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How to become a good purchasing manager?

How to become a good Purchasing Manager?

The market is more and more competitive, the purchasing manager is becoming more important. It is the basis for owning good sources of goods, good raw materials, good prices, ensuring stable production activities and generating abundant profits. Therefore, the position of Purchasing Manager is always focused on incorporation with good remuneration. Then how become a purchasing manager? Please join HRchannel to find the answer through this article.

I. What is the position of Purchasing Manager?

The purchasing manager is the head of a specialized department within your company. In this position, duties include: purchasing goods, purchasing services, purchasing raw materials…

They will assume the roles:

  • Perform market research to capture quantity, price and fluctuation of stock sources

  • Evaluate and select sources of goods and raw materials according to quality requirements with the best prices

  • Negotiate and sign short and long term purchase contracts

  • Ensure that business building activities are not affected by a lack of stock or a sudden increase in prices

  • Manage the system of reputable and quality supply partners, as well as extend the network of backup partners.

Interesting professions

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II. How to become a good purchasing manager?

The purchasing manager plays an important role in the operational chain of the company. In exchange, their salaries, bonuses, benefits and field promotion opportunities are always open. This is the reason why many candidates are interested in this position.

To smoothly conquer all recruitment periods in recruitment management, candidates must fully equip themselves with the following 2 skill groups:

1. Professional skills

A. Professional qualifications

At the Purchasing Manager level, diplomas are only secondary because employers focus on practical experiences. Therefore, if you graduated from another specialization, you can still benefit from the real purchasing performance.

However, a suitable degree remains one of the necessary criteria to help candidates increase their competitive edge. Above all, candidates have a master’s degree in business administration, logistics management, marketing… or the specialization in which the company operates (for example: cosmetics, food, consumer goods…)

b. Experience in purchasing

Depending on the size of the applicant company, the required experience may vary from 3 to 10 years. Salary and compensation policies will also increase proportionately based on experience requirements set by employers.

For small and medium-sized businesses, the candidate may be an employee, specialist or purchasing assistant during the period before applying for a job, without necessarily taking on the role of purchasing manager. there.

But in case of large scale incorporation, candidates must have at least 02 to 05 years of experience in the post of Purchasing Manager. It will be easier to apply to succeed.

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vs. Certificate of purchasing operations

Advanced professional courses will:

  • Help candidates constantly update their new knowledge and purchasing trends

  • Impress employers with a progressive and inquisitive mind

So no matter how busy you are, take the time to complete your short-term specialty certifications or fully enroll in an additional company-sponsored course.

2. Flexible management skills

A. Detailed management skills

Even in the position of manager, all the meticulous and detailed works are carried out by employees and specialists, but the purchasing manager should be the person who understands and manages them closely.

Therefore, experiences in the work process as an employee, procurement specialist are very important. Candidates must work hard to cultivate and understand. This way, when working as the new procurement manager, subordinates can respect and comply.

b. communication skills

The missions of a purchasing manager also include:

  • Advise and present the procurement plan to the board of directors

  • Negotiate with the buying partner before signing a contract

  • Communication and coordination of junior staff

  • Flexibly manage issues that arise…

All require flexible communication skills, knowledge and professional courage.

vs. Decision-making skills

As an employee, we simply have to follow the manager’s directives. But by becoming a Purchasing Manager, we will have to make the decision and assume the highest responsibility towards the leaders of the incorporation.

Therefore, a purchasing manager must be decisive and have keen intuition so that he can choose the best purchasing option from the selected optimal options.

d. In-depth analytical skills

Today, software that supports data analysis is available in every company. Maybe each company will choose different software products, but the basic basis and expected results are similar.

Applicants should only be familiar with the software within the company they work for. After that, during another onboarding as a new procurement manager, acquiring new analytics tools will not take much time.

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e. Division of labor skills

Under the purchasing manager, there will be more or less 10 employees, some large companies also divide the purchasing department into several divisions, headed by department heads. The plans approved by the board of directors will be divided into each small task by the purchasing manager and organized for each department and individual.

This skill is not learned in school, it must be learned from practical experiences and, most importantly, from your current purchasing manager. How to assign the right person, right job, right time, right support… from the current procurement manager will be an invaluable lesson to help you shorten the path to becoming a good procurement manager in the future. .

The job of manager must combine both professional expertise and good management skills. Even with a purchasing manager, becoming a purchasing manager is a long training journey. Today’s HRchannels article summarizes the important requirements and conditions that every candidate must meet before applying for a procurement manager position. With these factors, your competitive advantage in the eyes of employers is always superior.

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