Definition, skills, requirements and salary

Supply Chain Manager: Definition, Skills, Requirement and Salary

As companies increasingly funnel their products into a multinational pipeline, they will need experts who can optimize that pipeline. This is why supply chain managers are essential.

In this article we will learn Manage the supply chainr: Definition, skills, requirements and salary.

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A supply chain manager is a person responsible for managing the equipment, materials, and other logistical details of a business or corporate department. Their role is to manage all the steps necessary for the purchase of raw materials and their delivery to the different areas of the company. Supply chain managers ensure that the company produces enough product to meet customer demand and distributes the product to the right place and on time. Supply chain managers can calculate how to bring manufacturing operations cost-effectively. Additionally, they can implement methods to make supply chains more sustainable.

Supply Chain Manager Skills

Supply chain is a complex field with constant changes and developments. Therefore, if you want to work as a supply chain manager, you should not rely solely on your degree and experience. You must possess a broad range of skills to grow and succeed as a supply chain leader.

Here are some skills you need to have to get the job of supply chain manager:

1- Management

As a supply chain manager, you must possess the leadership skills necessary to operate in an international business environment. This means you must have the ability to adapt to multiple cultures and understand how different global risks will affect your business.

In addition, it is imperative that supply chain managers know the basic fundamentals of supply chain. They need to understand how to optimize import and export flows and how to source globally.

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2- Management skills

If you have management skills, you will have the ability to operate a channel in any business. Asking these skills helps you understand the role of the supply chain manager. Additionally, you can understand the use of relationship management and negotiation to build a successful supply chain.

3- Planning skills

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In the role of supply chain manager, you need to know how to integrate the operational side of a business with its demand side. If you are familiar with business planning, you will find it easy. It is therefore important to know how to adopt various concepts of supply and demand integration. Having a knowledge of business planning principles will help you master the challenges of supply chain planning.

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4- Project management skills

You must have the ability to plan and manage various projects if you want to become an excellent supply chain manager. Project management skills will help you make informed decisions and prevent business risks.

5- Understand technical knowledge

You don’t need to know everything about computer systems, but you should have some basic technical knowledge. You will collaborate with IT specialists to address various challenges related to the selection, application and implementation of technologies. It is therefore necessary to know the technological devices and tools as well as to have the ability to control various implementations of supply chain software solutions.

6- Communication skills

As a supply chain manager, you must have the ability to explain multiple issues to various board members. So you need to have good communication skills to explain supply chain topics in a way they will understand. Additionally, you should be able to discuss goals, business plans with your understaff, as well as deal with vendors.

7- Ability to make decisions

Supply chain managers must have decision-making skills because they face many situations in which they need to make a quick decision. Posing these skills helps them save resources and ensure that the problem never persists.

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8- Data analysis

The role of a supply chain manager is to interpret and analyze the large number of statistics he receives to know the evolution of the company’s strategy. These skills help supply chain managers stay ahead of the game and take a proactive approach to their work.

Supply Chain Manager Requirements

1- Education

Supply chain managers should have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, supply chain management, or a related field. It is best if you have a master’s degree.

2- Experience

Typically, companies require applicants to have work experience as a supply chain manager or related position. They often require applicants to have at least 5 years of supply chain management experience, preferably in a related industry.

3- Skills

To play the role of technical manager, you must have certain skills, including:

– Have the ability to manage the logistics of all aspects of the supply chain, from product development to shipping finished items

– Understand legal documents

– Have knowledge of accounting or finance

– Logical thinking

– Honest and hardworking, patient and decisive

– Progressive spirit

– Can work under high pressure

– Experience in managing budgets and forecasts

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Supply Chain Manager Salary

In Vietnam, according to HRchannels survey, supply chain manager position can earn around 30,600,000 VND per month. In which, 50% of supply chain managers earn less than 30,600,000 VND while the other half earn more than 30,600,000 VND.

This average monthly salary includes housing, transportation and other benefits. Salaries for supply chain managers vary greatly depending on experience, skills, gender, location, size of company, field of activity,…

Salaries range from 14,700,000 VND per month (minimum) to 46,800,000 VND per month (maximum).

Above, everything revolves around the Supply Chain Manager: definition, skills, requirements and salary that HRchannels wants to provide you. I hope this information will help you to have a complete knowledge of this position. If you want to find a supply chain manager job, you can browse And then you can connect with the best employer.

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