.

12- Freight transport services within the framework of road transport services.

13- Air freight services.

14- Multimodal transport services.

15- Technical analysis and verification services.

16- Other transportation support services.

17- Other services agreed between the logistics service trader and the customer in accordance with the basic principles of the Commercial Code.

(Excerpt from article 3 of decree 163/2017/ND-CP)

Any merchant who wants to do business in the above 17 logistics services must meet the investment and business requirements according to law for this type of service. If merchants carry out part or all of their logistics activities via the Internet, in addition to complying with the law with specific services, they must also comply with e-commerce regulations.

3. What does the logistics network look like?

You can understand it like this, the logistics network is the flow of materials and products through a system linked by nodes and paths. This system is tightly organized and tied to a certain trading system or market area.

Logistics infrastructure is defined based on transport infrastructure, including transport hubs and associated routes. Where the traffic node or intersection point is the intersection of roads. The main connecting axes are those that connect factories, production workshops and transshipment points to national and foreign markets.

In logistics networks, production nodes often depend on the supply of resources. Intersections and distribution will largely depend on the structure of the transport network and the geographical distribution of the area as well as the consumer market.

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The nodes of the logistics network act as a connection point. They are gateways to and connect the main freight flows. Nodes such as local transit hubs and warehouses provide businesses with a solution for transporting goods in that locality.

The network nodes coordinate, support and interact at the same time, creating a great influence on the development of the logistics industry as well as the economy. Therefore, learning more about the logistics network will help you better understand what logistics is.

4. Big companies in the logistics industry?

To fully understand what logistics is, you can refer to the 5 major companies in the logistics sector listed by Uptalent below:

4.1- Vinafreight Joint Stock Company

Vinafreight was established in 1977, specializing in the field of shipping services, logistics and shipping agents. At the beginning of 2002, the company was privatized. Currently, Vinafreight has branches in Hanoi, Hai Phong and offices in Hue, Da Nang, Quy Nhon, Can Tho.

4.2- DHL Global Forwarding Joint Stock Company (Vietnam)

DHL is known as the largest shipping company in the world. The company is present in more than 220 countries, with 360,000 employees. The company meets an unlimited number of logistics needs.

In addition, DHL is a division of the global postal and logistics leader Deutsche Post DHL Group, with business units: DHL Express, DHL Parcel, DHL eCommerce, DHL Global Forwarding, DHL Freight and DHL Supply Chain.

4.3- South Logistics Joint Stock Company – SOTRANS

SOTRANS was established in 1975, focusing on warehouse system. The company is a leading unit in international freight forwarding, freight import and export, and multifunctional warehouse services.

Currently, SOTRANS has a large warehouse system of more than 230,000 m2, located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, nearby areas and other major cities. SOTRANS currently leads the national logistics network with over 10 offices nationwide. Regarding international transport, SOTRANS has agents in more than 100 countries, the strongest being the routes of Europe, Asia and America.

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SOTRANS currently operates a 100,000 m2 inland port and depot in Ho Chi Minh City and has cooperated with more than 20 shipping companies around the world. With 4 member companies, SOTRANS has created a closed logistics service chain. They can serve small shipments to extra-large and super-heavy packages using a variety of shipping methods. In addition, SOTRANS services are covered by comprehensive civil liability insurance, thus limiting most of the risks for customers.

4.4- Con Ong Logistics Joint Stock Company (Bee Logistics)

Founded in 2004, Bee Logistics now has 22 offices in Vietnam with more than 800 employees. Starting from sea freight consolidation service, up to now, the company has provided the most integrated and modern logistics services such as customs declaration, air transport, container freight, bulk freight, value-added services. Increments such as packaging, storage, etc.

The advantage of Bee Logistics is that the services are personalized according to the needs of each client. Thus creating high efficiency, increasing reliability, competitiveness and creating more value for customers. In particular, Bee Logistics also has a full license of customs declaration, multimodal transport to the bill of lading approved by the United States Federal Maritime Administration (FMC).

4.5- DB Schenker Vietnam Company

Established in Vietnam in 1991, till now Schenker has 15 offices and warehouses across the country with more than 850 employees. The head office is located in Ho Chi Minh City. Other offices are located near the main airport and main seaport. DB Schenker’s distribution centers are located in strategic areas in the three regions of North, Center and South of Vietnam, so they are perfectly suited to various customer needs.

From the sharing above, readers surely understood Logistics Services what is this. Hopefully, through what Uptalent shares, you can see the importance and role of logistics in the economy. At the same time, you can also choose a company that provides quality and reputable logistics services when you need to transport goods. Because it will help your goods to be safe during transportation and help keep your business stable.

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