From the success of U23 Vietnam, we look at the qualities of business leaders

Từ thành công của U23 Việt Nam nhìn về tố chất thủ lĩnh doanh nghiệp

Referring to the success of the Vietnamese U23 football team, apart from the spirit of solidarity of the members, the impression left by captain Luong Xuan Truong also makes many people admire. The image of a gentle school team, silently caring for their teammates from the slightest actions, brings to mind many people. qualities to become a successful leader in the business.

Leader with many notable achievements

To become the leader of the Vietnam U23 team today, you need a player with extensive playing experience. The motivation that drives the Vietnam U23 captain to train and devote himself to his passion for football comes from dreams from his father. Leadership role This comes from Mr. Luong Bach Chien, a famous Tuyen Quang player who nurtured his son’s childhood dream.

Since he was only 5 or 6 years old, this HAGL midfielder has had to carry out heavy exercises: score 100 goals against his father’s net or make 100 crosses every evening to be able to eat dinner. At the age of 12, Luong Xuan entered Pleiku and joined the Hoang Anh Gia Lai team. This bold decision that worried many people allowed Truong to become what she is today.

People with leadership qualities as Xuan Truong showed very clearly from the start of the competition. Tuyen Quang midfielder has very remarkable achievements. A former young Vietnamese footballer, he had the honor of playing for Gangwon FC (Korea) on loan from Hoang Anh Gia Lai and was a midfielder for the Vietnamese team. Xuan Truong is considered the most outstanding talent in HAGL Arsenal JMG’s first class.

SO, qualities to become a successful leader You must be able to lead the organization, first of all you must be an experienced person with achievements. People with new qualities can “talk and make people listen, but threaten others” and have enough leadership abilities to lead organizations and businesses to some degree of success.

leadership role

Strive tirelessly to achieve personal and common goals

Perhaps, before being under the guidance of coach Park Hang Seo, Xuan Truong was considered the player with the weakest physical strength in Vietnam’s under-23s. Shortness of breath and loss of strength during training often occur, Luong Xuan Truong is constantly among the poor players. Because he didn’t want teamwork for his own health, Truong quickly tried to train and improve his physical strength to catch up with his teammates.

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Quickly, Truong went from being a player who could only compete physically for 70 minutes to being exhausted. Luong Xuan Truong made us admire throughout the matches he attended. Leadership role shown as an energetic and enthusiastic “conductor” performing amidst the “goal music” during the dramatic 120 minutes.

According to the latest statistics from the Asian U23 Championship, this player is the team’s most assisting player. The player contributed to the team with 130 passes with a success rate of up to 66.9%. He is a player who made an important contribution to the victory and development of the Vietnamese U23 team.

Attractive jobs

Thus, a people with leadership qualities Perhaps the context is not so remarkable. However, in the work and accountability process, the leader must do everything possible for his development as well as that of the organization and the company.

The leader is warm and full of courage

Looking back on the last two Asian U23 seasons and Asiad 2018, Xuan Truong is a player who doubts whether he can score goals. However, in the Asian Under-23 semi-final, fans still couldn’t forget the calm and dedicated player of the Under-23 team on the field, doing his best with beautiful passes to his teammates.

Among 10 essential qualities of a leader, warmth and courage are often qualities that not everyone possesses. It was also the proud facial expression and the action of leaning down to kiss the national flag on his chest. Upright and resilient during the successful execution of penalties, bringing an absolute victory in the quarter-finals against Qatar.

Xuan Truong’s composure and confidence come not only from his playing experience, but also from the qualities acquired by this player. The quenching process has taken shape qualities to become a successful leadercalm, demanding, worthy of being the leader of the U23 team.

Like this player, a true business leader will have his own judgment and a courageous work attitude. They often strive to achieve the common development goal of the whole company, doing their best for the progress of the organization.

Caring for and supporting your teammates wholeheartedly

Collective spirit in football as in business requires united efforts from all members. To do this, captain Luong Xuan Truong must develop team spirit and set an example for his teammates with the smallest actions. This is also one of them 10 essential qualities of a leader.

During the quarter-final match against Qatar U23 and after taking his penalty, Xuan Truong did not immediately run to celebrate the victory with his teammates. The player quickly ran onto the field, took many warm clothes and gave them to his teammates so that they would not have to endure the cold weather of the Changzhou Stadium, which would affect their health. Leadership role Although the leader’s personality is simple but caring, he added strength and motivation to his teammates to successfully complete a thoughtful penalty shootout.

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After the victory against Iraq, Xuan Truong lived up to his captaincy by standing up to celebrate the birthdays of two teammates, Cong Phuong and Duc Huy. In a foreign country, it was Xuan Truong’s care that kept his teammates warm, giving them more motivation to bring glory to their country.

Sometimes corporate solidarity doesn’t come from big actions. People with leadership qualities Being able to only care about the smallest actions of teammates like celebrating members’ birthdays, having discussions regularly, and traveling also helps in helping people understand each other and build a strong team.

Leadership qualities

Handle situations quickly and control the situation

When the ball returned to him, Xuan Truong always proactively adjusted and balanced the rhythm of the game. From there, the counter-attacks were quicker and sharper on the opposing goal. No matter how difficult the situation, Xuan Truong always finds the best solutions. Qualities to become a successful leader comes from the results of practicing day and night, without any instinct.

In the semi-final against Qatar, Luong Xuan Truong took the second penalty when Quang Hai’s free kick failed. The pressure seems to weigh more on this young man who wears the captain’s armband. After perfectly executing the kick, Xuan Truong made the audience applaud endlessly when he leaned down and kissed the national flag printed on the jersey.

Don’t rest on your laurels

Having some achievements in Asia U23, Vietnam U23 qualified for the Asiad match. Not to disappoint the public, the Vietnamese U23 players achieved some success.

Without resting on their laurels after winning the Asia U23, Xuan Truong and his teammates, under the guidance of coach Park Hang Seo, constantly trained and strived to reach greater heights. Xuan Truong with leadership role always thinking “The whole team still needs to improve”.

Not resting on victory is an indispensable quality of a person people with leadership qualities talent and Xuan Truong showed it very well. A talented business leader must know what he and his teammates are lacking and what needs to be overcome to continually improve the business.

It can be seen that it is no coincidence that coach Park Hang Seo gave the captain’s armband to Xuan Truong. He is a talented leader, who brings together many internal factors 10 essential qualities of a leader Help the team lead the glory.

From the story of team captain Luong Xuan Truong, we have somewhat grasped the details qualities to become a successful leader. As the leader of the organization, make sure you have the necessary elements above to create an effective work environment and build a strong organization from individuals.

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