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German business culture is considered the most special in the world with unique cultural characteristics.

A culture that promotes ethics in business

In Germany, corporate culture This is reflected in the fact that companies value ethics. They do not compete on cheap prices, but on product quality. Normally, a company will invest significant capital in product quality and warranty policies to ensure sustainable brand development.

At German universities, the emphasis is on business ethics education. This is also a compulsory subject and is assessed very carefully. Students with poor ethics may be expelled from school.

This is reflected in the fact that corruption indicators in Germany reach a very low level. Anti-corruption laws are also managed and enforced in the commercial activities of companies. Anti-corruption laws are enacted and strictly enforced in all businesses to create a healthy business environment.

“Lubricating” in German companies is therefore a taboo and has no effect. You will definitely be fined heavily if there are signs of corruption. It is also corporate culture in companies it is worth applying for Vietnamese companies.

business ethics

The gift culture in companies

In German companies, corporate culture Unique in that they rarely give gifts to business partners. They often pay more attention to the quality of business activities, skills in dealing with colleagues and eliminating tedious procedures such as giving gifts to business partners. However, in social and charitable activities, gifts remain popular.

If you want to give a gift to your German partner, you must choose small gifts that are not too expensive but must guarantee quality. Give gifts during the meeting, perhaps items used in the office. A quality notebook or pen branded with your business or brand is also a good idea.

In corporate culture, when visiting your German partner’s family, bring simple gifts such as gifts from your home country. You can also choose to give common gifts such as wine, fruit, etc. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when buying flowers because corporate culture The Germans pay great attention to this.

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You should choose flowers in even numbers, avoid choosing odd numbers, especially 13. Normally, German business culture This is evidenced by the fact that Germans open gifts as soon as they receive them. Therefore, prepare simple but meaningful gifts to help make the work atmosphere more favorable.

Principle of punctuality

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Not only in Germany, but in any business, it is necessary to respect the principle of punctuality. However, in Germany this situation will be extremely rare. Corporate culture German culture is expressed in the concept that only punctual people are polite. Therefore, even talented leaders are never late. If you think that arriving late is a way of showing off your rank, it serves absolutely no purpose in Germany.

Corporate culture in companies This is reflected in the fact that German companies control the punctuality of their employees extremely scientifically and strictly. The company employees themselves also ensure specific schedules and work plans to easily monitor and manage on time. Like subway trains leaving on time, work schedules are constructed in detail and executed according to the available route. This helps Germans never miss work or not know how to distribute work.

On a date, if you are a few minutes late when meeting Germans, it is also a lack of respect towards them. Therefore, in German business culture, being late is very rare. If there is a reason why you are late, explain it to them. Normally, during partner meetings, senior German officials often arrive 5-10 minutes early.

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Choose stylish and beautiful clothes

Clothing as well as the ability to explain the problem are things that Germans pay special attention to, especially in the context of corporate culture. Office attire is also guaranteed to be neat, clean and tidy. Therefore, suits have also become an indispensable part of German business culture.

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Dress code is considered appropriate German business culture These are costumes made from good fabrics, not too complicated. Sloppy or careless dress or makeup on women is not appreciated in office culture. Plus, allowing a reasonable amount of time to prepare your outfit also makes it easy for you to score points at the office.

In Germany, office attire is designed according to models and guarantees politeness. Businessmen often choose dark-colored suits, white shirts and ties. This is considered the pattern of the inner dress corporate culture Germans.

Women often choose white shirts paired with dark dresses or office suits. When working with Germans, avoid removing your tie or jacket as this will show disrespect to your partner. For women, avoid wearing heavy makeup or using heavy or flashy jewelry. Choose polished and elegant outfits and you will quickly score points with your German partners.

Businesses and governments work together to protect the environment

The German government pursues an extremely drastic policy regarding environmental protection. Therefore, cooperation between government and business in environmental protection and energy saving is always a top priority. SO corporate culture in companies of this country is still very appreciated.

Germany has been phasing out nuclear power for business to push businesses to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy. This saves fuel and ensures the health of workers. Corporate culture This is reflected in the environmental protection and employee health steps.

What is business ethics?

Germany is the first country in the European Union to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use clean alternative materials. Germany is also quickly becoming the world leader in the application of wind energy in businesses.

The German government intends to limit the use of nuclear energy and promote the EU’s commitment to nature protection. SO, corporate culture In a company, if there are factors that affect the environment, they will be punished according to regulations. On the contrary, companies that limit their impact on the environment will be given priority for working with German partners.

German business culture is still a single point that businesses around the world can learn from and follow. Companies can be creative and flexible in applying this culture to improve their company culture.

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