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How to post a motorcycle sale on Fanpage, FB group quickly place an order

How to post a motorcycle sale on Fanpage, FB group quickly place an order

Today, Facebook is growing from a social networking platform to a place for sustainable, long-term online business. However, to reach and attract today’s demanding customers, you need the right business strategy. Here, Digi Viet will share How do I post motorcycles for sale? on Facebook to easily attract buyers.

Tip #1: Check, maintain and clean your car before posting

Regardless of the attractiveness of the advertisement, the main deciding factor when placing an order is also the product that the customer is targeting. You must wash and maintain the motorcycle from the inside out, even down to the smallest detail to bring satisfaction to the buyer on the product. This will avoid the situation where buyers are forced to negotiate the price.

With a beautiful motorcycle in terms of appearance, delicious in engine, it will be an advantage to get a high price to lock. Therefore, you should consult the car mechanic to adjust and renew the car if necessary.

Attract with real, beautiful and clear images

With a large number of people selling motorcycles on Facebook today, many users are concerned about the authenticity of the attached image. Therefore, you should make sure not to use internet photos, the photos taken are the cars you are selling and do not modify them to look different from the actual car.

Photos of motorcycles for sale are beautiful and authentic

In addition, it is necessary to invest in the image quality of the car, making full use of the camera angles to highlight your car intelligently. A reasonable number of photos is to attach 5 photos including 4 left, right, front and rear photos of the car and 1 close-up photo to see the dashboard.

The background is also extremely important to help create a great photo, enticing customers to complete the order quickly. You can drive in areas such as parks or spacious courtyards to increase the attractiveness of your setting.

Tip #3: Make your post title clear and concise

How to post motorcycles for sale on Facebook effectively to attract customers, the first step is to get a short title but should be full of content. It helps direct customers to the audience they want to target, not too confusing, confusing.

The basic formula to create a complete title is vehicle name / vehicle type + year of manufacture + color. You can put keywords that attract customers with detailed information about the car like the license plate of the province, the number of kilometers driven, …

Publish with the most detailed and necessary content

You must provide all the necessary information about the motorcycle for sale, such as the name of the vehicle, the brand, the year of manufacture as well as the number of years of use. The important point is to emphasize the outstanding advantages such as functions, as well as engine power, fuel economy of the car.

In addition, it is also necessary to skillfully point out the defects encountered by the car, these defects must be points which do not affect the quality of the car. To increase the credibility of the publication, you can also include the reason why you want to sell the car.

Pocket how to create effective Facebook post content

Note that the message must be presented in an intelligent, clear and understandable way. Avoid using cliché language, avoid going into exaggerated prose. In addition, it is necessary to provide a clear payment method so that buyers can feel secure when closing the order. It’s a way to easily post motorcycle sales on Facebook to attract viewers to groups or fan pages.

Position at attractive price

Selling price is always the key factor that helps buyers decide whether to click through to see your post. Therefore, it is necessary to offer a reasonable price that both benefits you and attracts the attention of customers.

To get this price, you should refer to the current market price or motorcycle enthusiast forums and groups. For added peace of mind, you can also check prices at used motorcycle markets or consult with people who are experienced in buying and selling used motorcycles.

Optimize ad delivery to attract customers

Optimizing Running Ads for Posts

The method of delivering advertisements helps to increase the number of interactions on the article, increase traffic, thus helping to reach more consumers. With a small fee, you can quickly get a worthy number of customers.

For the post to reach the most people, you should choose to run ads during prime time. However, it is necessary to monitor to adjust in order to get the right customers to both access the motorcycle for sale and optimize the cost.

Here are the instructions for How do I post motorcycles for sale? Help attract customers to quickly place orders. I wish you can easily post and get close orders quickly by applying the useful tips given in the article. If you need more support in marketing, advertising, etc., you can contact Digi Viet to receive the sharing.

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