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The Tiki brand is one of the three largest e-commerce platforms in Vietnam and is a Vietnamese-founded and owned e-commerce platform. This is a matter of great pride that creates confidence and inspires creative power to online business startups in our country. If you want to know and learn what created the success of Tiki, please follow the article Ms. Uptalent sent to the following.

4.1. On the seller’s side
4.2. On the buyer’s side
4.3. On Tiki’s side

5. How to use Tiki safely, conveniently and securely

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1- What is Tiki?

Tiki is an acronym meaning “Search and Save”, founded in March 2010 by Mr. Tran Ngoc Thai Son – currently Managing Director of Tiki – which started as a website selling English books online.

After 2 years of activity, Tiki began to develop its business model. So far, the Tiki brand has a system with many member companies, among which the Tiki e-commerce platform sells more than 10 million products. In 26 main trades is the most typical success, reaching the top 6 in Southeast Asia.

On e-commerce platform Tiki, the company has also set up a Tiki Trading booth – a role similar to that of other online sellers on the same platform. Here the stall will distribute and supply authentic products from reputed and highly verified brands.

2- CEO of Tiki

Since its establishment until early 2021, Tiki Floor’s head office is located in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, with Mr. Tran Ngoc Thai Son serving as CEO and Managing Director.

On May 19, 2021, Tiki Global was established in Singapore, owning and responsible for all management and operations of the Tiki e-commerce platform. Mr. Son continues to serve as the legal representative of Tiki Global.

According to the latest updated information, in July 2023, Mr. Son submitted his resignation as CEO to the board of directors. Information on the position or appointment of a new CEO of Tiki has not yet been announced. Therefore, currently, Mr. Son is still the current CEO of Tiki pending a decision from the board of directors.

CEO Tiki

3- The Tiki market

Attractive jobs

Initially, Tiki focused solely on being an e-commerce bridge for the Vietnamese market. With numerous successful capital calls, as well as the establishment of Tiki Global in Singapore, the scope of the company’s operations in the Southeast Asian market has been further strengthened.

The orientation towards expansion towards Asia and some Western countries has been planned, but in the face of strong competition from global e-commerce, as well as the emergence of new platforms that also focus on the Asian market, such as TikTok Shop, Tiki management has decided to focus on consolidating resources in the Southeast Asian market, combined with controlled expansion in the Asian market.

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4- How does Tiki work?

Like other e-commerce platforms, provides an intermediary environment connecting sellers (individuals, organizations) with domestic and foreign consumers. The operating rules of Tiki are as follows:

4.1. On the seller’s side

Tiki publishes a specific list of items allowed to be traded on the Tiki platform, sellers will choose upon registration to sell on the Tiki platform and will absolutely comply with regulations regarding quality, honesty and security. Confidential… in the role of supplier and distributor of goods.

The seller can be a small individual or a company that produces goods. To do business on Tiki, sellers must register and be approved by the Tiki system to do business.

After that, the seller will log in to their Tiki account and create an exhibition stand, showcase products, buy and sell transactions, and perform other activities such as order management, support consulting, and customer service. products, product guarantees… ensuring profitability. business while bringing the greatest satisfaction to online shoppers on Tiki.

Tiki Market

4.2. On the buyer’s side

Tiki buyers can also be individuals or organizations. To purchase products on Tiki, buyers must also create their own Tiki account to conduct product research activities, search for cheap products, and deliver goods. Purchase and payment transactions.

Buyers can choose to pay by bank transfer directly on the system, or pay COD (cash on delivery). If the goods arrive at the destination and are not satisfied, the buyer has the right to request the support system to return the goods to the seller or to request the seller to guarantee the product as expected.

Products purchased from Tiki will receive warranty support when the warranty period is still valid, the warranty stamp is still available, or the product has technical errors. The seller must be responsible for conducting the warranty process for the buyer. Any case of refusal may be reported to the Tiki store management team.

