How are leaders and managers different?

Nhà lãnh đạo và người quản lý khác nhau như thế nào?

Differences in management roles

I was recently talking to a friend about a question we both thought we knew the answer to, namely the difference between leadership and management.

This is a fairly obvious question. In general, we can simply distinguish a management position that will manage the employees, staff recruitment while the managerial position will be managed by the manager himself. Basically, that’s absolutely true.

But apart from that, these two positions also have many differences. What qualification determines someone to become? What skills and experiences can I acquire to reach a management position?

It is often more difficult to recognize it. Myself, like almost everyone, I have reached a certain stage in my career and I am progressing towards my goal, moving from a management position to a management position. They are like video games, you will level up when you collect enough experience XP.


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Differences in management and leadership skills

Recently, I analyzed the difference between the position leadership and management. I myself have realized that in addition to seniority and salary, they also have many differences in terms of expectations, mentalities and skills. In fact, many managers never acquire these skills, while others achieve them easily in a flash.

Most of us go through a period of thinking like a manager and developing our vision and mindset before becoming a manager. leaders.

The main thing is that the title speaks about the role of each position. A manager will manage the work while the leader will direct the work. It’s like the subtle difference between ‘tact’ and ‘strategy’. A leaders tells employees where to go while a manager points them in the right direction. The leader is the owner of the card and the manager is the driver of the wagons.

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The reason a manager can take so long to become an administrator is that leading requires wisdom and experience to develop a plan rather than just the skills to execute it.


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Difference in orientation, vision

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Many people would agree that the central element of leadership is the vision – the direction of the business/organization. If the senior management of this organization has a vision and wants to achieve it, then director It will be the leaders who will have to develop a plan to achieve this. Then ask the manager to execute the plan based on the roadmap they have developed.

So, ultimately, results will be the big difference between leadership and management. As a manager, you are assigned a roadmap, your job will be to bring the team together and manage them to complete the tasks necessary to stick to the plan. Leaders has a more difficult role: to plan from the outset.

And to do that, you’ll need a lot of skills and experience that a manager might not have. It’s about understanding what we can achieve and what resources can best be used to achieve it. But beyond these skills, the difference between home leadership and management When it comes to leadership, there is a very different mindset than that of managers.

Director obligated to follow the plan but they are not obligated to take responsibility for it. Conversely, a leader is accountable for his leadership process to the board, management, and employees, who have the right to know more about the plan.

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If problems arise during the implementation process, the leader needs strength and faith to continue – despite the arguments of others. And more importantly, if their arguments make sense, leaders need wisdom and common sense to know if their plan is right or if it needs changes or adjustments.

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