How do multinational companies recruit their staff?

Tập đoàn Đa quốc gia tuyển dụng nhân sự như thế nào?

Large businesses and corporations represent a very small proportion of the total number of registered businesses, but these businesses play a key role in the economic development of countries. They create a large number of jobs and constitute a formidable engine of economic development. These companies particularly pay great attention to developing a strong human resources team. Go into business staff recruitment In large businesses and corporations, business strategies are closely intertwined. Thanks to this, large companies always achieve great success in the market.

Next, let’s explore the differences in human resource recruiting between large corporations, multinational corporations, and small businesses to find out why it affects their success.

Characteristics of large businesses and corporations

Large companies and corporations are companies with total capital of more than 100 billion and employing more than 300 people. Among the above two factors, capital is the highest priority factor.

According to statistics on the proportion of large companies and large corporations, they represent only 5% of the total number of registered companies. But these companies contribute the majority of the economy’s GDP.

Large companies and large groups also constitute important pillars of the economy. Plays a role in stabilizing the economy. When the economy faces a crisis, these companies are the engines of the economy.

Large enterprises and corporations ensure the uniform development of the economy. In the long run, this will bring stability to the economy and limit negative fluctuations that harm the economy. Large companies are the agents that help balance production and business in an economy, and are not only focused on the area of ​​commerce and business.

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Currently, large companies operate in important sectors of the economy. In Vietnam, these are companies such as: Petroleum Corporation, Electricity Corporation and Coal and Mineral Corporation.

What is the difference in human resource recruitment between large companies, multinational companies and small businesses?

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The difference in size and financial resources between large corporations and large corporations and small businesses creates big differences in the way these two groups of businesses recruit staff. This difference manifests itself through the following points:

1. How to determine human resources recruitment needs

In large companies and corporations, each company will have a dedicated staff recruitment department. The entire recruitment process will be carried out by the human resources department. When other departments and divisions of the company have recruitment needs, they will make recruitment requests and forward them to the human resources department. The human resources department is responsible for receiving and synthesizing recruitment requests from other departments, then submitting them to the board of directors for approval. After receiving approval from the Board of Directors, the Human Resources Department will begin implementing a plan to recruit several different positions simultaneously.

Meanwhile, in smaller companies, many do not have a separate department dedicated to staff recruitment. When they need to recruit additional staff, the departments that need them will carry out the recruitment process themselves. Departments will develop recruitment plans as needed, submit them to the director for approval, and then proceed with recruitment.

2. Recruitment method

Recruiting staff often costs a lot of time and money. Therefore, depending on their size and resources, companies will have different ways of recruiting staff.

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For large businesses and corporations, recruiting staff will be done methodically, with numerous rounds of background checks and interviews with candidates. Having plenty of time and budget, large companies will apply recruitment methods at universities, implement internship programs and intern management programs. In Vietnam, Vinamilk Group is a company applying this method of recruiting personnel.

As for small businesses, their main recruitment method is to post recruitment announcements on social networks, online recruitment sites, advertise in newspapers or encourage company employees to submit candidates. . For management positions, their common method is internal recruitment.

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3. Recruitment process

The final difference in staffing between large companies, corporations and small businesses is the recruitment process.

In larger companies and corporations, in general, their standard recruiting process often goes through relatively similar steps. Including: application round, recruitment test, preliminary interview, assessment center (group discussion) and finally selection interview.

For small businesses, the recruiting process often includes the following steps: sourcing candidates, screening candidate profiles, interviewing potential candidates, and making hiring decisions.

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In summary, the difference in scale and resources between large companies and large companies and small companies is the main cause of differences in personnel recruitment. Until now, recruiting human resources has always been a complicated, time-consuming and expensive process. However, the quality of human resources has a significant impact on revenues, profits and the reputation of the company. Therefore, whether your business is a corporation, a large corporation or a small business, investing correctly in personnel recruitment will always bring great economic efficiency to the company.

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