4.3. On Tiki’s side

Tiki seeks profits through commissions on the total value of orders that sellers successfully fulfill through Tiki. To attract a large number of successful transactions, as an intermediary, Tiki will take care of:

Establish guardrails in the seller and buyer account management process

Help sellers and buyers resolve disputes and complaints when they arise

Create numerous promotional programs and preferential services to help sellers reach potential customers

Added benefits, encouraging buyers to shop with peace of mind thanks to Tiki coins (accumulate coins to pay for goods), TikiNOW fast delivery, buy now, pay later, profitable shopping (Shop – 2 – Earn) …

How to operate Tiki

5. How to use Tiki safely, conveniently and securely

5.1. Card payment security

Tiki’s card payment system is provided by payment gateway partners (licensed to operate legally in Vietnam), ensuring all e-commerce industry security standards at home and abroad. Generally OnePAY Portal, Registered ATM Card for Internet Banking, Visa/Master/JCB Card, MoMo Wallet, Zalo Pay, VNPay, Viettel Money Wallet.

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Card payment transactions will be stored and managed by a professional security system, regularly updated and supplemented by secure firewalls from payment gateway partners. With this, sellers and buyers can both have peace of mind on financial matters with professional organizations and always own the e-commerce functionalities developed by Tiki.

5.2. Return policy

In order to avoid unreasonable returns, causing inconvenience to reputable sellers and losing the seller’s trust in the trading platform, Tiki has very strictly regulated the items that can be returned or exchanged. Restricted merchandise and appropriate return times, including:


Time between receipt of goods and return request

Supplier error

The product is not defective, in its original packaging, unused and unactivated

Buyer’s fault


Electrical appliances

Electronic accessories

The first 7 days

Renew/return free of charge

Pay without fees

Warranty or repair fees apply

8 – 30 days


from 30 days


No support

Voucher / E-voucher to purchase services

first 7 days

Renew/return free of charge

Pay without fees

Exchange/return is not supported

8 – 30 days

Exchange/return is not supported

from 30 days

Exchange/return is not supported

Other items

first 7 days

Renew/return free of charge

Pay without fees

Exchange/return is not supported

8 – 30 days

from 30 days

Exchange/return is not supported

Exchange/return is not supported

5.3. Tini app

This is Tiki’s proprietary app, making it easier for Tiki sellers to manage detailed product listings and develop “child” apps within the “parent” Tiki app.

When sellers sign up to use Tini App, they will receive many benefits:

Take advantage of the vast customer data warehouse on Tiki, improve promotional effectiveness and introduce your products to many potential customers.

The “child” applications were created by Tini app, you just need to use them, no need to think about configuration. Focus personal resources on developing core products and services

Exclusive support for 03 marketing packages for sellers using the Tini app, including Community Package, Smart Shop Package, and Minigame Package.

Tiki e-commerce platform

5.4. Warning regarding safety measures

Absolute Tiki:

  • Do not send information on behalf of the seller/buyer without the consent of the owner

  • There is no need to provide a Tiki account number or password to log in

  • Do not share user data with third parties

All of this is communicated to Tiki users as soon as they create an account to remind users to be wary of fraudulent actors stealing data.

Additionally, the applications and features provided by Tiki are closely monitored by the IT team, setting up multi-layered firewalls, quickly handling crashes, incorrect navigations, etc. to which users react.

Applications containing malicious code or the appearance of malicious code links on Tiki have been programmed to notify IT immediately. In addition to blocking, Tiki also sends warning emails to all buyers and sellers, so even newly created malicious code around the world will have difficulty reaching Tiki’s customers.

Although recently facing many challenges in the industry e-commerce, the Tiki platform still maintains fourth place in the Vietnamese market. With new changes in the organizational structure, Ms. Uptalent hopes that in the near future, the Tiki brand will regain its position as a successful technology unicorn throughout the Asian region, thus honoring the Vietnamese e-commerce industry.

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