How to get promoted to general manager?

Làm thế nào để được thăng chức lên vị trí giám đốc điều hành?

You have to compete with many other candidates to be promoted from manager to director. Senior candidates often don’t differentiate between themselves and other managers. Below, the company wants to share some key points to help you advance your career path.

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Background of knowledge and skills

Today, managers can access training programs more easily than ever with flexible study schedules that fit around their work schedules. Most importantly, you should always ensure that you have the relevant qualifications. In the workplace, employers always create conditions for employees to continue their education, so take advantage of these opportunities.

Director high level place extreme priority on employee learning and development: 96% believe a learning culture is very important for businesses. Most companies want their employees to take advantage of the opportunity to take training such as:

76% have a training and development budget for employees.

73% offer support to part-time student employees.

Choose the course that suits you

Depending on your professional background, you can choose the courses that suit you. For example, the MBA will be aimed at candidates who aspire to become executive directors/CEOs, while the CIPD will be aimed at those who wish to become Human Resources Director. Each position will suit different courses, so make sure you have thought carefully and researched the course you need.

Each company may have its own requirements for each position, for example the position of financial director, so research these requirements carefully. Participating in courses not only expands your knowledge, but also shows commitment, promising the company that you have invested a lot of effort to achieve this position in the future.

However, education is only part of the overall picture. A survey of 231 participating CEOs found they had a wide range of qualifications. For example, to become a CFO, some people with only a bachelor’s degree point out that you don’t necessarily need an MBA to be successful. So, whether it is an MBA or any additional qualification or skill, make sure it helps your career.

In some areas, technical skills won’t help you. A 2018 LinkedIn survey found that more than half general manager states that soft skills are more important than hard (technical) skills. Your ability to lead, collaborate and communicate confidently are invaluable skills.

General skills

57% of executives believe that soft skills are more important than hard skills. Among these soft skills, here are the top three priorities: leadership, communication and collaboration skills.

Strategy and networks

Critical competence for a director high level is to build and develop a strategy. This skill requires a very different mindset than the responsibilities and experience of your current position. You must have the ability to lead and inspire others, resolve problems confidently, make decisions with clear implementation plans, and lead the execution process to deliver results.

Top 10 skills sought for the position senior:

Inspire and motivate others: 38%

High integrity and honesty: 37%

Analyze and solve problems: 37%

Advanced results: 36%

Effective communication: 35%

Collaborate and promote teamwork: 33%

Build relationships: 30%

Professional technical expertise: 27%

Strategic perspective: 24%

Develop others: 21%

High paying job

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Undertake new projects

No matter what position you hold in which department, there will always be new projects that require someone to take charge. Director or the House senior Others may be too busy, take the opportunity to volunteer and demonstrate your leadership abilities.

Take the time to educate yourself on related issues. Knowing how to ask questions is a strength, not a weakness, but doing your own research first will help you ask the right, appropriate questions.

Prepare complete and thorough written documentation (try to use the template your company uses) and discuss it with your project manager and/or sponsor.

Once prepared, hold a team meeting and deliver your project in an efficient and timely manner to demonstrate your capabilities.

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Contact people involved in the project

You can’t know everything about a project, so spend time connecting with people in your organization who can help you or are involved in the project. Appreciate their feedback and get back to them after the project is completed. You will become director high level knows how to manage projects and meet internal expectations in front of everyone.

These general manager claimed that soft skills are the most important to focus on for development:

-Communications: 66%

– High integrity and honesty: 56%

– Analyze and resolve problems: 50%

– Manage results: 49%

– Effective communication: 34%

– Collaborate and promote team spirit: 24%

Find instructions

Even the most motivated individuals focus on their role and tasks and sometimes forget to see the big picture. By finding someone to act as your advisor, you will be able to follow your predetermined plan. External pressure can help you stay on track.

Hire a coach or mentor

In your networks, find someone who is ready to give you this help, who has an objective vision of your career development and who gives you sound advice. A good mentor can be someone more experienced than you, perhaps someone with a similar professional background to yours but unrelated to your day-to-day work.

Mentors can help you succeed in your career:

– Improved confidence: 39%

– Overcoming pressure: 23%

– Promotion: 20%

– Complete job application: 20%

– Propose ideas: 18%

– Talk to senior management

Depending on the organizational structure of your company, look for people to support you in your work, this could be the department manager or director Operating or CEO. Plan and prepare what you want to discuss with them, ask them what opportunities are available to you in the next 6 months to 1 year. If possible, identify these opportunities and challenges before the conversation. At the end of the meeting, agree on a plan and make sure you stick to it.

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