Distinguish between commercial services and commercial services

Phân biệt thương mại dịch vụ và dịch vụ thương mại

The trade is Activity consisting of exchanging wealth, goods, services, knowledge, currencies, etc. between two or more partners, and possibly to receive a certain value in return (in money through the price) or in goods or services. Trade barter. … Walk Be mechanism for Trade works.

The service is activities offered by others, including doctors, lawn care workers, dentists, barbers, waiters or online hosts. Combined together, there Be production, distribution and consumption of goods and service as the foundation of all economic and commercial activities.

Legal basis for trade in services and commercial services

  • Commercial law 2005


are human labor activities that do not exist in physical form, do not lead to the transfer of property rights and are aimed at quickly satisfying the needs of human production and everyday life.

The difference between business services and commercial services.

Trade in services Commercial Services
Is an independent economic sector Is an activity that supports the process of exchange, purchase and sale of goods in general, including: tangible products, intangible products

Nature: exchange, purchase and sale, provision of services (service is considered the main object)

Acts as a means and tool to promote buying, selling and trading activities, not the object of that trading activity.
Objective: aim for profit In commercial law, commercial services must always be associated with the purchase, sale and provision of services.
Trade in services includes: business services, construction services, information services, etc. Commercial services include: advertising, promotions, brokerage,…
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