How successful is Unilever’s staff training?

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Unilever is the most popular brand in Vietnam and around the world. According to Jobstreet’s 2016 statistics, Unilever is among the top 10 companies offering the best working environment in Vietnam. The work and management are ranked among the best professionals among many companies in the world.

Discover the working environment and training of senior staff at Unilever

Unilever, with more than 20 years of establishment and development, is the leading family and individual brand in Vietnam. The number of products of this brand in Vietnamese homes is very large. This is possible thanks to the hard work and contributions of the government. Unilever Human Resources Policy.

Unilever creates a high standard of work environment with salary and bonus policies and a friendly, open and professional working regime. In this company, from senior leaders to managers, employees have vast opportunities for advancement. In addition to the negotiable salary, Unilever Human Resources Policy Very satisfying, such as: when you go on a business trip, you will benefit from a subsidy and many other very attractive incentives.

Unilever develops a plan to train new staff and foreign human resources according to a scientific system. Heart courtesy of Unilever are allowed to participate in foreign high-level human resources training programs and have contact with many high-level personnel in other countries. This is an opportunity for employees to have the opportunity to study and work in better conditions and to serve the company itself.


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What is unique about Unilever’s recruitment and training strategy?

Go into business Unilever Human Resources Recruitment is to always build training programs and promotional campaigns with the motto “People are the most important asset, the decisive factor for the success of the company”. SO, Unilever Human Resources Policy always focused on construction. Training of human resources staff is carried out first before starting training in other departments.

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The human resources department is a strategic partner department

Unilever builds its human resources department in a completely different way. Here the human resource department is developed into a strategic operations department, the most important part of the entire company system.

Attractive jobs

Not only does it develop staff training plans or social protection schemes, but the human resources department is the place that connects companies. Bedroom Unilever company staff The role of recruiting senior candidates, providing the best quality resources for the company. The work of the human resources department contributes to the implementation of human resources plans in accordance with the company’s business strategy.

The Unilever executive said: Unilever Human Resources Policy Focus on building a high-quality human resources team with specialized knowledge and in-depth knowledge in all economic and social aspects.

Human resources system at Unilever

The strict human resources system of this company is not only reflected in the human resources department. They are reflected in the coordination between departments for the highest quality and efficiency. Staff in the post-processing rooms themselves Unilever Human Resources Recruitment You must fully understand your role, your position, your corporate culture and that of your colleagues.

To be successful, this process requires management and leadership so that employees can quickly integrate into the new work environment. Go into business Unilever Human Resources Recruitment Helps employees create long-term connections with the company and the quality of senior personnel is stable based on the human resource system development plan.

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Different training plans for senior managers

Training plan Unilever company staff is carried out through departmental representatives within the company. Department representatives coordinate closely with the human resources department. Periodically, departments hold meetings and discussions to improve the quality of staff training.

Unilever Human Resources Policy The specifics of each department will be updated and the most appropriate training suggestions will be offered. The head of the department jointly proposed a plan to improve the quality of the human resources system, improve the quality of personnel and guidance for recruiting senior personnel in the future.

These periodic meetings serve as a guideline for planning specific human resources directions for each department and each specific period. It is also an effective method for improving employees’ teamwork skills. The proof is the work Unilever company staff Encourage Unilever to build a strong human resource system over the years and attract senior employees to serve the company.

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Results of the policies themselves Recruitment of senior executives of Unilever has achieved some success. Unilever won the “Human Resources Planning and Research” and “Working Environment” awards at the Vietnam HR Awards 2014. In 2016, Unilever was included in the top 10 companies with the best working environment in Vietnam.

Unilever’s human resources training plan in the future

Develop a training strategy for each stage

At Unilever, the human resource training and development strategy is always focused on development in each given period. In Vietnam, Unilever Human Resources Policy through the development of human resources training programs: Unilever Future Leaders’, League Unilever Future Leaders Program for graduates. Creation of a management training program enabling students to become leaders within Unilever.

Unilever Human Resources Whether new or old, everyone has the same opportunity to learn. They can actually experience the best professional working environment in Vietnam. Along with this, human resources helps expand opportunities for employees to study for higher positions such as managers, department heads,…

Actively promote company culture

The corporate cultural environment is built on the basis of equality, respect for employee rights, etc. This helps create a Unilever with a thriving company culture, with employees connecting to form a strong, supportive collective.

Social protection scheme for Unilever company staff received great attention. Employees enjoy the best benefits and the best working environment to serve their work. Unilever Human Resources Policy This results in the implementation of group building activities which demonstrate the strong culture of the company such as: the organization of groups of employees who have given birth, groups of young employees without families, groups of interns, etc.

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The most comprehensive staff care

Creating a work environment should be closely linked to employee life care plans. This contributes to the work Unilever Human Resources Recruitment easily and can retain the best employees for the company. Thus, the work spirit of employees is stronger, which helps them to implement employee development strategies in the best possible way.

With fashion recruitment from the Unilever company and human resources training focused on employees’ lives, Unilever in general and Unilever Vietnam in particular are human resources lessons worth learning for Vietnamese companies.

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