Duties of the company director

Nhiệm vụ của giám đốc kinh doanh (CCO) là gì?

increasingly important in business. They play an important role in managing and coordinating work according to the company’s commercial strategy. Below are the tasks that CCO should perform in business development shared by the HR channels of headhunting companies.

Plan long-term business strategies and build company image

CCO (Chief Commercial Officer) – The Chief Commercial Officer, also known as CCO for short and sometimes alternatively called Chief Commercial Officer, has an executive role. This is a person who oversees the development and business strategy of a company.

The sales manager is the person who leads the sales strategy for the entire company. Therefore, long-term strategic planning, obviously Duties of the company director essential.

A CCO will have to present its future development strategies to the company’s board of directors. This is called the “income map”. In particular, it is necessary to provide complete information about what the new product is, what the brand is, what is the current market demand for this product, how much does the promotion cost, what is the profit made, …

The more specific and detailed the strategies, the easier it will be to score points with the board of directors. It is important that you know how to distribute work between each department to best suit each department and each employee.

In addition, Duties of the company director It is equally important to build and maintain the company’s brand and image. Today, any field of activity on the market has a large number of competitors. Therefore, the work of commercial director cco is to help assert and maintain the company’s brand in the market.

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What is CCO?

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Market forecast and sales plan

Attractive jobs

The sales work will be carried out by the CCOs and the success or failure of the sales strategies will also be partly determined by the sales managers. Job of company director are people who regularly monitor the business situation and specifically evaluate current sales.

Depending on the comparison with data from the same period or other years, the profession of sales manager will require new market forecasts. By analyzing tastes as well as recent market fluctuations, the commercial director cco New consumer trends must be introduced to meet customer tastes. From there, build specific sales plans for each stage and department.

Don’t forget to identify potential markets as well as update the status of new competitors and new products in the market. Decentralize the sales manager to summarize news and customer feedback.

What is a Chief Operating Officer (CCO)?

Manage people and sales team

Duties of the company director is reflected in the recruitment, assignment, training and performance monitoring of employees. Only when the CCO has the experience and capabilities can he easily manage his staff in the most effective manner possible.

To ensure that the sales team achieves planned objectives, business manager job must be responsible for developing a team of salespeople under his direction. Therefore, business leaders have a role to play in regular training and development of employees and evaluating employees through certain stages to achieve common goals.

Build and develop business relationships

As part of the current trend toward industrial integration, companies are required to maintain certain business relationships. It is the commercial directors of the companies who carry out this work.

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A successful business, commercial director cco If you want to thrive, you need to have a strategic vision to grow your relationships across the market. Good communication skills will help CCOs find, maintain and develop effective relationships with businesses, channel agents and consumers.

Developing negotiation skills is important for CCOs. Job of company director will be responsible for negotiating with stakeholders among employees, board of directors, customers and other suppliers. Therefore, pay attention to this skill in your development process.

The main job of the business manager

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The sales manager has the same role as the customer

First, a business leader must have the same intuition as an ordinary consumer. Job of company director is to constantly think and act as a customer to experience and consume the products.

Through his expertise and creativity, the business leader can bring fundamental changes to the company, thereby laying the foundation for the long-term development of the company. This work ensures that customers can have the best satisfaction with the company’s products as well as the company’s behavioral culture.

To ensure product quality satisfaction to customers, commercial director cco will have to conduct an experiment and evaluation before putting it on the market. This helps the products to be well received and etched in the minds of the customers.

Duties of the company director in business is considered extremely important. Master these roles so you can train yourself to become the most professional business manager in the future.

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