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Compare the difference between QA and QC

Sự giống và khác nhau giữa QA và QC

Both QA and QC are components of a quality management system. SO similarities and differences between QA and QC What is this? Let’s find out through the following HRchannels article!

3.1- Similarities Between QA and QC
3.2- Difference between QA and QC

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1. What is QC?

QC stands for Quality Control, which means quality control. This position is responsible for directly verifying the quality of the product at each stage of the production process.

QC focuses on implementing quality management requirements. At the same time, it is responsible for controlling the process of creating products by strictly managing factors such as machinery, raw materials, production methods, personnel and production environment.

2. What is quality assurance?

QA stands for Quality assurance, which means quality assurance. The primary task of people working in the quality assurance industry is to establish quality management standards and procedures.

Quality assurance represents the link between quality management needs within the business and external parties, including customers, government agencies, regulatory agencies, and other third-party partners. At the same time, quality assurance ensures that quality requirements will be met.

3. Similarities and Differences Between QA and QC

3.1- Similarities Between QA and QC

Although QA and QC are two different career fields, they are closely related. The similarity between these two fields is that they both belong to the quality management system and both aim to create the best quality products that satisfy customers.

3.2- Difference between QA and QC

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Although they belong to the same quality management system, QA and QC are completely different:

The first one, Quality assurance covers the entire quality management system, and the work of quality assurance is related to all parts and departments of the company. Meanwhile, quality control only focuses on checking the quality of finished products or checking the quality of products at each specific stage of the production process.

Monday, QA creates and ensures that quality management processes are taken seriously. Meanwhile, QC does the quality measurement. However, the results of quality control become a factor for improving quality assurance processes, thus helping to improve the efficiency of these processes in the future.

Tuesdaywhile the purpose of quality control is to prevent errors, while quality control is to detect errors and request corrections.

Wednesday, the main objective of QA is to develop policies, strategies, processes, checklists and establish standards to be used for the entire life cycle of a product or project. The objective of quality control is to organize the implementation of specific activities to examine the quality of products in accordance with established standards, processes and policies. QC ensures that the production process follows the correct quality standards, guarantees the quality of the final product and meets customer expectations.

THURSDAYquality control is seen as a tool to ensure quality, while quality assurance is not.

Fridayif QA activities focus only on the following processes, then QC activities focus only on themselves.

SATURDAY, QA is not involved in running the program. And the QC is always linked to the implementation of the program. In other words, QA plans the program implementation, but QC is the department responsible for promoting the program implementation activities according to the QA plan.

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Eighth, quality assurance aims to ensure that the quality management process is correctly implemented. QC focuses on measuring product quality to control quality.

In summary, both QA and QC are an integral part of the quality management system. The two areas are very closely related and both are powerful quality control techniques used by companies to ensure product quality. However, you should be aware that QA and QC are two completely different career fields and it is not possible to have QA without QC or vice versa.

Hopefully, with the information shared by HRchannels, you will have the most comprehensive knowledge about QA, what is QC and understand the similarities and differences between QA and QC. I wish you have the right career choice for yourself and success in your career!

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