Do your people have leadership potential?


When a leadership position is vacant in the company, will you hire an external candidate or promote an internal employee? If you outsource, you may need to reconsider your decision.

For starters, a recent study found that outsourced people in an organization are paid an average of 18% more than promoted in-house employees. Additionally, external managers are 61% more likely to be fired than internal ones.

It makes no sense to pay someone who is unlikely to make more money than an internal employee with a lower salary. So, when a leadership position is vacant, look for internal employees with leadership potential.

But how do you know exactly if your employees are capable of being a good leader? Look for employees who possess 9 or most of the 9 characteristics below:

They know exactly what to do even if you don’t tell them

You often have to remind some of your collaborators what to do. Meanwhile, some employees still do their jobs so well that you don’t have to worry once you assign them. Employees in the second group have the potential to become leaders next in your organization. They are not only good at following orders, but also have an innate ability to perform all tasks well.

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They help their colleagues with enthusiasm

Employees with the potential to become excellent managers will always be supportive of their employees and will not hesitate to help them if time permits. If a member of your team constantly helps a colleague with their workload, they can become a good manager.

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They volunteer to take on more responsibilities

Sometimes projects will seem out of reach for everyone’s workload. Maybe you are running a special promotion and need to create a lot of content: E-mail, blogs and social media posts. If an employee volunteers to take on additional responsibilities, that person has leadership potential.

They consistently perform excellent tasks

Interesting professions

You can’t expect all of your employees to do their jobs brilliantly. Some employees will need more help, but others will. But there are also people who seem to have superpowers that can almost always do the job perfectly. When an employee does a good job time and time again, their destiny may be to become a leader.

They have the power to influence those around them

THE director always earn the respect and attention of their employees. Therefore, it is employees with leadership potential who influence others. Although you can easily observe and find out which employees have the most influence on your colleagues, do not forget to examine them according to specific numbers. At work, the more people they cooperate with, the more influence they have with their colleagues.

They think creatively

Great leaders not only have the ability to manage, but they also come up with exciting new ideas that help the company achieve its goals. No business can grow forever without service and product innovation. Does one of your seniors always come up with new creative ideas? What employee doesn’t hesitate to brainstorm and present their ideas even when it’s not their job? If so, this is the employee you should consider for your next promotion.

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They manage their colleagues to some extent

There’s always 1-2 people in a group that people turn to when they need advice, answers, or anything else. For some reason, these people hold the power and make people feel comfortable reaching out to them when they need help. To some extent, these employees led a future leadership program themselves, but to a small extent. Great managers are leaders whose power and expertise come naturally.


They have great control over their emotions

The most talented employee in the world is not fit to be a leader if he constantly loses his temper, yells at his colleagues, or is extremely negative about new developments in the workplace. business. Great leaders, on the other hand, are calm, cool, and informed at all times. Colleagues love them because they are always in a friendly and approachable mood. If a member of your team gets along well with everyone – even someone most people don’t like – they can become a good leader.

They want to be managers

Even if one of your employees has all the qualities listed above, they may not want to become a manager. Some people just don’t want the extra responsibilities and are very happy with their current position. Whereas great leaders always take on more responsibility than that. If one of your senior candidates has told you that they want to be a manager, follow them and start thinking about promoting them to a leadership role.

When employees see that you are promoting deserving people to leadership positions, they will believe that sooner or later opportunities will come their way. Train the most talented employees and they will make your organization prosper.

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