Functions and missions of the HR department

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Human ressources is one of the important parts of the business. It is the department responsible for managing employees and other parts of the business. Whether the company is large or small, they are interested in building an administrative and human resources department. Therefore, in the labor market, the demand for recruiting personnel for this department is quite high.

Let’s find out together Functions and missions of the HR departmentto better understand the importance of this department in the company!


HR department functions
HR department duties

HR Jobs
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HR department functions

In companies, the function of the HR department is to advise and support the board of directors on all issues related to the organization and management of personnel, administrative management, as well as legal issues, communication and public relations. The human resources department is responsible for the work performed within the scope of the tasks and authority assigned to it.
HR administrative function

What is the organizational structure of the HR department?

HR department duties

The Human Resources Department is the place where the entire situation of the company’s human resources activities is covered. Here are the administrative jobs to do in a company or business.

1. Company human resource management

Build the personnel organizational structure for the departments of the company. Advise the board of directors on the organization, layout and development of human resources through the analysis of the organizational structure, the evaluation of work results and staff capacity.

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Annually, develop human resource plans and human resource development strategies for companies, calculate budgets related to labor costs (salary funds, training costs, social insurance, health insurance, uniform costs), …). Participate or coordinate with partners to organize a salary survey and conduct a market labor cost survey to inform the development of annual HR policies. Conduct a survey of HR policy, employee satisfaction level to improve HR policy.

Develop wage regulations, work rules, work regulations and processes, and regulations for recruiting, training, appointing, firing, rewarding, disciplining and evaluating employees with employees of the business. Coordinate with the base union to develop an annual wellness and reward program.

Organize and conduct human resources activities in compliance with regulations: recruitment, staff evaluation, evaluation of work results, training, payment of salaries, pension scheme… Manage personnel files and information in accordance with regulations in force.

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Provide and manage information on organizational structure, benefits, recruitment information, .. on corporate websites and online recruitment sites to promote corporate image.

2. Management of administrative work

Develop regulations and perform office work, store and manage company legal documents. Provide logistics to the company such as: reception, reception, stationery, uniforms, vehicle dispatching management, etc. At the same time, he also ensures safety, occupational safety, fire prevention and firefighting in the company.

Carry out legal administrative procedures, draft administrative documents (weekly schedule, organize meeting schedules, working hours, etc.), and organize annual meetings and company events.

Plan the procurement, management and use of common corporate assets. Coordinate with the accounting department to perform the inventory and liquidation of assets.

Periodically carry out basic construction, repair, maintenance and warranty of office buildings. Arrange and arrange a reasonable working space for each department and department. Develop regulations and elevate sense of responsibility by maintaining common property, using electricity, water and telephone sparingly, and maintaining office hygiene.

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Missions of the administrative department and human resources
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3. Management of communication in the company

Develop annual communication strategies, plans, budgets and messages tailored to each target audience. Develop and manage communication tools (website, poster, banner, brochure, leaflet, etc.) and set up clear and consistent communication.

Build and manage brand identity, perform copyright registration, brand protection and brand development procedures. Manage the risks that arise in the process of building, developing and strengthening the brand. Evaluate and periodically improve the brand image according to each stage of the company’s development.

Organization of press conferences, events, conferences; ideas and content for programs; Writing and writing PR articles, press releases, advertising content, promotion of the company’s image.

Establish and maintain relationships with the media, agencies and departments related to communication, marketing and sales activities to obtain the best support in promoting the brand.

Research, review, offer to participate, prepare profile and track results of domestic and foreign awards and social sponsorship programs to enhance corporate brand image.

4. Management of legal affairs

Responsible for selecting and hiring consultants on legal issues related to company operations. For example: build, modify and complete company documents and regulations; assist the company’s departments on legal issues; represent the company in the event of a dispute.

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5. Manage the activities of administrative and human resources staff

Each year, it is necessary to develop a strategy, a budget plan and a work plan of the department. Organize staff apparatus, reasonably assign tasks in the room to complete the set operation plan.

Develop regulations and professional processes in the area of ​​department management; evaluate the effectiveness of these processes and regulations to be continuously improved, in order to improve the operational efficiency of the company. Periodically prepare reports in accordance with company policies and other reports as requested by the Board of Directors.

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