How to become a senior manager?

Làm thế nào để trở thành nhân sự cấp cao?

After a period of work, everyone wants to move up to join the team. Even though senior executives represent only 10% of a company’s total workforce, they generate up to 80% of profits.
Then how become a senior employee? There is actually no general answer to this question. Because everyone has a different starting point, a different journey and different dreams and ambitions. However, you can refer to the points summarized by HRchannels below to become a talented senior employee.

The content of the article includes:
1. Strong expertise
2. Have seniority
3. Practice your leadership skills
4. Build a network of relationships
5. Determine your passions and expectations
6. Personal brand positioning

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1. Strong expertise

Regardless of the position or job level, the first thing you need to satisfy is having the right expertise. Expertise here means professional knowledge and skills in the field in which you work. For example, if you work in the human resources field, you need to know labor laws, know how to calculate salaries, understand the stages of the recruitment process, etc.

Senior managers are often people who take on the role of key executives and managers in a company. They must therefore have extensive professional experience. Here, they must have a thorough professional understanding to best guide and direct their subordinates.

Apart from professional knowledge, you also need to equip yourself with knowledge related to economy, society, politics, business environment, competitive advantage and much more. Generally speaking, a senior employee is not limited to professional knowledge in the field in which he works but must have multi-sector and multi-domain knowledge.

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2. Have seniority

Seniority must be understood here as work capacity, and not simply as the number of years of experience. In reality, a candidate with many years of experience might not be able to join the management team. The key point to distinguish high-level personnel from the rest of ordinary personnel is the ability to solve tasks and the ability to handle complex problems.

In senior executive recruiting requirements, companies always require candidates to meet a certain number of years of experience. Because there are many professional factors that employers cannot evaluate. Currently, years of experience is becoming an important metric to help employers evaluate candidates and make hiring decisions for management positions.

3. Practice your leadership skills

Senior executives are often known in the role of leader and business manager. They must therefore have professional leadership skills. Demonstrating leadership skills will help you quickly get promoted to the upper ranks of the company.

4. Build a network of relationships

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To benefit from more promotional opportunities, you need to actively build relationships with people who can influence your career. For example, if you are aiming for the position of department head, you need to build relationships with other department heads because these people are also involved in your promotion decision.

Additionally, you also need to build relationships with people working in the same field and build relationships with important clients. These relationships are essential when you become a management-level employee in the company.

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5. Determine your passions and expectations

Unlike ordinary employees, senior executives are people who choose jobs out of passion. They do not seek employment based on their expertise, but the profession they choose should satisfy their passions and dreams. Therefore, to become a senior employee, you need to find a work environment you enjoy, have a clear vision and development goals that align with your career goals.

On the other hand, you need to set specific expectations so that you have more determination and continuous effort until you achieve it. Having specific goals is an effective way to motivate your work mind as effectively as possible.

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6. Personal brand positioning

If in the past people thought that as long as they were good, businesses would come to them, then they didn’t care about building their personal image, but now things are different. With the development of online platforms, you must know how to use this useful tool to build your personal brand and improve your recognition.

Create a concise and regularly updated online profile to improve your self-esteem and create a springboard to go further in your career path. Your presence on online platforms and professional social networking sites is a very smart way to let others know that you belong to the senior HR community.

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Through this article, we see that to become a senior employee, one must meet many standards in terms of knowledge, skills, experience, social relationships, etc. The upper echelons have never been easy. But with determination, effort and specific goals, you will definitely succeed.

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