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Difference Between Head of Administration and Head of Human Resources

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Administration and human resources are two important departments in any business. The work of the administrative and human resources departments is linked to the organization of work and people in the company. So the difference between Administrative Manager and Human Resources Manager What is this? Is there an overlap of roles between these two positions? Let’s explore with HR channels through the following article!

The administrative manager is responsible for managing the organization and people company-wide, while the HR manager only focuses on the HR aspect.

For the company to run efficiently, there is always a department responsible for providing all the necessary equipment, process, policies or creating a suitable working environment, and that is the administrative department of the company. ‘business. The functions of the general manager are to organize, supervise, plan, build administrative procedures, comprehensively control the work of the employees of the company, etc., in order to ensure the smooth and efficient functioning of the company . Therefore, administrative activities are assimilated to the heart of each company.

Today, the importance of specialization and division of labor is immense. This paved the way for the development of separate specialist departments, such as the human resources department. To operate production, businesses need a variety of resources such as land, capital, human and material resources, etc. While the head of administration takes care of all aspects of business operations. In a company, the head of human resources is only responsible for a small branch as a whole, which is that of human resources. This specialization aims to wisely manage the most important resource of production. Once the human resources are well managed, the production efficiency will be better.


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The task of the head of administration is to control and manage the administrative activities of all departments, the head of human resources ensures the working conditions and environment of employees.

In the company, the head of administration will be responsible for organizing and supervising the activities of all departments; follow the evolution of the company and its activity; manage the company’s assets, equipment and infrastructure system; ensure that information is complete, continuous and clear. They play the role of decision-maker and control all the administrative activities of the accounting, marketing, finance, operations,…, and human resources departments.

During this time, the head of the human resources department is solely responsible for the administration and supervision of the activities of the personnel of the human resources department and for the management of human resources related matters of other employees of the company. Their main mission is to ensure the quality of the working conditions of the employees. Including establishing a clean working environment, a professional and friendly working attitude among company employees. In addition, there is also a need to ensure the implementation of measures to guarantee occupational health, safety and welfare regimes for employees. Handle all human resource issues such as recruitment, training, human resource development, staff appraisal and management.

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The Head of the Administrative Division is responsible for formulating and organizing the implementation of administrative regulations, policies and procedures; The head of the human resources department guides and implements the employees of the human resources department.

The CEO’s job is to advise the Board of Directors and preside over the design and development of an administrative procedure with the simplest and most effective regulations and policies. Other departments will have to strictly comply with the regulations in this process. Thanks to this, all business activities always run smoothly and consistently. The responsibility of the human resources manager is to direct and guide the employees of the department in order to properly implement the administrative procedures of the company.

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The role of the general manager has not changed much over time, while the duties and roles of the head of human resources have varied widely.

It can be seen that the role and functions of the CEO over the decades have continued to be maintained. Compared to before, they still take on the same tasks. At the same time, the duties of the Director of Human Resources have changed significantly. Initially, their main task was to manage jobs related to salary and pensions. Currently, along with the development of technological advancements and globalization trends, the Human Resources Manager is also involved in the development of business strategies, mergers and acquisitions activities, talent management, labor-industry relations and an interest in diversification and integration.

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