CIA certificate? What Jobs Can a CIA Owner Do?

Chứng chỉ CIA ? Người sở hữu CIA có thể làm những công việc gì?

The Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certificate is currently one of the important certifications in the field of internal auditing. Many people have signed up to study and take the exam for this certificate because of its prestige and the benefits it brings.

So, do you know what a CIA certificate is? Why should you get this certificate? What are the requirements for a CIA certificate? Let’s explore with Ms. Uptalent all the important things about this prestigious international audit certificate!

1- What is the CIA?
2- Knowledge of CIA

2.1- Basics of internal audit
2.2- Practice of Internal Audit
2.3- Elements of knowledge in internal audit

3- Why should you get a CIA certificate?
4- How to obtain CIA certification?
5- What jobs can a CIA owner do?
6- Where to study the CIA?

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1- What is the CIA?

CIA is known as an approved certified internal auditor. This certificate bears the English name Certified Internal Auditor and is issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA).

The CIA certificate is built on the IPPF foundation and is a specialist certificate aimed at those taking on the role of internal audit specialist.

According to records, more than 100,000 people currently hold CIA certificates in many countries around the world. At the same time, employers also highly value candidates with this internal audit certificate.

2- Knowledge of CIA

CIA is an essential certification for anyone wishing to develop a career in the field of internal auditing or simply wishing to improve their knowledge and skills in this area.

The advantage of CIA is that it provides learners with many important practical knowledge and skills. During the process of studying the CIA, you will receive methodological knowledge from the lecturer, then participate in discussions and apply what you have learned to real situations in companies.

The content of the CIA training program is divided into 3 parts, each part will have different topics. As following:

2.1- Basics of internal audit (Basic internal audit)

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Includes the following 3 subjects:

– Mandatory IIA Guidelines

The content of this course will provide you with the mandatory guidelines and regulations of the Association of Internal Auditors.

– Conducting an internal audit mission – Audit tools and techniques

This course will teach you how to perform audit operations and how to use audit tools and techniques.

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– Internal Control and Risks

This is a topic on internal control and risk management in internal audit activities.

CIA Certificate

2.2- Internal audit practice (Internal audit practice)

Includes 3 subjects:

– Management of individual missions

The course content aims to teach you how to perform and manage specific internal audit tasks.

– Management of the internal audit function

This course will help you know how to manage all internal audit activities in an organization or company.

– Fraud risks and controls

This course helps you better understand fraud risks and control them effectively in internal audit activities.

2.3- Elements of knowledge in internal audit (Knowledge in internal audit)

Includes 8 subjects:

– Governance/Business Ethics

This subject focuses on knowledge of management and business ethics.

– Communication

This course will provide you with knowledge and communication skills in the field of internal auditing.

– Risk management

The course content focuses on knowledge of risk assessment and management.

– Organizational structure/business processes and risks

This course will help you better understand a company’s organizational structure, business processes and associated risks.

– IT/business continuity

This is a subject that helps you master information technology knowledge and maintain business operations in internal audit.

– Financial direction

This subject will provide you with in-depth knowledge of financial management in internal auditing.

– Management/leadership principles

The content of this course will help you learn about the principles of business management and leadership.

– Global business environment

With this subject, you will learn knowledge related to global business and international trade.

Why should you get a CIA certificate?

3- Why should you get a CIA certificate?

The reason why more and more people are studying accounting – Audit You want to get certified in internal auditing because the benefits it can bring are enormous. Specifically:

– The CIA helps auditors expand their knowledge and skills needed to work in accordance with international standards. At the same time, it also helps them become true experts when they can easily apply the theories they have learned to internal audit work.

– The CIA certificate helps you expand career opportunities in major companies and corporations.

– Auditors with a CIA internal audit certificate often receive higher incomes and have more opportunities to be promoted to management positions.

– Equipped with a CIA certificate, you will be connected to the IIA network of auditors. This opens up many exciting opportunities for you to learn and interact with experienced experts from around the world.

– By studying at the CIA, you will have access to the IIA’s huge data warehouse. From there, you can quickly research and update new industry trends.

4- How to obtain CIA certification?

You will need to meet certain requirements to receive CIA certification. Specifically:

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(1)- Successful completion of 3 CIA program exams.

(2)- Have a recognized university diploma, without major requirements.

(3)- Have at least 2 years of practical experience in positions related to internal audit and risk control.

Study for CIA Certification

5- What jobs can a CIA owner do?

The birth of the CIA internal audit certificate offers people working in this field many very attractive career opportunities.

Personnel who own the CIA are often more competitive than other candidates. At the same time, they are also recognized as highly specialized personnel with in-depth knowledge and sufficient capacity to meet the company’s most demanding work requirements.

Not only are there many job opportunities domestically, but auditors with a CIA can also access positions in international markets. At that time, they will receive a very high salary and will have many opportunities to be promoted to a higher position.

According to Uptalent, foreign companies are always ready to pay extremely good salaries to CIA employees. But, to achieve the expected level of income, you will need to be able to manage and control related matters very well.

Generally speaking, the CIA audit certificate is essential for those who work in the field of internal audit or who are interested in this field.

For employers, CIA-certified personnel represent valuable talent. The proof is that they are always looking for ways for these experts to integrate into the company and support its increasing growth.

If you have a CIA internal audit certificate, you will have many diverse career options. Here are some popular positions you can fill:

– Internal auditors.

– Control expert in the financial field.

– Specialist in internal control and risk management.

– Data analyst and process control specialist.

– Management in the field of internal audit.

Where to study for CIA certification?

6- Where to study the CIA?

Currently, there are many CIA certification training centers across the country. The center’s program content is often designed based on the standard training framework of the IIA Institute of Internal Auditing.

After the CIA courses, you will master important knowledge and be able to apply it effectively.

As there are many CIA training centers, you should think carefully before deciding which center to study at.

If you are still wondering where to study CIA, please refer to reputed training centers such as FMIT, Smart Train, Lien Viet Education,… With many years of training experience, these centers can definitely help you achieve optimal learning efficiency. and get a CIA certificate in hand.


Currently, the CIA is a widely recognized certification in many countries around the world. It is also considered one of the best international audit certificates.

Therefore, CIA owner auditors will have the opportunity to access many extremely attractive career opportunities and high salaries.

In other words, to find a good position with great potential and advancement benefits, you must immediately take specific actions to obtain this certificate.

Hopefully, the detailed information about the Certified Internal Auditor certificate in this article by Ms. Uptalent has provided you with a lot of useful information. This way, you will also be more determined and have a suitable study plan to obtain a CIA certificate soon. Good luck!

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