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How does Headhunter work?

Quy trình làm việc của Headhunter diễn ra như thế nào?

One of the modern recruitment methods chosen by many types of companies is to outsource the company Headhunter. Although it is no longer a new method, but Headhunter Workflow How few business customers understand. Today’s post, Ms. Uptalent will update you with this content so that we can better understand how Headhunter is deploying the service to meet all customer search criteria.

1- What is the headhunter?
2- Why do many companies choose to recruit via the Headhunter service?
3- The headhunter workflow

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1- What is the headhunter?

Headhunter – roughly translated as Headhunter – is a recruitment and consultancy service provided by a team of human resources specialists within professional services companies.

Headhunting companies specializing in the field of human resources always have in their hands a list of multidisciplinary and versatile personnel capable of meeting the recruitment requirements of many positions.

In case there is no suitable candidate, with professional skills and people skills, Headhunter team will actively seek, persuade, interview and select suitable talents to supply the company. .

2- Why do many companies choose to recruit via the Headhunter service?

The current workforce is very large, but it is not easy to find qualified staff, especially for management positions. If the company carries out the recruitment itself:

  • The time will be long due to the need to research, plan, implement, recruit and rehire

  • The quality of recruitment is only relative because the frequency of internal recruitment is low, and recruitment is not practiced regularly.

  • Total recruitment costs increased, sometimes wasted due to repeated recruitment, affecting the budget of enterprises.

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Instead, companies can focus entirely on business activities, and the task of finding talent will be given to a professional recruitment team from Headhunter companies. The business side only needs:

3- The headhunter workflow

In order to win the trust of the recruitment company, the headhunting companies must have a professional working system, good productivity and accumulated achievements in the market.

Here is a typical Headhunter workflow to help the company strictly manage and control the entire talent search and recruitment journey:

3.1. Receive recruiting information from clients

Headhunter’s clients are companies and organizations that need to recruit staff for a position that is often difficult to fill due to high professional requirements or good management capacity.

Therefore, information on the recruitment requirements for this position should be provided specifically, along with a detailed job description so that Headhunter company has the most accurate recruitment guidance.

3.2. Agreement, sign a contract to hire Headhunter

Depending on the personnel search criteria, the Headhunter service company and the client companies will agree on the recruitment elements to be deployed, with precise costs, payment deadlines according to the state of progress and standards of achievement of the service… The signed contract is produced in 2 copies serving as a basis for settling the interests of each of the parties during the implementation of the service.

3.3. Selection of the list of suitable candidates

With professional recruitment management software, the list of potential candidates who match the client’s recruitment requirements is quickly extracted.

If candidates have a low match rate, Headhunter will contact known human connections or passive sources of candidates who intend to change jobs to obtain suitable candidates.

3.4. Send clients a list of candidates

Qualified candidates will be sent to the company for review and decision on who to interview. In case the company entrusts the entire candidate selection process to Headhunter, this step is not carried out.

3.5. Contact potential candidates

Headhunter will contact qualified candidates to:

If the candidate finds the suitable position and wishes to apply, the Headhunter company will arrange an interview.

3.6. Interview the candidates

Depending on the agreed contract, the participants in the interview may be different:

  • Headhunter offers candidates and companies face-to-face interviews

  • Companies with job interview candidates

  • Enterprise gives Headhunter all interview rights.

Every Headhunter company always has a set of interview questions available for many different positions and levels. They also have specific interview techniques for jobs requiring high soft skills, such as management positions.

3.7. Assess interview results

The feature of summarizing the results, evaluating according to the optional criteria of the professional recruitment management software will give the results of the interviews in the blink of an eye.

Based on the evaluation, the Headhunter Company will know in which capacity each candidate’s superiority lies, as well as in general, which candidate has the best overall ability. The results are available the same day of the interview, which speeds up the finalization of the recruitment.

3.8.Send results to clients

The list of qualified candidates with detailed evaluation results will be sent to the company by Headhunter. The business side will decide to choose or rely on the results of Headhunter to choose the candidate with the highest score.

3.9. Follow the internship process of successful candidates

Depending on the category with which the contract is signed, the Headhunter company may continue the contract by closely monitoring the candidate’s internship process, receiving feedback from the company and rehiring if the candidate does not meet the demand for the position. .

3.10. End the service, withdraw from the contract

After the signed recruitment items are completed, the business side completes the payment of fees, the two parties will liquidate the contract.

Above is the entire Headhunter workflow at the highest quality standards. Ms. Uptalent lists the full package process in the article, however, depending on the recruitment mandate agreement between the client company and the headhunter, the number of steps can be adjusted flexibly.

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